Under the Spreading Antlers

They Tell These Tales of the Order

February, 1924
Christmas Activities Throughout the Order
On the eve of going to press with this issue of The Elks Magazine, reports are coming in to us from all parts of the country, telling of the Christmas activities of the Lodges throughout the Order. We wish there were some way of adequately reporting all these thoughtful and charitable observances of the day, the deeds that made thousands of children happy and that brought the season's spirit into the bleak homes of the poor. It would take, however, more than one full issue of The Elks Magazine to do proper justice to the Christmas spirit as exemplified on the part of the Lodges everywhere. The officers, the Christmas and Welfare Committees, and the membership of each of the nearly 1,500 Lodges are to be congratulated on the fine and noble work done by them for their communities. Through their unselfish efforts and by their generosity the Order is enshrined in the hearts of many.

Grand Exalted Ruler's Schedule For February
During the month of February, Grand Exalted Ruler James G. McFarland is scheduled to visit the following Lodges. In each case other Lodges in the vicinity will be invited to meet the Grand Exalted Ruler. February 1—Litchfield (Ill.). February 2 —Chicago (Ill.). February 12—Detroit (Mich.). February 13—East Liverpool (Ohio). February 14—Pittsburgh (Pa.). February 15—Baltimore (Md.). February 16—New York (N. Y.). February 17— Brooklyn (N. Y.). February 18—Boston (Mass.). February 19—Portland (Me.). February 20—Providence(R. I.). February 21—Hartford (Conn.). February 22— Philadelphia (Pa.) and Camden (N. J.). February 23—Allentown (Pa.). February 34—Atlantic City (N. J.). February 25 —Wilkesbarre (Pa.). February 26—Loraine Ohio).

Grand Exalted Ruler Visits California Lodges
Grand Exalted Ruler James G. McFar land and Grand Secretary Fred C. Robinson visited many California Lodges during the month of January. Elaborate preparations for the entertainment of Mr. McFarland and Mrs. McFarland, who accompanied him on the trip, were made throughout the State. Leaving Watertown (S. Dak.) on December 26, en route for Los Angeles, Mr. McFarland visited Omaha (Neb.) Lodge on December 27, and Albuquerque (N. Mex.) Lodge on December 29. The following was the Grand Exalted Ruler's California itinerary at the time this issue of The Elks Magazine went to press on January- 1:

January 1—Guest of Pasadena Lodge. January 2—Riverside Lodge—Luncheon at Glenwood Inn 1 P. M. Redlands Lodge for dinner and Lodge meeting (San Bernardino and Ontario Lodges guests). January 3—El Centro Lodge for dinner and evening (Brawley and Calexico Lodges guests). January 4—Arrive San Diego, Hotel Grant for dinner and evening at San Diego Lodge. January5—Anaheim Lodge for dinner and evening (Santa Ana and Orange Lodges guests). January 6—San Diego. January 7—Glendale Lodge for dinner and evening (Alhambra and Monrovia Lodges guests). January 8—Luncheon at Oxnard or Ventura Lodge. Dinner and evening and all night at Santa Barbara. . January 9—Dinner, evening and all night at San Luis Obispo Lodge. January 10—Evening at Monterey Lodge (Salinas, Watsonville' and Santa Cruz Lodges guests). January 11—Modesto and Fresno Lodges. January 12—Arrive San Francisco. January 13—San Francisco. January14—Luncheon SantaRosa Lodge. Stop at San Rafael and Petaluma Lodges. Meeting at Santa Rosa Lodge in evening. January i5~Luncheon and laying of cornerstone at 3 P. M. Woodland Lodge- Dinner and Lodge meeting in evening Wood land Lodge (Redding, Red Bluff, Chico. Grass Valley, Nevada City, Marysville Lodges attending). January 16—Sacramento Lodge—forenoon lunch and reception for northern California Lodges. January 17—Visit eastside San Francisco Bay, including Berkeley Lodge, etc. January 18—Visit West Bay Lodges, including San Jose, Palo Alto, San Mateo. San Francisco Lodge, dinner and meeting. January 19—Leave for Los Angeles. January 20—Open date Los Angeles. January 21—Long Beach Lodge for dinner and evening (San Pedro, Santa Monica and Redondo Lodges invited). January 22—Pasadena Lodge, dinner and evening (Whittier and Pomona Lodges guests). January 23—Evening and dinner at Los Angeles Lodge (Huntington Park Lodge guest). Leaving Los Angeles on Thursday, January 24, Mr. McFarland and his party came eastward making the following visits: January 25—Phoenix (Ariz.) Lodge. January 28—Kansas City (Mo.) Lodge. January 29—'Mexico (Mo.) Lodge. January 3o~Evening visit East St. Louis (Ill.) Lodge. January 31—Noon at Effingham (Ill.) Lodge. Evening at St. Louis (Mo.) Lodge.

New District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers Appointed
H. H. Holeman, Past Exalted Ruler of Madisonville (Ky.) Lodge, No. 738, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for Kentucky, West, succeeding Virgil Y. Moore, who recently resigned because of his removal from the State. John W. Lapham, Past Exalted Ruler of Chanute (Kans.) Lodge, No. 806, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for Kansas, Southwest, succeeding Emil H. Koehl whose resignation was necessitated by his removal from the district.

Memphis (Tenn.) Lodge Growing— Million-Dollar Home in Sight
Memphis (Tenn.) Lodge, No. 27. has just carried through a most successful New Year's Membership Campaign, which has been the means of adding a large number of the city's leading citizens to the roster of the Lodge. The campaign was well organized, twenty-five team captains and their men performing the work in excellent fashion. As a direct result of this substantial increase in membership, Memphis Lodge is contemplating the erection of larger and more suitable quarters. Property in the heart of the city has already been purchased and plans have been prepared calling for a new Home to cost in the neighborhood of a million dollars. It is expected that the new building will be completed sometime during 1925.

Under the leadership of Exalted Ruler Frank L. Monteverde and Thomas J. Gilmore, Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, the members of Memphis Lodge and all visitors who attend the meetings are always rewarded in some way for their attendance. It is the custom to give away at each regular meeting several handsome prizes to its members and visitors, and to enliven the meeting with some high-class form of amusement. The prizes, which are useful and valuable, are donated by leading merchants of the city, most of whom are members of the Lodge. Memphis Lodge bears the reputation of being the home of “Southern hospitality." It always extends a hearty welcome to visiting members and does not fail to impress upon them that they are as welcome in Memphis Lodge as in their home Lodge. This is probably the secret of the large attendance at all meetings.

