Saugus-Everett, MA 642

Some rules of the road for members

We'd like you to think of the Lodge as an extension of your home and your fellow members as extended family. So that all can enjoy the comradery of our Lodge, certain behaviors have to be kept in check. Incidents of bullying, sexual harassment, foul language, loud or boisterous behavior, rumor or gossip spreading or inappropriate actions on the part of any member cannot be tolerated. Remember that it's not how your words or actions were intended that matters, it's how they were received. If you see someone acting inappropriately ask them to stop. If they don't heed the advice, report any incident to any member of the House Committee for follow up. Together we can insure that the family environment many of us enjoy at the Lodge is extended to all of our members.

Members parking in travel lanes has been an ongoing problem but the Lodge recently passed an amendment to our By-Laws making it an offense to park outside the marked spaces on the property. This gives the House Committee powers to suspend members who continually violate this policy. Please do the right thing and park only in designated parking spots while visiting the Lodge.

Members are reminded that, when a customer rents the Parkview Room, Terrace Room or Grove for a private function, they expect to have a PRIVATE function. Unless acting as a paid employee (bartender or maĆ®tre 'de), no member should enter any function that they weren't invited to by the host. While there are circumstances where a member may need to cross the Terrace Room to use the ladies rest room or access the Lodge Offices in an emergency, there is no reason for a member to be in the Parkview Room or Grove unless they are working or are an invited guest at the function. Note: INVITED doesn't mean that you know someone at the party and follow them in, it means that the party's host INVITED you. When renting our facilities, customers are expected to treat our building as they would their home and not cause any damage. Likewise, members are expected to treat our rental customers as you would any guest in your home. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation on this important issue.

Members are reminded that our Lodge, per city ordinance, is a SMOKE FREE environment. This extends to all locations within the building including the hall by the dumbwaiter. Smoking is permitted on the bocce patio and in the fire lane out front but please read the "Smoking on the Patio" blog below for further clarification of our smoking policies.

Members are reminded that, prior to borrowing any chairs, tables, grills or other items from the Lodge, you must have permission from the Board of Directors. All items should be signed out at the time they're taken and signed in when returned in the same clean condition they were in when borrowed. Borrowing of items is subject to availability and scheduled rentals and all items should be returned immediately after use.

Members are reminded that the dumpsters in the parking lot & grove are for Lodge use only. The Lodge pays a fee to have these collected when full and they're designed to handle the volume of trash generated by our many functions and our day to day lounge operations. Unauthorized trash results in a more frequent need to empty them at an increased cost to the Lodge. Anyone caught dumping unauthorized items in the dumpsters will face a cash assessment to cover the cost of disposal as well as possible suspension.

Smoking on the Patio

We are sympathetic to smokers who can no longer smoke in the building. We do allow smoking on the patio. There are also  ashtrays spread around the tables on the patio. Unfortunately, some members are either stomping their cigarettes out on the ground, or worse, flicking them off onto the patio when they're done with them. This is a problem for 2 reasons. 1) Cigarettes aren't biodegradable. Whatever's tossed on the ground will eventually need to be picked up by someone. 2) (and this should be obvious) We are surrounded by woods. So having a lit cigarette blowing around with the leaves that are always blowing across the patio is a recipe for a fire that could destroy our facility as well as neighboring homes. Members are required, when smoking out back, to use the ashtrays provided to extinguish their cigarettes.

The same holds true for the front of the building where sand buckets are provided to extinguish cigarettes. No butts should be left on the ground or tossed onto the lawn. We just spent a small fortune upgrading our function room to attract more renters. Having them wade through butts & trash to get there defeats the purpose. 

While #1 is a nuisance issue, #2 is a legitimate safety concern and members violating this policy could face action up to and including the suspension of their membership privileges. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and your cooperation on this issue. - The Lodge Trustees 

The House Committee has instituted a new policy whereby members get one complimentary beer or cocktail on their birthday. To be eligible you need to present your membership card to the bartender and your birthday must be listed in the current month's bulletin. Limit one drink per birthday boy or girl - not transferable.

We are a Private Club

Admission to our member's lounge is limited to lodge members and their guests. Members should use their membership key-card to gain access and guests should only come in with their sponsoring member. There's no reason for anyone to be ringing the bell unless they're delivering food. If the bell does ring, the only person who should open the door is the bartender on duty. They're solely responsible for identifying whether the person is a member or who they're a guest of. Allowing strangers into the facility opens the lodge to increased liability.

Membership Rights Aren't Transferable

One of the benefits of membership in this lodge is a reduced rental rate for hall or grove rentals. This can be used by any member for any function that they are personally hosting. This privilege can not be loaned out to friends, relatives or neighbors. Members caught loaning their rental discount can lose this privilege for future rentals.

Members are reminded that you may bring any number of guests into the lounge and you're encouraged to do so to help showcase all that our club has to offer. But the following House Committee rules apply to all guests.

* Any person may be brought in as a guest 3 times before being required to fill out a membership application. Exceptions are spouses of members & guests who live out of state and are just visiting for a short time.

* Members are responsible for the actions of their guests. Drunkenness, loud, rude, obnoxious or offensive behavior by a guest will result in your being told that that guest is not welcome for another visit.

* Guests may use the pool table, bocce court, horseshoes & video games but membership takes priority & they should be prepared to step aside if asked to do so. (if a member is playing with their guest(s) then another member will have to wait their turn).

* Guests must leave the club when their sponsoring member leaves (no exceptions). You obviously can't be responsible for their behavior if you're not here!

* If any of the above policies is violated, in addition to expulsion of the guest, the House Committee may take appropriate action (up to and including suspension of membership privileges) against the sponsoring member.

Our facility is large enough for all of our members, and guests, to enjoy. Complying with the above policies insures that no member has that enjoyment infringed upon.

Daily & Weekly Pools

Drawings occur at 7:30 every evening for the daily pool & at noon on Saturdays for the weekly pool. You must present your membership card to the bartender on duty in the members lounge to sign in.