District No. 0760

Officer of Year

* Denotes Departed Member:  

2016-2017 Wanda Olson, 1 Year Trustee;  2015-2016 Lenny Guerra  4 Year Trustee;  2014-2015 William "Bill Brehm, Loyal Knight;  2013-2014 *Johnny Costa 1 Year Trustee; 2012-2013 *Harden "Hal" P. Darling Inner Guard; 2011-2012 Jerry Sheridan, PER Treasurer;  2010-2011 Nancy Jo Hatfield Esquire; 2009-2010 Julian Gallarza Lecturing Knight; 2008-2009 Keith Timmons, Treasurer; 2007-2008 *Sandra Brown, Esquire; 2006-2007 Beverly Jaramillo, Loyal Knight; 2005-2006 Dominic D. Rotell, PDDGER PER, Lodge Secretary; 2004-2005 Barney Williamson, Loyal Knight; 2003-2004 Marvin D. Smith, PER; 2002-2003 *Alan M. Ramage, Tiler; 2001-2002 Horace "Ace" Neely, Trustee; 2000-2001 Raymond J. Pompey, PER; 1999-2000 *Kenneth W. Beecroft, PER; 1998-1999 Stan Foster, Inner Guard, Chaplain. Public Relations Chairman;

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