Jerome (Ariz.) Lodge Active In Welfare Work
Jerome (Ariz.) Lodge, No. 1361, is achieving a fine record for itself in Social and Community Welfare Work. The Lodge, working with the local Post of the American Legion, has reorganized and put on sound financial basis, the troop of Boy Scouts which had been disbanded for some little time. Another good piece of charitable work was the children's picnic recently conducted by the Lodge. More than 1200 youngsters and 200 adults attended this function on which Jerome Lodge expended nearly $2000.

Big Sum for Public Welfare Raised By La Crosse {Wis.) Lodge
As a result of the Elks Community Bazaar recently conducted by La Crosse (Wis.) Lodge, No. 300, a fund of $7,500 was raised for the city. This sum will go toward the building of new public bath houses and the improvement of the bathing beach. The amount is said to be the largest ever raised in La Crosse by any fraternal organization for the public welfare. In addition to this sum given to the city, nearly $2000 was raised by the bazaar for various necessary improvements on the Lodge's Home.

New Lodge at Lancaster, N. Y., Instituted
A new Lodge, Lancaster (N. Y.) Lodge, No. 1478, was recently instituted by District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler J. William Daly with 61 charter members. Officers were elected as follows: Exalted Ruler, George J. Wendell; Secretary, Charles A. Merkle.

Silver City (N. Mex.) Lodge Dedicates New Home and Club House
Silver City (N. Mex.) Lodge, No. 413. recently dedicated its new Home and Club House which was erected and furnished at a cost in excess of $60,000. The building occupies a lot at the corner of Market and Texas Streets and has entrances on both streets. located on the first floor is a large lounging room with an open fireplace and windows overlooking Market Street. Adjoining the lounge-room is a writing-room, and on the opposite side, a billiard and club room. The Lodge and ante rooms are also located on this floor, the Lodge Room being unusually large with plenty of light and ventilation. The second floor is entirely given up to living-rooms of which there are seventeen, eleven with private bath. All the rooms have hot and cold water and large clothes closets. In the basement is the grill and dining-room, and a private dining-room for small parties. The building is designed along Italian lines and is one of the most pretentious and artistic in the city. The exterior walls are of dark brown tapestry brick, with white cement trimmings. The roof is of red tile.

Chicago (Ill.) Lodge Officiates At Big Brother Dinner
Nearly 10,000 poor boys of the city were recently guests of the Big Brothers, Inc., of Chicago, at a dinner given in the Coliseum. William J. Sinek, Exalted Ruler of Chicago (Ill.) Lodge, No. 4, who is president of the Big Brothers, and many members of the Lodge who are actively identified with the organization, were on hand to cheer the kid dies and to see that they had their usual good time. The Big Brothers annual dinner is always an exciting event in the lives of the city's children and this year's affair was one of the most successful ever conducted.

Pittsfield (Mass.) Lodge Conducts Minstrel Show for Charity
One of the most delightful and colorful shows ever given by Pittsfield (Mass.) Lodge. No. 272. was staged in December for the benefit of the Lodge's Christmas charities. The Minstrel Show, in which the members took part, ran for two nights at the Union Square Theater and packed houses witnessed each of the performances. More than $1,500 was raised by the Lodge which was devoted to making Christmas a happy day for the children and poor of the community.

Residents at Elks National Home Have Joyous Christmas
The spirit of Christmas permeated the Elks National Home at Bedford, Va., in a way that would have delighted the heart of Charles Dickens. The first evidence of its presence was the tremendous flood of mail that came pouring in from every State of the Union, addressed to various members. Another sign was the beautiful decorations that could be seen in the lobbies, dining-hall and other public rooms of the Home. Nearly all the members hung up in their own rooms the trophies of the season, the cards, pictures and keepsakes that had come from far-off friends. In the center of the lobby there was a Christmas tree 15 feet high, heavy with presents, and when night fell Christmas Eve it glowed radiantly with vari-colored electric globes placed among the branches. Christ mas Eve was celebrated with a lively and interesting program that conjured up many old memories of past sessions. The festival closed with the singing of Auld Lang Syne in the full strength of the gathering. On Christmas Day there was a fine Yuletide dinner for the residents and many telegrams from prominent members of the Order everywhere wishing every one at the Home joy and happiness.

Madison (N. J.) Lodge Now Occupies Attractive Home
Madison (N. J.) Lodge, No. 1465, instituted less than a year ago, already occupies a fine Home. The Lodge's Building Committee recently closed a very business-like deal whereby the Lodge rents the building for a period of five years with the option of buying at the end of that period at a price now set. The property was formerly known as the Kerridge Hotel and before that as the Rose City Inn. It is a large, well-built and attractive structure situated on the main State highway.

Opelousas (La.) Lodge to Break Ground for New Building
Opelousas (La.) Lodge, No. 1048, has completed the plans for its new Home and is making preparations to celebrate the ground breaking. The Lodge is one of the most progressive and prosperous in the District, taking the lead in many civic and social activities. Recently the Lodge had as its luncheon guests the members of the local Post of the American Legion and the Mayor of the city. The meeting was productive of much good fellowship and a spirit of cooperation.

Novel Attendance Scheme Adopted By Sault Ste. Marie (Mich.) Lodge
Sault Ste. Marie (Mich.) Lodge, No. 552, has adopted a novel scheme to stimulate interest in the meetings and to increase attendance which has worked out most satisfactorily. The idea is called "The Elks National Auto Race Attendance Contest." A mammoth map of the United States, painted on beaver board, is hung in the Lodge Room. A route is marked out on the map circling the country from Sault Ste. Marie to the coast, around the southern coast on up to New York City and back again to Sault Ste. Marie. Thirty-five members are selected as drivers of as many different makes of car and these in turn pick four other members who are to ride with them in the race. The route covers fifteen different cities, each city representing a Lodge meeting. The presence at a meeting of any one of the five members assigned to a particular car counts a hundred miles on the journey. If all are present their car gains five hundred miles. For the sake of convenience the distance between all towns on the route is considered as five hundred miles. For instance, the first meeting meant a complete trip from the Lodge to Chicago, provided the entire crew of a given car were present at that session. The prize is in the nature of a forfeit, for the last twenty cars at the end of the fifteen meetings will be assessed the price of a luncheon for the entire membership. The results of this novel contest have been truly surprising. From an average attendance at regular meetings of not more than fifteen, the Lodge now has a hundred or more at every session. The simplicity and interest of the idea should com mend it to many other small Lodges who could easily adapt it to suit their own purposes.

