District No. 6520

From The Secretary

• We received a Certificate of Appreciation from the VA Hospital for our work with the Veterans. We serve monthly homemade meals at our lodge for them. In addition, we serve soft-ice creme every week and run monthly Bingo games at the VA.

• Note: Our weekly soft Ice-creme service at VA Hospital will be held earlier on May 16th. It will begin at 5:45 PM.

• Reminder: Last Fish Fry on May 4th

• With permission from the District Deputy, our March 28th Lodge meeting has been cancelled

. We will be participating in Memorial Day Parade.

• May 19th is Armed Forces Day. Let us all fly our flags that day to honor our military.

• We started an additional Bell Jar Game. The cost is $1.00 per chance with the possibility of winning up to $300 dollars.

• Of special interest; Kaylee Krysztof from Lancaster Lodge finished 3rd in the girls 12 &13 age division at the Nationals against the top basketball shooters In the country. Congratulations Kaylee!!!

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