District No. 6180

Scholarship Committee


This report was not printed in the July-August Elk Tale. Students can submit their proofs of attendance at any time in the future. The following students were awarded the Haverstraw Elk’s Scholarships for 2018:

The Bill Keyser Award for $1,000 for each year of college, Ariella Levy; the George Wright Award for $800, Kaitlyn Lagrow and the Rif Sokolohorsky Award for $750, Matthew Marino. The following students will receive $700: Michael Csernecky, Chad Marcario, Oliva Vasti, William O’Brien, Laurel Rosario and Aidan Condon. The following students will receive $600: Kevin Koudelka, Ambar Almansar, Lara Ann Villanveva, John McElroy and Skyler Mason. The Teddy Giroux Scholarship for the Arts, $750, Riley DeRosa.

All the students, except William O’Brien, Riley DeRosa, Laurel Rosario and Aidan Condon, were from the N.R.H.S. The winners of these scholarships have to submit proof of their attendance at their college to the committee at the Lodge, to receive their awards. The National and State Scholarships will be available in September through the computer.

Many thanks to Rev. Warren Brandt, John Coyle, Ed Woodhead and Bob LaGrow for serving on this committee for many years. Bob Shine will be our next chairman.


Bill Mayer, Co-Chairman

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