Bergenfield (N. J.) Lodge, No. 1477 Instituted
Bergenfield (N. J.) Lodge, No. 1477, the fiftieth Lodge in New Jersey, was recently instituted by District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler A. Harry Moore with impressive ceremonies. The new Lodge begins most auspiciously with a charter list of 240 of the city's leading citizens. A beautiful historic mansion on a plot of ground 275 by 500 feet situated on the main highway has been purchased by the members and will be occupied immediately by the baby Lodge. A delegation of 2,000 Elks from all over the State, and from New York and Brooklyn as well, took part in the ceremonies and in the parade with their bands. Geo. P. Pitkin is the Exalted Ruler and J. William Fallon, Secretary.

Danbury (Conn.) Lodge Acts as Host To Salvation Army Band
When the new home of the Salvation Army in Danbury was recently dedicated, Danbury (Conn.) Lodge, No. 120, acted as host to the Army band from South Manchester, Conn., which had come to the city to take part in the ceremony. The forty members of the band were provided meals and lodging at the best hotel in the city— all expenses being paid by Danbury Lodge. At the dedication services, which were public. Colonel Maclntyre of the Salvation Army complimented Danbury Lodge on its fine spirit of cooperation and its splendid work in the Community.

Poughkeepsie (N. F.) Lodge Buys Summer Camp for Children
In keeping with its principle of active benevolence, Poughkeepsie (N. Y.) Lodge, No. 275, has purchased a farm of seventy five acres near Freedom Plains in the town of Lagrange and just nine miles from the city as a site for a summer camp for local children who are either under-nourished or are from other causes possible prospects for tuberculosis. The camp, although it will be owned by the Lodge, will be conducted under the direction of a member of the Poughkeepsie Tuberculosis Committee, and a member of the Duchess County Health Association. The property is fitted in an ideal manner for the work for which it is to be used. There are two large and pure springs located on the highest point on the farm. From these it will be possible to pipe by gravity an adequate water supply to the buildings. This will give the camp a perfect water supply. At the present time there is an old dwelling on the farm. This will be completely overhauled and re modelled and will be used as an administration building and living quarters for the camp executives. Two large bungalows for the housing of the children will be erected for the coming season. It is planned for the first year to provide for fifty or. more children at a single time. Quarters for additional children will be provided by the Lodge as necessity may arise. A large and fully equipped mess hall with kitchen attached will also be built for use during the first season. Much of the money to be used in the conduct of the camp was received from the local sale of Christmas Seals. This money, however, will be used for running expenses only and the property will be fully equipped by the Lodge before it is thrown open for use. It is estimated that the camp when ready for use will represent an investment of more than $12,000 on the part of the Lodge. Poughkeepsie Lodge has also voted to furnish and equip the smoking room in the new building of the Vassar Hospital. This work will be pushed forward as soon as the building is in readiness for it.

The undertaking of these two large projects will in no way interfere with the private charitable work which has always been one of the important features of the Lodge.

Member of Minneapolis (Minn.) Lodge Gives Million Dollars for Hospital
William Henry Eustis, one of the oldest members of Minneapolis (Minn.) Lodge, No. 44, recently gave a million dollars to found a hospital for crippled children. The hospital will be run by the University of Minnesota under the direction of Dr. Pirquet of Vienna who will be brought here through the generosity of Mr. Eustis to teach in the University as well. Dr. Pirquet, who had charge of 400,000 Austrian poor children during the War, is 'probably one of the world's greatest doctors of pediatrics. Mr. Eustis, who has been a cripple himself since boyhood, has worked all his sixty-three years and amassed a fortune with one thought uppermost in mind, to aid the crippled children whose struggles he was so familiar with. Even his name will not be attached to the Hospital which his money and generosity have made possible.

Janesville (Wis.) Lodge Buys Property for New Home
Janesville (Wis.) Lodge, No. 254, has purchased a large building in the heart of the city which it plans to remodel as a permanent home in the near future. The property, part of which the Lodge has rented since 1907, includes a theatre, additional club rooms and four stores from which the membership will obtain a nice revenue. The cost of building and lot was $50,000 and tentative plans for adapting it to the requirements of the Lodge call for an additional expenditure of almost $75,000. Janesville Lodge has widened its activities in the last year and stands as a real factor for good in the community. Its charitable work includes not only buying groceries and meat for -the needy but providing clothing for many of the city's poor, glasses for children, etc. As an example of the good work being done by its Charity Committee, the Lodge recently sent a young man, unable to walk, to a prominent surgeon in one of the larger cities, paying for his operation and hospital expenses which amounted to over 8400. The Lodge also cooperates closely with other fraternal and civic organizations of the city, allowing them on occasions the use of its rooms free of charge. It has donated funds to the American Red Cross and contributed a sum toward buying uniforms for the Boys’ Band of the city. At Christmas Janesville Lodge provided over 400 families with all the things necessary to make the day a truly happy and merry one.

Lodge Wants Names of Elk Patients At Veterans Hospital No. 86
Sheridan (Wyo.) Lodge. No. 520, recently making inquiries at the United States veterans Hospital No. S6. was able to locate three patients who are members of the Order In its desire to help, in any manner that it can, these and any others not yet identified as members, Sheridan Lodge will be glad to hear from sister Lodges that have members under treatment at this Hospital. If they will advise the Exalted Ruler or the Secretary of Sheridan Lodge, they will look them up and keep their Lodges informed as to their condition. Many of the men who are brought to this hospital are unable to state where they came from, and their service records do not show that they are members of the Order or of any other fraternal organization. Hospital No. 86 is located about two miles from Sheridan Lodge and was formerly known as Fort Mackenzie Hospital.

