New Milford-Teaneck, NJ 2290

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Are you interested in exploring the possibility of becoming an elk member in the New Milford-Teaneck Lodge?

Maybe you know someone who is an elk member in our lodge and you have heard about all the great things we do for our charities and would like to be a part.

Or maybe you would like to begin socializing again and do not want to spend your time in a random bar, trying to meet new people.  

If you are NOT an Elk member and are interested in any of the following:

  • Arranging for a tour of the entire facility.
  • Interested to see what the lounge activity is like during the week, or on the weekend. 
  • Would like to visit during one of our upcoming lodge events or parties that you heard about or found on our calendar.
  • Explore more about the charity events we host or how to volunteer your time to one of the charities we participate in.
  • Or would like to become a member of the B.P.O.E. (The best people on earth).
Contact our membership chairman, Robert Reichert. He will assist you with making this happen.

Click Here to Contact Robert the Membership Chairman


    If you ARE a current Elk Member and will be relocating to our area, and would like to transfer your membership to the New Milford-Teaneck Lodge #2290, you can request a dimit transfer.

    Or, maybe you have NOT been visiting or participating with your current lodge for any reason. It may be time for a change.You, too, can request a dimit transfer.

    To request a transfer dimit, you will need to complete the following form. Once this form is complete, you need to email it to your current lodge secretary and make sure to copy us in the email at

    Click below to complete and save the transfer form necessary in getting the process started.

    Lodge Transfer Form

    Please note, if your membership is expired,you will need to satisfy any past membership dues prior initiating any transfer. You will also have to be voted on with our lodge, in order to become a member.

    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the transfer process prior to initiating it. Feel free to email us and we can discuss it. 

    Click Here to Contact NMT Elks Membership

    We look forwarded to hearing from you!