Marion, OH 32

ELKS REST - Lodge-owned cemetery plot

Scattered across the United States in peaceful corners of the landscape are sacred plots of ground- some small and simple, others quite grandiose- wherein rest the remains of Departed Brothers, still side-by-side in fraternal unity after their final summons to the Celestial Lodge. Know as ELKS RESTS, these are Lodge-owned cemetery plots which exist in 69 Lodge locals (or former Lodge locals) across the country.

The move to start an ELKS REST in Marion began when Brother Newton Davis remembered the Lodge in his will in 1924 with the donation of a burial lot. Mr. Davis' strong commitment to the Order is still marked today in the Marion Cemetery by the huge elk statue at his gravesite.

This prompted the formation of a Burial Lot Committee, whereas Brother William L. Guthery (one of the "heaviest real estate holders in Marion County") donated a sum of money sufficient to purchase lots 7 and 8 in Marion Cemetery (currently in the southeast corner of the Waddell section), containing 2750 square feet, at the cost of $2,750. This 1927 committee recommended any member who expressed a desire may be buried there, with his "estate required to pay into the Burial Lot Fund the sum of $400, this amount to include the price of a headstone." Originally, 60 graves could be accomodated in this lot.

The monument in the photograph was selected and placed in 1985, on the occasion of Marion Lodge 32's Centennial Observance.

Currently the Marion 32 ELSK REST is the final resting place for eight departed members. Another, while still with us, has his headstone already in place save for the last date. We hope you can visit this site in the beautiful and historic Marion Cemetery.

These members, with identical headstones in place marking each grave, are now at rest:

George L. Moore 1850-1926
John M. Brigel 1865-1928
Charles H. Arnold 1862-1928
T. A. O'Leary 1869-1946
Oliver H. Parr 1863-1947
Lloyd W. Fuller 1891-1949
Russell Welch 1890-1956
George J. Edgecomb 1878-1957