History of Cincinnati {Ohio) Lodge Recorded in Bazaar Program
Thousands of people who visited the Elks Bazaar conducted by Cincinnati (Ohio) Lodge, No. 5, were given a most attractive and interesting souvenir program containing a history of the Lodge and the important events during its existence. The history, written by Henry W. Morgenthaler, Past Exalted Ruler, covered the entire period from the formation of the Lodge in 1876 up to the present time and included interesting information relating to Grand Lodge transactions. The account closed with a reference to the new Home which was also fully described in the souvenir program. The Bazaar, one of the largest of its kind ever held under the auspices of an Elk Lodge, was a means of raising a substantial sum for the purposes of Cincinnati Lodge.

Growth of Puyallup (Wash.) Lodge Necessitates New Home
In order that the various activities of Puyallup (Wash.) Lodge, No. 1450, may be properly carried on and its membership have adequate quarters, arrangements are rapidly being completed for the erection of a large new Home on North Meridian Street. The plans call for an attractive structure of old English design admirably adapted both to the location and uses to which it will be put. It is expected that actual work on the building will begin in the early Spring. Instituted on June 10, 1922, with a charter list of 63 members, Puyallup Lodge has forged ahead until it now boasts a membership of 500.

New Orleans (La.) Lodge Organizes Crack Drill Team
Plans are under way to give New Orleans (La.) Lodge, No. 30, a crack drill team which will be a prize-winning contender at the Grand Lodge sessions in the future. The drill squad will meet once a week in the Lodge Room and when fully organized will take to the streets at Elk Place for drill. It is planned eventually to have a team of 100 members, appropriately informed. Considerable enthusiasm is being displayed by the membership and all indications point to the formation of a really unique organization.

Omaha (Neb.) Lodge Prepares for Dedication of New Home
March, of its magnificent new Home. Unusual preparations are in progress to stage a fitting celebration for the occasion. One of the features of the day will be the initiation of a large class of candidates. The new building now rapidly nearing completion will be eight stories high. In the basement will be ten regulation bowling alleys, band rehearsal room and servants' quarters. The first floor will contain ten stores for rental, the entrance and main lobby, a grill room seating 300 and the main kitchen. The Lodge Room will be on the second floor. It will accommodate from 250 to 300 on permanently built seats, and will allow 750 chairs on the floor. On this floor there will be also the dining room, ladies' lounge, men's lounge and the library. The third floor will have the pool and billiard rooms, Turkish baths, and the balcony of the Lodge Room, part of which will be used for the installation of a pipe organ. The fourth, fifth and sixth floors will each contain 35 outside jiving rooms, beautifully furnished and equipped with all conveniences. On the seventh floor will be the Assembly Hall for banquets, dancing and athletic programs. There will also^ be a regulation stage, with all proper facilities and a gymnasium with locker and shower rooms. The balconies of the Assembly Hall and gymnasium and additional locker and shower rooms occupy the eighth floor. The new Home of Omaha Lodge will cost a million dollars when completed and will embody every facility for the comfort and convenience of the membership.

Delinquent Boys and Girls Assisted by Salt Lake City Lodge
Among the many laudable services of Salt Lake City (Utah) Lodge, No. 85, being rendered to the community is that of caring for runaway boys and girls from other cities who stop in Salt Lake City, and of looking after adults who pass through and are temporarily down and out. In the case of the boys and girls, it is absolutely necessary that they receive such assistance as they are likely otherwise to become involved in trouble that will land them in a jail or penitentiary. The committee in charge of this work is giving special attention to the care of these children who have wandered from home and who have passed into the custody of the juvenile authorities in the county. The Chairman is in constant correspondence with sister Lodges located where the families or the boys and girls reside, and some very satisfactory results are reported on this humanitarian work.

Boston (Mass.) Lodge Shows Growth— In Prosperous Condition
Boston (Mass.) Lodge, No. 10, continues to grow and prosper. Large classes of candidates are being initiated at every regular meeting. The report of the Finance Committee for the first six months, viz., April 1 to September 30, 1923, showed a splendid net profit of $43,000. This net earning does not include receipts from the large class initiated on October 21, when at least $25,000 additional was added to the Lodge's surplus. The goal which Boston Lodge has set for itself and which will doubtless be achieved is a net profit of $100,000 for the year and the initiation of 2,000 members.

Everett (Wash.) Lodge to Install Ward for Crippled Children
Everett (Wash.) Lodge. No. 479, is planning to finance the installation of an Orthopedic Ward for crippled children in the new city hospital. A committee has been appointed to go into the question of raising the necessary funds for the project which will be perhaps the biggest undertaking of its kind ever attempted by Everett Lodge. The plan calls not only for the installation of a ward, but also for its upkeep. It has been proposed that every member of No. 479 send to the Lodge on his birthday at least one cent for each year he is old—all of this to go into this welfare fund. The Lodge will also probably give an annual entertainment to raise money for this worthy purpose.

Welfare Committees of New Jersey Lodges Meet in Newark (N. J.) Lodge
A meeting of the members of the Social and Community Welfare Committees throughout the State was recently held at Newark (N. J.) Lodge, No. 21. The purpose of the meeting was to make a general check up of the work performed to date in connection with crippled children, and to hold a general discussion of a comprehensive plan for that work in the future. Crippled Children work in New Jersey has made great progress through the efforts of the individual lodges and this meeting has brought about a general coordination of this laudable activity by outlining a constructive and efficient program.

Vancouver (Wash.) Lodge Holds Annual Homecoming Celebration
Five hundred members of Vancouver (Wash.) Lodge, No. 823, attended the annual Homecoming celebration recently held by the Lodge and enjoyed an evening which will be remembered for a long time to come. Members of No. 823 came from all over the Northwest to be on hand for the event and after the evening session there was a delightful hour in which old acquaintances were renewed and in which much of the old history of the Lodge was brought to light. The program included music, dancing and various other vaudeville acts. After the entertainment the "Zero Hour" drawings were conducted by Grand Esteemed Lecturing Knight, Clement Scott. These were the occasion of much amusement on the part of the gathering and provided a fitting close to an evening of high fun and good fellowship

Joplin (Mo.) Lodge Holds Successful Carnival
Joplin (Mo.) Lodge, No. 501, recently held Its second annual charity carnival with large crowds attending each night of the six performances. A feature of the carnival was the presentation of a popular type motor car each night. Various other contests also helped to swell the crowds which surged through the gates of the grounds. Half of the profit was placed in the city's community chest fund, and the remainder is to be used by the Lodge in its charity work.

