Greencastle, IN 1077

New Propositions

Propositions for Membership
The following individuals have been proposed for membership in Greencastle Lodge #1077:
Tim Spurlock, Greencastle. Proposed by Danny Wallace.
Maggie Mishler, Greencastle. Proposed by Jerri Parrish.
Jill O'Hair, Greencastle. Proposed by David O'Hair.
Erin Cree, Greencastle. Proposed by Jerri Parrish.
Per Grand Lodge Statutes, this notice shall serve as official notification to all members relative to these individuals. These applications were assigned to
the Investigating Committee at the Lodge meetings on February 10 and 24, 2009. Their findings will be reported out at the regularly scheduled Lodge
meeting on March 10, 2009. If all is in order, balloting may be conducted on, or after March 10, 2009. If elected into membership, these individuals
may be initiated on, or after, March 24, 2009. You are strongly encouraged to make your feelings or concerns regarding these applicants known to the
Investigating Committee (B. Harlan, PER - Chairman) as soon as possible.
Keith Wade, Exalted Ruler