Decatur, IN 993

End-of-Year Awards - 2010-2011

The following awards were presented by Cassie Gemmer, ER for 2010-2011 Lodge Year, at the April 7 meeting:

Elk of the Year: Scott Tompkinson
Officer of the Year: Ted Sills, Treasurer
Citizen of the Year: Charlie Brune, Owner of Complete Printing Service, Decatur.

Breakfast Club Recognition: Tyler and Mar Hill, Ken and Linda Zywicki, Andy and Cassie Gemmer, Ted and Karen Sills, Scott Bonifas, Jacqui Searles and Ed Dyer.

Special Grand Lodge Citation: Craig Coshow and Max Milholland for their work on the Lodge's House Committee.

Special Exalted Ruler Citation: Marlene Hill, for her help in publicizing works done by the Lodge as well as providing info on upcoming events and being a special PR person for the Lodge.

Special Exalted Ruler "Puttin' Up With Me" Award presented to Cassie's husband, Andy Gemmer.

Special Decatur Lodge Heritage Award: Ed Dyer for his continued service to the Lodge and for always being there when he is needed.

Special Recognition Award: Rick Kuhnle, a new Lodge Officer who has really excelled in his service to the Lodge.

Special Recognition Award: Pat McCormick, for her efforts in helping our ENF contributions rise to never-before-reached levels.

CONGRATS to all these award winners and to all the Lodge members who support #993!