Sacramento (Calif.) Lodge to Have Million Dollar Home
Actual work on the new Home of Sacramento (Calif.) Lodge, No. 6, is expected to begin at once. The tentative plans for the building recently adopted at a meeting of the directors of the Elks Home Association show a striking and distinctive style of architecture of the "set-back" type. The building will cover the entire area of the 100 x 160 foot lot on the lower floors, then by a well modeled series of set-backs the building gradually rises and recedes into the central tower form, which gracefully rises toa height of 200 feet to the tip of the flagpole. The building will be twelve stories in height and the exterior is to be in pulsycrome granite, terra cotta of a pinkish tone with the ornamental features picked out in ivory blue and gold and deep red. Some striking features of exterior lighting have been planned so the shaft of the building will be illuminated by concealed searchlights. A feature of the building will be a terra cotta Elk, fourteen feet high, placed at the apex of the upper part of the structure on the J Street facade. This type of "set-back" architecture will insure permanent sun and light and air to all rooms and portions of the building. The entrance to the building will be on Eleventh Street and the first floor will be devoted to stores and upper part of natatorium and gymnasium. The basement will contain a complete swimming pool department, with showers, dressing and locker rooms for members; also a separate department for ladies. There will also be steam and hot rooms and lounging and rest rooms. The first floor entrance leads to a beautiful and wide marble elevator and stairs hall. On the second floor will be a large ball-room, 75 x 100 feet, also main and private dining rooms, kitchen, ladies' Parlors, Secretary's and Business Manager's offices and men's check rooms. The third floor will contain the Lodge Room, 62 X 84 feet, with memorial hall, ante-rooms and adjacent rooms, also billiard and game rooms, buffet and main lounging room, library and writing room. From the fourth to eleventh floors, inclusive, will be living rooms—ninety in all—each with private bath. On the twelfth floor will be a band room. There will be two large handball courts on the third floor, in rear over the ball-room.

An Exemplification of the True Spirit of Brotherly Love
When N. B. Clawson, a member of Wilkinsburg (Pa.) Lodge, No. 577, lay at the point of death in the Columbia Hospital, it was made known to his Lodge that blood transfusion was the only hope of saving his life. Without question or hesitation J. E. Bumbara, a member of Braddock (Pa.) Lodge, No. 883. offered his service which was accepted. In a generous, but vain, effort, one member of the Order gave his blood in the hope that it might save another, exemplifying by his act the true spirit of Brotherly Love.

Birmingham (Ala.) Lodge Grows— Prosperous Year Ahead
The recent membership campaign conducted by Birmingham (Ala.) Lodge, No. 79, has resulted in adding many prominent names of the community to the roster of the Lodge. This substantial growth in membership, coupled with the excellent financial report-which shows Birmingham Lodge with net assets of over $100,000, insures an active and prosperous year for No. 79.

Grand Exalted Ruler McFarland Visits Albuquerque (N. Mex.) Lodge
Grand Exalted Ruler James G. McFarland, accompanied by Mrs. McFarland and Grand Secretary Fred C. Robinson, was recently the guest of Albuquerque (N. Mex.) Lodge, No. 461. Mr. and Mrs. McFarland and Mr. Robinson were met on their arrival at the depot by District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler D. Rollie and a delegation of Past Exalted Rulers and other members of Albuquerque Lodge and escorted to the Hotel Franciscan. After luncheon the visitors were taken for a drive to points of interest in the city. In the afternoon Mr. McFarland and Mr. Robinson attended a meeting of the Exalted Rulers and Secretaries of several of the New Mexico Lodges at which the question of forming a State Association was discussed. Both the Grand Exalted Ruler and the Grand Secretary ad dressed the meeting. In the evening a banquet was given to the distinguished visitors at the Hotel Franciscan, which was followed by a public reception at the Home of Albuquerque Lodge. One of the features of this gathering was a number of Indian dances and the initiation of Mr. McFarland into the Santo Domingo Tribe of Indians. Chief Buenas Noches of the tribe presented the Grand Exalted Ruler with a handsome Indian blanket. The Chief told him, when interpreted, that the Domingo Tribe did not have an Elk Clan but that they did have a Dear Clan, and that the blanket was a token from the Chief of the Dear Clan to the Chief of the Elk Clan. The name given Mr. McFarland when initiated into the Tribe was Coat-see-to-ky, meaning Boss Elk. Mrs. McFarland was presented with a beautiful jewel box made by the Indians, and Grand Secretary Robinson was given a silver flask. The Chief told him in his native tongue that he would have liked to have filled it with "fire water," but in as much as the Great White Fathers in Washington had made certain laws, he thought it unadvisable. In his address at the reception the Grand Exalted Ruler made a plea for true Americanism, urging participation in governmental matters by all good men and women as a means of overthrowing Bolshevist activities.

Raise Fund for Harding Monument Under Auspices of Wenatchee Lodge
Under the auspices of Wenatchee (Wash.) Lodge, No. 1186, the boys of that city are raising a contribution for the fund that is being promoted in Seattle for the purpose of erecting a memorial to President Harding on the exact spot where he addressed the boys of Seattle on July 27, 1923. Indications are that the boys of Wenatchee will raise close to $1,500 for the project.

Orange (Calif) Lodge No. 1475 Instituted
District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler H. S. Williamson, Howard B. Kirkland, President of the California State Elks Association and a score of other prominent members of the Order, took part m the institution of Orange (Calif.) Lodge, No. 1475. Following the institution came a general banquet, participated in by the hundreds who were present at the ceremony. The officers of the Lodge are as follows: A, L. Tomblin, Exalted Ruler; T. H. Elijah, Secretary. Orange Lodge begins its career with 53 charter members.

