Monterey, CA 1285

Conference Rooms

Monterey Elks Lodge #1285  and   Coastal Cuisine & Catering

Contract for Conference Room Rentals

EVENT:_______________________________________________________ DATE:_____________________ 

CLIENT:________________________________________________________ PHONE :______________  

E-MAIL ____________________________________ ARRIVAL TIME: _______DEPARTURE TIME:__________

Conference room rental reservations and agreements are subject to, and in accordance with, the rules and regulations of the Monterey Elks Lodge #1285, and the following conditions:


WEST: The West Conference (room A-across from Elks Office) rental fee is $25 per hour, not to exceed $125 for the day.  Maximum guest count is 20.  Initial _____

  • The East Conference (room B-past Dining) rental fee is $50 per hour, not to exceed $200 for the day.  Maximum guest count is 32.  Initial _____

          The deposit of $150 also is to be paid at the time of booking either room. Any cleaning or security fees will be subtracted from this deposit, and the remainder returned 10 days after the event.  Only events with this completed event Contract and fully-paid deposit will be considered firm, after receipt of Liability insurance (#7).  Initial _____   

  1. RENTAL RATES FOR ELKS & NONPFOFITS:  Conference room rental fees will be waived for rental by Elk members and by nonprofits. Such groups which use conference rooms more than 10 times a year will be asked each November to voluntarily make an annual contribution to the Lodge. Initial _____   
  2. RENTAL TIME LIMIT: The time limit for use of the conference room are the times specified above, including decoration and cleanup. A $150 per hour charge will be made for events running beyond the agreed upon times.  Initial _____
  3. GUESTS:  Guest count must be confirmed 5 days prior to the event.  East Conference room guests are NOT to enter dining room area if an event is underway. Please use only the outside stairs by the conference room and lobby.  Initial _____
  4. MINORS must be kept in the immediate supervision of an adult.  Minors are NOT allowed in the bar, gym, kitchen areas, or anywhere outside the conference room area. If this occurs, the party will be terminated.  Initial _____
  5. LIQUOR:  All liquor must be carefully controlled per ABC laws. If you choose to bring in your own wine/champagne or beer, it must be received at the Lodge 3 days before your event, for inventory, and any remaining liquor must remain in the Lodge after your event.  A Lodge bartender may be hired for the bar outside the dining room, and a $75 fee will be charged.   NO ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED outside the Lodge building, including in the parking lot. No open containers are to be brought in or taken out of the building. If this occurs, the event will be terminated.     

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  1. CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY is required by Grand Lodge, 10 days prior to the event with final payment, naming Monterey Elks Lodge #1285 and Coastal Cuisine & Catering as insured, in the amount of $500,000.   Initial _____ 
  2. CATERING:  Bring your own food, or arrange with Coastal Cuisine & Catering.  No outside catering is allowed.
  3. DAMAGES:  Client agrees to be responsible for any damages done to the premises -- including inside Lodge carpet, dance floor, furniture, bathrooms, etc.  Client also agrees to be responsible for any loss or damage of any merchandise or article left in the Lodge, either prior to, during or following your event.  Initial ­­­­­_____
  4. CLEAN UP:  Clean up must be completed at the end of the event or an additional $50 cleanup fee will be charged.  Initial ­­­­­_____

            No loud music that disturbs others in Lodge,

            Decoration information sheet will be provided.

            NO moving of tables or furniture without permission.

            See pool rules re use of Elks pool

Any violation of the above stated rules can terminate your event immediatelyand will constitute forfeiture of the initial deposit. For Elk members, this also may result in possible charges being brought against you and/or loss of membership benefits.  Initial _____



Client                                                                                                                                      Date


For Coastal Cuisine & Catering                                                                                             Date

(Attachments, if relevant:  Pool rules, Decoration Information)


This Contract will be submitted to Elks Lodge office no later than 10 days before the event.

                                                Office initials_______   Date Received:_______