Pawhuska, OK 2542

Our Absent Brothers & Sisters

PAWHUSKA Lodge #2542 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, has spread upon its minutes a record of the loss it has sustained. The clock of their day's has stopped; across its motionless shadows mark the hour of eleven. An Elk Is Called Home But They Are Never Forgotten......

David Floyd-Charter Member-05/20/76

Jack Hay 06/22/77
Bernard Hamlin-Charter Member-06/28/77
Mark Cullen 10/11/77

Hut Justice Jr. 01/25/78

Keith Caldwell 03/11/79
Max R. Glendenning 08/18/79

John W. Langham 02/01/80

David L. Martin 10/06/81
Joe Soderstrom Jr. 10/28/81

R.D. Mahan 03/14/82
Lewis P. Atkinson 11/16/82
Don H. BigElk 11/24/82
James L. Owens 12/22/82

Randy Pangburn-Charter Member-06/11/83
D.J. Stuart Jr. 08/09/83
Lewis C. Fowler 09/21/83

David J. Frazier 08/09/84

George Mongrain 08/05/85
Orville A. Barnes 09/15/85
Maurice W. St.Martin 10/27/85

Robert G. Carter 03/29/86
Ed Zaun 06/23/86
Larry Blankenship 07/01/86
R.E. Reynolds 12/30/86

Cloyd K. Barnes 03/12/87
Joseph P. Haller 03/17/87
Marvin L. Clark 11/23/87

Ralph B. Brown 01/02/88
Don H. Hampton 05/14/88

Joseph E. Cheshewalla 02/02/89
Charles R. Bookout 05/14/89
Wilford C. Carmen 06/07/89
Steve Weyl 11/19/89
Alva E. Carter 11/21/89

Gene Blake 01/31/90
Francis G. Miller 03/02/90
Bert J. Pappan 04/23/90
Royal Barton-Charter Member-06/03/90
Tiny Haines 06/25/90
Paul Andress 08/06/90
Larry Couey 10/31/90
Tom Carter 11/18/90
George W. McCartney 11/20/90
Ladelle Lovelace 12/21/90

John C. Howe 02/08/91
Charles Bacon 03/02/91
Homer Benson 04/20/91
C.E. Andrews 11/25/91

M.G. Stokenberry 02/05/92
Ben R. Helmer 03/20/92
Bert Pemberton 07/20/92

Torance McClain 01/03/93
Carl H. Jech 01/31/93
Phillip Diehl-PER-03/10/93
Robert Hughes-Charter Member-03/17/93
H.R. Weyl 05/11/93
Charles E. Epperson 11/16/93
Bill Heskett 11/17/93
Merman Potter-Charter Member-11/17/93

Roy M. Kilpatrick 02/17/94
John W. Wallace 06/07/94
Wade P. Jones 08/06/94
George M. Cochran 11/06/94

John Towell Sr. 12/20/95

John Bigheart Jr. 06/14/96

Tom Kirk 02/01/97
Ron Preece 02/14/97
Lance Hembree 02/24/97
John L. Dahl 03/20/97
Baird Oldfield 04/09/97
Bill Carter 06/05/97
Virgil Ashurst Jr. 09/25/97
Henry Bloomfield-Charter Member- 09/26/97
W.P. Culver 12/25/97

Robert G. Williams 11/22/97

Gary Bankston 01/20/89
Ed Janitz 04/21/98

Matt Kane 02/20/99
Ted Deatherage 03/08/99
Fred Leonard 03/18/99
Royce Stewart03/31/99
D.B. Johnston-Charter Member-05/29/99
R. Wayne Settlemire

Laird Helmer-Charter Member-01/03/00
William S. McFadden 02/20/00
Frank Burgess 07/27/00
Thomas Hill 10/09/00

Stanley Charton-Charter Member-12/01/01
Don Edwards-Charter Member-07/13/01
J.A. Revard 11/27/01
Rollins R. Swan 11/14/01

Gary W. Wilson 02/22/02
Farrell Hembree-Charter Member-07/29/02
Herbert Fowler Jr.-Charter Member-PER-08/21/02
Lee Oldfield-Charter Member-08/29/02

E.C. Kothe 02/24/03
Preston D. Landrum 02/27/03
Lannie Fadley 05/19/03
Chauncey B. Witcraft Jr. 07/13/03

Jerod Kyler 01/03/04
Eugene J. Smith 03/25/04
Roger Marion 05/22/04
William B. Ricketts-PER-06/24/04
Donald Stuart 08/13/04
Blaine Musselman 08/15/04
Gary Duncan-PER-12/19/04

Joseph Mollendor 02/12/05
Robert Malaske 04/29/05

Joe Duncan 03/12/06
Travis Rennick 03/31/06
Bruce Gambill 06/22/06
Tom Fugate-Charter Member-09/10/06
John D. Pierce 10/31/06

Lois Duke 7/27/07
Harvey Blue 09/19/07

Ron Fedor 03/30/08
Donald Stephens 03/30/08
Jan Reynolds 05/07/08
John Boone 06/12/2008
Jim Hildreth 08/23/08
Dwayne Jones -Per- 09/12/2008
Robert Fowler 09/15/08
H.M Garrett Jr. 09/27/2008
Allen Core 10/17/2008


"You have heard the tolling of eleven strokes.
This is to remind us that with Elks
the hour of eleven has a tender significance.
Wherever an Elk may roam,
Whatever his lot in life may be,
when this hour falls upon the dial of night
the great heart of Elkdom swells and throbs.
It is the golden hour of recollection,
the homecoming of those who wander,
the mystic roll call of those who will come no more.
Living or dead, an Elk is never forgotten, never forsaken.
Morning and noon may pass him by,
the light of day sink heedlessly in the West,
but ere the shadows of midnight shall fall,
the chimes of memory will be pealing forth
the friendly message --