Little Falls (Minn.) Lodge Dedicates Beautiful New Home
District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Peter S. Neilson, John E. Regan, President of the Minnesota State Elks Association, and many other distinguished visitors and representatives of neighboring Lodges numbering nearly 1,000, witnessed the dedication of the new Home of Little Falls (Minn.) Lodge, No. 770. Every scat in the large auditorium was taken when the dedicatory exercises opened and an appreciative audience enjoyed the excellent program which had been prepared. A telegram was read from Grand Exalted Ruler McFarland, who was scheduled for the principal address, stating that owing to pressure of business he was unable to be present and extending his heartiest congratulations to Little Falls Lodge on the completion of its Home. A similar telegram from Grand Esquire Charles W. Grakelow of Philadelphia was also read. Following the ceremony there were dancing and a buffet supper for the visitors. The new Home of Little Falls Lodge is one of the finest and best equipped in the district. One of its features is the large Auditorium and Lodge Room 50 by 80feet. This room will give ample space for entertainments and gatherings of all kinds. Just off the main entrance to the auditorium are the candidates' room, the paraphernalia room and cloak room. Off the lobby are the clerk's desk, the manager's private office, the ladies' parlor and writing rooms. A spacious dining-room 30 by 60 feet is on the ground floor. The kitchen, on the same floor, is equipped to serve the most elaborate of banquets. The building also contains billiard and game rooms, and two regulation length bowling alleys. Nineteen living-rooms have been provided, each beautifully furnished and containing either bath or shower.

Winchester (Ky.) Lodge Provides Christmas Cheer for Needy
Winchester (Ky.) Lodge, No. 539, never enjoyed a more interesting Christmas celebration for the needy than the one it held on the evening of December 24. About 200 invitations were sent out, following a list compiled by the Lodge, assisted by the Associated Charities. In spite of an extra expense to the Lodge, the Christmas fund was raised to over $400, and every child from one to sixteen was given a bounteous supply of candy, clothing, toys, books, etc. The parents of the children were also invited to the celebration and were loud in their praise of the work done by the Lodge.

Braddock (Pa.) Lodge Institutes Series of Special Lectures
As a feature of its regular meetings, Braddock (Pa.) Lodge, No. 883, has instituted a series of lectures by various professional and business men, most of whom are members of the Lodge. The speaker of the evening devotes about twenty minutes to a discussion and exposition of his own particular business or profession, after which he is prepared to answer any questions that this talk may have suggested. These lectures are proving intensely interesting and have had a broadening and helpful influence on many of the members by presenting to them something of the other fellow's knowledge and experience.

Jacksonville (Fla.) Lodge Headquarters For Tourist Club
Headquarters of the Jacksonville (Fla,) Tourist Club, provided by the city of Jacksonville through the Playground and Recreation Board, have been established and are now open in the Home of Jacksonville (Fla.) Lodge, No. 221. The members of the Lodge, cooperating with the city, have provided every facility for the comfort and convenience of winter visitors to Jacksonville. There are cards, checkers, dominoes and other games. A reading table equipped with current literature and writing tables are at the tourists' disposal. All tourists to the city are cordially invited to avail them selves of this hospitality offered by the city and Jacksonville Lodge. No charge is made, the only requirement being that visitors be bona fide tourists.

Children of the City Remembered By Bennington (Vt.) Lodge
Between 700 and 800 children were remembered by Bennington (Vt.) Lodge, No. 567, at Christmas. On the Saturday preceding the Day, a great tree was dressed and lighted at the Lodge rooms in their honor, and Santa Claus, who was there in person, took orders for Christmas gifts from the youngsters. No one was slighted when Christmas arrived and all requests, simple or elaborate, were taken care of by the Lodge. In addition to toys and candy, the young people of the community who were poor found that Santa Claus had also given them many useful gifts, such as clothes, shoes, etc. Funds for the entertainment of the children and for the gifts were raised by Bennington Lodge at a recent minstrel show and frolic. Over $1,000 was expended for the benefit of the young people.

Shelbyville (Ind.) Lodge Celebrates Silver Anniversary
A momentous occasion for the membership of Shelbyville (Ind.) Lodge, No. 457, was the celebration recently of its Silver Anniversary. Almost 200 members, including thirteen of the living charter members, sat down to the silver jubilee banquet which preceded a program of special music and vaudeville acts. Silver medals bearing the emblem of the Lodge were given to each of the charter members. The silver anniversary is, perhaps, the last big membership gathering that will be held in the present quarters of the Lodge, for, with the coming of Spring, the building will probably be wrecked to make way for the new $60,000 structure which the Lodge proposes to erect.

Many Improvements Planned for Home Of San Antonio (Texas) Lodge
San Antonio (Texas) Lodge, No. 216, is planning to make many improvements on its present Home which, when completed, will give the members one of the most beautiful Lodge rooms in the State and a unique glassed-in roof garden. Under the plan as worked out, all the pillars will be removed from the Lodge room and its size increased fully a third by the elimination of the present anteroom and by placing the elevator shafts on the outside of the building. High arches of art glass will supplant the windows now in use; deep soft rugs will cover the floor; an elaborate new lighting system will be installed; new memorial tablets will be hung on the walls and a pipe organ built into the room. On the roof there will also be made many changes. The glassed-in construction and installation of heat will make the roof serviceable everyday in the year. These plans for improving the present Home will not interfere with the eventual scheme of building an addition to the present quarters, but will provide increased facilities for the membership, pending the time when it is deemed propitious to start the newbuilding.

Charity Show of Bartlesville (Okla.) Lodge Nets Tidy Sum for Needy
One of the outstanding entertainment attractions which the public of Bartlesville looks forward to every year is the Charily Show given by the members of Bartlesville (Okla.) Lodge, No. 1060. This year the performance surpassed any previous efforts and was considered a real triumph by the newspapers and by the many hundreds of theater-goers who witnessed the show An elaborate and beautiful souvenir program and Annual Year Book was issued m connection with the event. The $1,000 realized by the show was used by the Lodge to provide the needy of the city with clothes and food.

Member of Prescott (Ariz.) Lodge Writes Interesting Book
John J. Sanders, for more than 25 years an active member of Prescott (Ariz.) Lodge, No. 330, and at one time superintendent of the Arizona Industrial School, has just published an interesting book entitled Constructive Psychology. The book is stimulating reading and many will be interested in following Mr. Sanders application of universal law to the development of personality. The purpose of the book is to establish a unified system of public education and training.

