Monterey, CA 1285

Decoration Information

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Monterey Elks Lodge #1285  and Coastal Cuisine & Catering                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Decorations for Elks Lodge Rentals


Please consult with the caterer about decorations you are planning to use in the dining room, conference rooms, BBQ area, or any Elks Lodge area.




All must conform to the Fire Department Rules and Regulations. Products that can cause a cleaning problem are prohibited.


  • confetti,
  • rice,
  • birdseed,
  • snow,
  • petals,
  • bubbles,
  • candy of any kind


  • use of staples, nails, tape or glue that might damage Lodge walls, windows, etc. 
  • decorations allowed in the entire pool area or IN the pool
  • tapers or open flames  - electronic candles are ok


Decoration set-up and rehearsal times will be limited to 2 hours only, at no charge. Each hour thereafter will have a charge of $30.00 per hour.  NO exceptions. 


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