District No. 0960

Elk of the Month


Wayne Rollins


A member of the Buena Parks Elks Lodge for 35 years. 

It all started when he was a kid when he would comewith his

parents. Through the years, he would come to the Lodge

intermittently but when the Car Show began, it became a

Friday ritual for him. He had become more involved with the

Car Show group and the Elks. He gladly volunteered to

help when we needed someone to flip burgers at the BBQ

one Friday night and now he is a regular there. 

He and his wife Peggie have been married for 23 years.

For the last 37 years, he’s been employed as an account manager

for a heavy equipment company. 

He likes to go camping and brings either his 1931 Ford Model A pick up

or his 1956 Chevy 150 sedan to the Car Show on Friday night.

He has owned the Chevy since 1974. Wayne is heavily involved in,

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus (ECV)

which is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation

of the heritage of the American West, especially the history of the

Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the area. He and his group

make sure the plaques are placed properly at the sites.



Donna Snow

Donna Snow has been an Elk member for quite awhile.

She helps in the kitchen on Friday’s and on nearly

every special occasion. Thank you for your lasting

support at all of our events it is greatly appreciated. 


June Silva

June Silva is one of our newest members. She has been an Elk

since September 2017. June just starting helping in the

kitchen one day and she also cooks the burgers and dogs

in the patio when the need arises. She is there for special events well.

Thank you June, I am very thankful that you pitched in to help.


February, March, April and May

Don Durgin and Carol Berry

Thank You Don Durgin for all that you do at the Lodge,

from collecting the cash from the line dancers every

Tuesday night to setting up and breaking down of the

Lodge room for all of our events and for your willingness

to help in any way that is needed.

Carol Berry, thank you for all of the help you do.

Carol shows up for nearly all of the events at the Lodge

and is a regular kitchen server nearly every Friday night.

Carol and Don like to go camping and are both involved

with their grandchildren’s games and activities.




Donna started coming to the lodge in 1993.

“I could dance there and since my kids liked to

dance as well, it was fun, safe and friendly place to be .

Not many places allowed kids there at that time.

My kids grew up, they moved on and I stayed.

I enjoy the company of many of my friends”.

Donna works at a senior retirement community and

helps people who have Dementia and Alzheimer's disease

or other medical problems. They often have daily basic

needs that they can't do on their own any-more.

She is a busy lady and pinch hits in the Lodge kitchen,

and helps out at other functions when needed.

Thank you Donna for you friendship and willingness to help us around the Lodge.




Carol as been an Elk member for 40 years but 5 years ago she

decided to become a member in her own right as she was a

member due to widow status. She has lived in Buena Park for

47 years and has come to the Lodge about that long as well.

Her 5 adult children, 13 grandchildren and 9 great grand children

keep her hopping. When she is not running to a soccer game

or wedding, she bowls, works in her yard and loves to go camping

in the 5th wheel with her guy, Don. She attends just about every

function at the Lodge and the little time she has left, she works

in the kitchen on Friday night serving dinners. When asked,

she helps out with any-thing that pops up around the Lodge.

Thank you Carol for your friendship and help at the Lodge.



Officer of the Year:  Victor DePol
Elk of the Year: Maxine Glitzer 
Officer of the Year:  Pat Fusco 
Elk of the Year: Ron Lowers 
Citizen of the Year: Victor DePol 
Outstanding Service Commendations: Carrie Piche and Joyce Henry 
Officer of the Year:  Pat Fusco 
Elk of the Year: Veronica Rochfort 
Officer of the Year:  Pat Fusco 
Elk of the Year: Dave Hampton 
Elk of the Year:  Laulene Foster 
Officer of the Year: Edwin Vargas, PER 
Elk of the Year: Henry Day
Officer of the Year: Sami Drake 
Elk of the Year: Carrie Piche
Officer of the Year: Lonnie Baldridge

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