Decatur, IN 993

Methods of Contributing to ENF

Dear Members of #993,

I feel very strongly about the charities connected with Elkdom: ENF, and the State Major Project - Cancer Research. I feel these two charities are the very basis of Elkdom; and I hope you will all help support both these worthy causes.

There are several ways you csn contribute to the Elks National Foundation. If you would like to make a donation to ENF on-line, it's easy to do, and your name will be listed on our website ENF Report. Just go to and choose the Elks National Foundation on the menu. Then follow the directions for online giving.

You can simply make a donation or a pledge, or you can also give a tribute donation in memory of or in honor of someone you care about - and you can be assured your money will help: a student by funding scholarships, a veteran by funding National Service Projects, a community through Gratitude and Promise Grants, a student who participates in Hoop Shoot, Drug Awareness projects, State Major projects and more.

Please make any donation check out to Elks National Foundation and either leave it at the Lodge to my attention, or mail it to me at 21 Fairborn Court, Hamilton, OH 45013. Please include with your check: your name and address. If it is a Tribute donation, please include who the tribute is for and the name and address of the person who should be notified concerning the tribute. Also, please include your member number which is on your membership card.

I will send in donations on the report forms I have. You will receive a thank-you from the National ENF for any contribution of $10 or more.

No size donation is too small (or too large)! Thank you for considering sending in a donation.

Pat McCormick,