Allegheny, PA 339

District No. 7920


ENF NEWS MARCH 2013 Chair: Kate Bernard March's Sunday dinner will benefit the Elks Nat ional Foundation. You saw some informat ion about their important works in last month's newsletter. The ENF was establ ished in 1928 with an init ial grant of $100,000. The mission of the ENF is to help Elks build stronger communities. Since incept ion, the ENF has contributed more than $324.6 mill ion toward Elks charitable projects nat ionwide, unit ing Elks in service to their communities. The ENF strives to grant more money back to each state than it received from that state. Some grants are only available to Lodges who meet their per member goal (this year $4.50). New and creat ive projects are encouraged; our Elks members determine how best to serve our own community, seeking to fulfill unmet needs and make a meaningful difference, making our community stronger. The ENF programs run the cont inuum from birth (with healthy beginnings for our future leaders) and beyond: honoring our veterans. Through the Community Investments Program, the ENF will invest a record of more than $6.5 mill ion through our Lodges to our communit ies. There are four types of grants available to each Lodge through the community investments program, ranging in size from $500 to $10,000. Some examples of grant uses at our Lodge: Host ing the Conroy School Children for a day of bowl ing and lunch (twice a year), and refurbishing/maintaining the war memorial in the park across street from our Lodge. Volunteer opportunit ies range from fundraising to actually helping at the ENF events we sponsor. Next month's "Spotl ight"/monthly dinner benefits the Elks Drug Awareness Program. Kathleen Bernard, ENF Chairman-Allegheny Elks 339

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