Somerville, NJ 1068

Elks Care - Elks Share

The Elks Mission Statement

To inculcate the principles of Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity; to recognize a belief in God; to promote the welfare and enhance the happiness of its Members; to quicken the spirit of American patriotism; to cultivate good fellowship; to perpetuate itself as a fraternal organization, and to provide for its government, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America will serve the people and communities through benevolent programs, demonstrating that Elks Care and Elks Share.

Jack’s Kids Committee

The heart of Jack’s Kids is to ease the financial burden to families dealing with serious childhood illnesses and/or serious disabilities so they can focus on wrapping their family in the love and attention they need. Our committee raises funds with the annual softball tournament and bowling events.

Flag Day Committee

The mission of the Flag Day Committee is to revitalize the Flag Day tradition in our community by bringing the patriotic mission of the Elks in honoring our country’s flag to a much larger and younger audience than an internal Flag Day ceremony could achieve with an entertaining celebration that delights and unites people, honors those who have served, and instills pride in our flag.

Somerset Children's Center Committee

The Special Needs Children’s Committee of the B. P. O. E. Lodge #1068 in Somerville, New Jersey, is committed to helping support the happiness and well-being of special needs children throughout our community.  Through our fund-raising activities, we provide financial assistance to families in need.  We provide assistance for therapeutic services such as speech, occupational and physical therapies as well as social skills programs at our neighboring Somerset Children’s Center.  We sponsor special children of various ages to one week of summer camp at the Elks Camp Moore and throughout the year we host holiday parties and events creating an experience that a special child may not otherwise experience. 

Americanism Committee

The Americanism Committee of the B. P. O. E. Lodge #1068  in Somerville, New Jersey, is committed to providing constant awareness and feeling of pride toward our great country. We do this through our charitable deeds, displays of patriotism, and acts kindness and respect. As Elks, the Americanism Committee strives to always be a constant reminder to our community that America truly means freedom and that we stand by our motto “Elks Care and Elks Share”!

Drug Awareness Committee

The  Drug Awareness Committee of B. P. O. E. of Lodge #1068 in Somerville, New Jersey, is dedicated to preventing the use of alcohol, tobacco, marihuana and illicit drugs by our youth.  With the assistance of our committed partners we are able to actively educate students and adults while assisting scholastic institutions with prevention programs and drug awareness information. 

Auditing and Accounting Committee

The Auditing and Accounting Committee is tasked with ensuring the timely, accurate processing of financial transactions through the accounting system to produce accurate financial reports that are required by various agencies as well as the management of the Elks Lodge. This reporting will serve to ensure the financial vitality of the Lodge. Furthermore, various reports will be provided to members at the periodic meetings to show the financial status of the Lodge.

Christmas Tree Committee

The Christmas Tree mission statement is to sell Christmas Trees to raise money to assist the Special Needs Committee and Jacks Kids.

Bingo Committee

The Bingo Committee raises money for charity and donates it to those in need. They also take care of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for families in need.

Veterans Committee

The Somerville Elks 1068 Veterans Committee supports veterans with the goal of improving the quality of the veterans' lives and providing salutary recognition to members of the military for their service to their country through the administration and operation of the Elks veterans programs. Such veterans programs shall include, but not be limited to, visiting retired and disabled veterans in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and providing welcomes to members of the military on their return from active military service.