Ken-Ton, NY 1942

Message from the Desk of the ER:

Hello to all,

The summer may be winding down, but it isn't
over yet. The month of September will be
starting out with a "bang" or should I say a
"band". Please join us at the lodge on Friday,
September 1st to see the band, Slim Chance
on our patio. Special thanks to Nancy Smith for
providing all the great bands this season. It is
not over yet, more band nights to come.

The month of September is also the start of our
favorite football team. Yay. Go Bills! Will this be
the year they will go all the way?? Fingers
crossed. Come watch the games at our lodge.
Always fun.

There is no Veteran dinner in September. Our
Tuesday Veteran dinners will be starting again
in October. Only in October, it will be on the
second Tuesday of the month. Every other
month, it will be on the first Tuesday.

As usual. Elks care, Elks share!September
11th is a day we will never forget. We live in a
wonderful country. We need to remember all
the people serving in our armed forces, the
veterans and all the heros who protect us each
and every day. They are in our thoughts and
prayers. God bless America.

Fraternally yours,
Nancy Swiston