Atlantic City (N. J.) Lodge to Have New Home
Atlantic City (N. J.) Lodge, No. 276, is soon to go forward with the building of a new Home. Tentative blue print plans of the proposed structure have been submitted to the membership by the Lodge's Building Committee and the various changes and suggestions made are being worked out by the architect. The building will be five stories high, and everything for the comfort and convenience of the membership will be considered in its arrangements and facilities.

Pine Bluff (Ark.) Lodge Occupies New Home
A large reception to the public was one of the features that marked the formal opening of the new Home of Pine Bluff (Ark.) Lodge, No. 149. The event was also celebrated in the evening by a banquet and dance for the members and their ladies. The new Home, erected and furnished at a cost exceeding $80,000, is one of the handsomest structures in the city. The interior as well as the exterior is done in early English style, with high oak-beamed ceilings in the rooms. On the first floor, as one enters, are the ladies' and men's lounges. This floor also contains the grill, kitchen and barber shop. On the second floor is the large Lodge Room. This is located at the front of the building and takes up more than half of the floor. Adjoining this room on the north are the anteroom, the paraphernalia room and the preparation room for candidates. Above the foyer at the entrance to the Lodge Room is a balcony for the orchestra during dances and for the pianist during initiatory ceremonies. In the rear of the building on the second floor is a large lobby at the head of the stairway, and two game rooms.

Disabled War Veterans Remembered By San Francisco (Calif) Lodge
The spirit of Christmas was present at the Palo Alto Base Hospital for Disabled Soldiers of the World War in large quantities due to the untiring work of San Francisco (Calif.) Lodge, No. 3. On Sunday, December 23, nominated as "The Elks Disabled War Veterans Day," a large delegation of members from San Francisco Lodge arrived at the hospital and dressed a big Christmas tree with gifts. The tree, a gift of Santa Cruz (Calif.) Lodge, No. 824, was a huge redwood cut by the members in the mountains for the occasion. Every one of the 700 patients in the Hospital received a gift from San Fran cisco Lodge. A canvas had been made earlier in the month and each man received what he had requested. All the Lodges in the Bay District united in making the event a happy and joyous affair. On the following Sunday, members of San Francisco Lodge journeyed again to Palo Alto and staged an elaborate minstrel show for the disabled men.

Excellent Welfare Work Being Done By Bloomsburg (Pa.) Lodge
Bloomsburg (Pa.) Lodge, No. 436, may well be proud of the record achieved by its Social and Community Welfare Committee. In addition to providing for many needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Lodge has in the past year, with the assistance of the Pennsylvania State District Nurse, made over 300 calls on the sick and poor, and helped every needy family in the community. It has placed numerous children in congenial homes; saved and brightened the lives of crippled children by providing funds for necessary treatments; arranged for the adoption of children and distributed about ten truck loads of clothing, furniture and bedding. The Lodge has gained the confidence of many persons interested in charity work inasmuch as most of the clothing, furniture and bedding was donated to it for proper distribution.

New Lodge Room of Lorain (Ohio) Lodge to Be Formally Dedicated Soon
Grand Exalted Ruler James G. McFarland is expected to attend the dedication of the new Antlers Hotel and Lodge Room of Lorain (Ohio) Lodge, No. 1301. Plans previously made had to be changed because Mr. McFarland could not be present on the date set by the Lodge. The dedication of the Lodge Room which will take place in the near future will be an important event. Besides the Grand Exalted Ruler, other prominent members of the Order will be present as well as representatives from Lodges in the vicinity. Although the beautiful new quarters have been used for some months, the Lodge Room has not been formally dedicated, it being the desire of the membership to have the Grand Exalted Ruler officiate at the ceremony.

Grand Esquire Grakelow Appointed Director of Public Welfare
Charles H. Grakelow, Grand Esquire and Exalted Ruler of Philadelphia (Pa.) Lodge, No. 2, has been appointed by Hon. W. Freeland Kendrick, Mayor of Philadelphia, to the important post of Director of Public Welfare.

New Home of Eveleth (Minn.) Lodge Destroyed by Fire
The handsome new building of Eveleth (Minn.) Lodge, No. 1161, was recently destroyed by a fire of unknown origin. The loss, estimated at $40,000, was completely covered by Insurance. The membership of Eveleth Lodge had planned to move into its new Home shortly after the first of this year. Steps are being taken to go forward with a new building at once.

Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) Lodge Celebrates Dedication of Gymnasium
The dedication of the new gymnasium of Coeur d'AIene (Idaho) Lodge, No. 1254, was celebrated by the whole city. Elk colors of purple and white were in evidence everywhere. The program began with a parade which formed at the Memorial Athletic Field and ended at the building. The High School band in comic costumes headed the procession, followed by a large class of candidates, officers of the Lodge, members of visiting Lodges and local members. It was estimated that more than 800 were in the parade. The schools were closed during the parade to allow the children to witness it. Judge Edgar C. Steele, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, of Moscow (Idaho) Lodge, No. 249, con ducted the dedication exercises. Following the ceremony the class of candidates was initiated and a buffet lunch was served to visitors.

El Centra (Calif.) Lodge Will Erect New Home
After several years of planning, actual steps are being taken for the immediate erection of an $80,000 Home by El Centre (Calif.) Lodge, No. 1325. The building will be started in the near future on property already owned by the Lodge. At a recent meeting of the Lodge, $10,000 was subscribed by members toward the building fund that is already in the treasury. Actual financing of the new building was undertaken at the meeting when the idea of issuing bonds to the members met with instant favor and soon the money was pledged. Other pledges made since then assure the success of the project.

Christmas Gifts for Children Sent Direct to Youngsters' Homes
Last Christmas Seattle (Wash.) Lodge, No. 92, in common with a number of other Lodges, adopted the suggestion made in an editorial of the December issue of The Elks Magazine which read: "It would seem more considerate to provide for the children in their own homes, where they could enjoy their gifts in their own way, rather than to impose the condition that they declare their need by their presence in the Club House in the presence of strangers, whose attentions, however kindly, are likely to prove embarrassing to their childlike timidity." Seattle Lodge made very careful preparation for Christmas Day along the.se lines. Lists and addresses of needy children throughout the city were obtained from various organizations and these, as well as all the children of the members, received remembrances from the Lodge on Christmas Day. Over 3,000 youngsters were taken care of in this way and not one was required to expose in any manner its need or the need of father or mother.

