District No. 5400

Senior Member Awards


Sunday October 21, 2018

On the same day as the initiation, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, South, Megan Arlitt will present pins to our senior members. We would love to see all of you senior members in attendance. If your name is listed below, please come down and receive your pin, then stay and enjoy a free dinner afterward. The ceremony starts at 3:00 PM in the Function Hall.

55 YEARS - Paul R. Bowden, Bruce Furbush, David F. Hall, Raymond D. Laurion

50 YEARS - Philip C. Dupont, Edward T. Foster, Richard C. Gosselin, Bernard F. McKenney, Lester A. Waterhouse

45 YEARS - Paul A. Campbell, Donald E. Chesnel, Edward T. Diamant, Robert E. Feineman, Michael P. George, Paul E. Gillis, Leslie G. Horne, James S. McCallion, O’Neil L. Michaud, Michael Morgan, Robert K. Orr, Douglas L. Ryder, Roland Tanguay, Joseph F. Wade, George H. Woodill

40 YEARS - George E. Allen, James P. Barker, Thomas G. Boucher, Roger Carpenter, Thomas Clements, Gary S. Desrosiers, Gerald T. Gowen, Leslie H. Higgins, David R. Lambert, Rodney J. Moody, Joseph C. Morin, Fay K. Paugh, George E. Pitts, John P. Roy, Emery Ruel, Paul N. Wentworth

35 YEARS - David Beauregard, Harvey E. Bernier, Earl N. Chick, William A. Dame, Barry Flanagan, David J. Geary, Wayne Gilbert, Edwin Lowell, Brian J. McGlone, James S. O’Der, Donald Rand, Troy M. Robidas, Joseph R. Tanguay, Kenneth C. Wagner, James A. Whytock, Melbourne A. Wilkinson, Don Worster

30 YEARS - David Arbuckle, Douglas S. Burton, David J. Clough, Richard A. French, Michael Gilbert, Robert E. Labrecque, Richard J. Leclair, Stephen B. Murphy, Paul M. Turner

25 YEARS - Robert Burleigh, Lloyd A. Burrows, Thomas R. Couture, Paul Desmarais, Peter C. Doyle, Gary R. Gagnon, Warren Going, Robert J. Hamilton, Michael D. Wentworth, Richard Zielfelder

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