District No. 6520

From The Secretary

From Our Secretary:

• Congratulations to our new members ( Maria Blasting, Anthony Franco, Ursula and John Paul Dyson)

• For those who have not paid their dues, please pay them as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

• We are looking for volunteers to help us with the August 17th and 24th Patio Parties

• We wish Richard Panowicz a speedy recovery.

• Next West District Coordinating meeting will be held in Brockport on Sept. 17th.

• Due to financial concerns, we will no longer hold the $1 Bell Jar raffle.

• Veterans dinners have been suspended for the summer. They will resume October 2nd.

• Now is a good time to secure your number for the 16 week football season and Super Bowl

• Basket Raffle and Hot Dog roast was a huge success. A special thank you to everyone that participated.

• Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer.

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