Bellingham (Wash.) Lodge Distributes Used Copies of The Elks Magazine
Many members of Bellingham (Wash.) Lodge, No. 194, arc making a practise of turning in to the Secretary of the Lodge their copies of The Elks Magazine after they have finished reading them. The Secretary turns these copies over to a special committee that has been appointed to distribute them to the various hospitals, logging camps and other institutions throughout the city and county. From the many responses received by the Lodge as a result of this practise, it is evident that The Elks Magazine is a welcome messenger of good cheer wherever it goes.

News of the Order From Far and Near
Hillsboro (Texas) Lodge is carrying through a fine program of activities. Among the recent achievements of the Lodge was the organization of a Boy Scout troop which the members are planning to foster.

Arrangements have been completed by the Elks Association of Pennsylvania Southwest for the annual banquet to be tendered Grand Exalted Ruler McFarland. The event will take place on the evening of February 14, at the William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa. Many prominent Grand Lodge officers are expected to be present.

One of the oldest men ever initiated into the Order is Thomas Morgan Kelly, who was recently made a member of Kankakee (Ill.) Lodge at the age of 88.

A large delegation of members from Globe (Ariz.) Lodge recently visited Miami (Ariz.) Lodge for a special meeting at which Grand Tiler Joseph F. Mayer was the guest of honor. A class of candidates was impressively initiated and after the meeting an entertaining program of events was staged, followed by a smoker and buffet luncheon.

The minstrel show recently conducted by members of Butler (Pa.) Lodge was a success both socially and financially. Out of the proceeds, $1,000 was donated to the new Soldiers Memorial Hospital being erected in that city.

The members of football teams of the local High Schools and their friends were entertained recently by North Tonawanda (N. Y.) Lodge. A banquet was served the guests, after which there were addresses by members of the Lodge and the teachers. A dance followed the dinner.

Kokomo (Ind.) Lodge, wishes to call to the attention of sister Lodges that it has the following second-hand lodge-room furniture in good condition for sale: ten Karpen settees (10' long) 4 stations (green plush); 1 altar; Secretary (desk and chair); rug (22"x 40"); 1 cigar case (10"); back counter and cash register; 2 billiard tables; 1 pool table and accessories. Inquiries should be addressed to L. R. Hatton, Secretary of Kokomo Lodge.

Eugene (Ore.) Lodge is planning to build an addition to its present Home.

Over 500 names have been added to the roll of Wichita (Kans.) Lodge since last April and it is expected that the membership will be doubled by the time the Lodge dedicates its new half million dollar Home now in the course of construction.

The New Jersey State Elks Association has asked the Lodges in every city of the State to plant a tree as a tribute to the members of the Order who served in the World War.

Any information as to the whereabouts of John E. Morton, a member of Alexandria (Va) Lodge, will be gratefully received by his wife, residing in that city, or by the Secretary of Alexandria Lodge. Mr. Morton is about 50 pars old, light complexioned, slightly bald, height five feet seven inches, weight about no pounds.

A record of loyalty and achievement that may well be envied is that of Charles W. Potter, a charter member of Montclair (N. J.) Lodge. He has held every office in the Lodge, and during the past twenty years has missed but two sessions.

Bremerton (Wash.) Lodge has appointed committees to investigate the advisability of the Lodge establishing a children's public playground in the city and an Elks Country Club.

A Christmas letter written on beautifully decorated paper and personally signed by the Exalted Ruler and Secretary was sent as a Yuletide greeting to every member of Franklin (Pa.) Lodge.

Any information as to the whereabouts of Louis P. Faubert, a member of Pawtucket (R I.) Lodge, will be gratefully received by p T. Devlin, Secretary of the Lodge. Mr. Faubert is five feet six inches tall, has brown eyes and dark complexion and weighs 150 pounds. He last worked in Cleveland, Ohio, and Flint, Mich.

Henry Sullivan, a member of Lowell (Mass.) Lodge and the first American to swim the English Channel, was recently given a Life Membership by his Lodge at a celebration in his honor.

A record unique in many ways is that held by E. J. Julian For more than 29 years Mr. Julian has been a member of Vincennes (Ind) Lodge. He has held membership in the Grand Lodge for 25 years and has been present at more than a thousand sessions of his Lodge, besides being Secretary of Vincennes Lodge—a post he has held for the last 23 years—is also President of the Indiana State Elks Association.

Patchogue (N. Y.) Lodge is planning to erect a $200,000 Home. Building will commence sometime this Spring.

In celebration of Christmas, Butte (Mont.) Lodge instituted carol singing, a children’s community Christmas tree, with a cantata and other musical numbers, and gave presents to ail the youngsters.

The Purple Bubble Ball given by Bellingham (Wash.) Lodge was a big social and financial success.

Grand Esteemed Leading Knight Harry M. Ticknor dedicated the beautiful new Home which was recently completed for Porterville (Calif.) Lodge.

The big Fashion Pageant and Merchants Exposition arranged by East St. Louis (Ill.)

Lodge surpassed anything of its kind ever at" tempted in that city. Besides the various displays there were vaudeville and circus attractions. The proceeds were placed in the Lodge's Charity and Welfare fund.

The fourth annual, celebration of "Americanization Night" was recently held by Oakland (Calif.) Lodge.

New York Lodge No. 1 will celebrate its 56th birthday with a banquet at the Hotel Commodore on February 16.

Rockland (Me.) Lodge held a big community Christmas party. Besides a beautifully dressed tree, the Lodge gave several hundred children of the city clothes, candy and toys.

Charles City (Iowa) Lodge, being strong supporters for better dairying in Floyd County, took part in the public celebration which accompanied the delivery of a $10,000 Jersey Bull recently purchased by one of the large local dairies.

Penns Grove (N. J.) Lodge gave away at Christmas toys and candies to over 600 children in addition to baskets to the worthy poor.

The Memorial Services of Marion (Ohio) Lodge at which Grand Exalted Ruler McFarland delivered the principal address, were held in the Grand Theater of Marion and not at the tomb of President Harding as previously reported in the Magazine.

A large Christmas tree and presents for over 300 children were features of the Christmas activities of Florence (Ala.) Lodge.

One of the most successful Frolics ever put on in the Central America countries was recently conducted by Balboa (Canal Zone) Lodge.