Saugus-Everett, MA 642

A History of Saugus-Everett Lodge

Lodge History

This page is definitely a work in progress. The timeline below is, by no means, complete, but we had to start somewhere. I'm hoping some of our more senior members will email us with more dates, facts and other pertinent information on the Saugus, Chelsea and Everett Lodges. I'll continue to update this page as new data is recieved.

.7/25/1901: The Everett Lodge of Elks #642 is granted a Charter by the Grand Lodge with Arthur W. Hatch as the clubs first Exalted Ruler.

.The Lodge occupied a wood frame & brick facade building at 42 Church Street in Everett

.Late40's: The original Everett Lodge was destroyed in a fire and a new building was erected, replacing the wood frame with poured concrete. The cornerstone of the new Lodge was laid on June 14th, 1949.

.On November 11th, 1954 the Everett Lodge had a party to celebrate the burning of their mortgage.

An interesting footnote: Past Exalted Rulers, when listed in the program, have an asterisk after their name if they're deceased. The program shows that our 3rd Exalted Ruler, James H. Fitzmaurice (1903-1904) was still around 50 years later to watch the mortgage burning.

April 31, 1958: A meeting is held at Saugus Town Hall to discuss the possible formation of an Elks Lodge in Saugus. Ned Brandt, Joe Cunningham, Emmons Berry & Jim Cosgrove are in attendance. 17 additional meetings were held before December 9th, 1958 between the Town Hall & the VFW.

.January 4, 1959: Saugus Lodge #2100 is instituted by the Officers of Wakefield Lodge #1276. After which, the Officers of Winthrop Lodge #1078 (who hosted the days festivities) conducted the initiation ceremony for the original 127 new members of Saugus Lodge. An additional 12 members joined by demit from other Lodges to make up the original 139 Saugus Charter Members. The Officers of Everett Lodge #642 were on hand to install Exalted Ruler Wilbur Brandt and the other Charter Officers of Saugus Lodge #2100

.July 9, 1959: A Charter is issued by the Grand Lodge to the new Saugus Lodge #2100

.1959: The Saugus Lodge originally occupied a metal building at the old Army Anti-Aircraft Company site at 401 Main Street in Saugus. Records indicate that the property was leased for $1.00

.October 27, 1959: The Saugus membership voted to purchase the building and adjoining 6+ acres. The actual purchase took place on May 20, 1969.

. On February 22nd, 1966 the Everett Lodge celebrated its 65th anniversary.

Spring 1971: With now 400 members, the membership voted to erect a new building that would accomodate their activities & functions. Construction took place over the existing lodge building.

 The result is our current Lodge home.

.September 1971: Construction on the new building began and it was copleted in the Summer of 1972.

 A rededication ceremony for the new Saugus Lodge was held on February 17th, 1974. 

Several improvements followed, including the Lodge picnic grove, patio & bocce court and the paving of the Lodge's expansive parking area..


 In the latter 1/2 of the 20th century, the Everett Lodge was very active & involved in the community. It was so busy that it coined the name "the beehive of Elkdom.

1989: The members of Saugus Lodge voted to carry out a major renovation of their grill room, including a fully applianced kitchen

.Early 1991: The members of the Chelsea Lodge #938 agreed to merge with the Saugus Lodge.

In 1994 the Saugus Lodge celebrated its 35th Anniversary.   .

7/25/2001: Everett Lodge #642 celebrates their 100th Anniversary as an Elks Lodge

..Everett's Jim Fuller became District Deputy of the Metro-North District in 2002. .

2003: The Everett Lodge, realizing their building was in need of renovations but leary of putting a lot of money into the building due to parking limitations, established a Building Committee to examine the Lodge's options for renovation or relocation.


November 2005: The Everett Lodge #642 sold their home of 104 years at 42 Church Street and leased back the main floor as a temporary home while they searched for a new location.

Mid 2006: The Saugus & Everett Lodges began talks on the possibility of a merger.

June 12, 2007: The members of the Saugus Lodge #2100 voted unanimously to merge with the Everett Lodge #642.

July 17, 2007: The members of the Everett Lodge #642 voted to accept the Saugus Lodge merger proposal and to relocate to the Saugus Lodge site to form the Saugus-Everett Lodge #642. A Building Committee is established, made up of members from the 2 merged lodges, to put together a plan to upgrade the facility and merge the Lodge's assets in the best way to position the new Lodge for future success.

August 15th, 2007: Executive Order # 07-226 of the Grand Lodge officially establishes the Saugus-Everett Lodge of Elks #642

July 2008: Work begins on Lodge renovations including a sprinkler system, new roof, fully remodeled main function hall, lower function hall and entranceway, elevator installation, new water lines from the street, handicap accesible restrooms and the addition of a bride's room upstairs.

November 2008: With renovations complete, the new Parkview & Terrace rooms open for rentals.

In 2009 Ken Rice, who had served as Esquire to the DD in the Metro-North District just prior to the merger got his shot as he became DD of the East District representing the new Saugus-Everett Lodge.

In January of 2016, renovations commenced on the downstairs bathrooms bringing them up to date.

In March of 2020 the Lodge was shut down under state orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we were able to open periodically, with restrictions, during 2020, it was a difficult year financially for the Lodge. We reopened, on a limited basis in late February of 2021. But functions wouldn't return until  April of that year.