This Month in Elkdom ... 100 Years Ago!

100 years ago in Elkdom, President Warren G. Harding (Marion, OH Lodge No. 32) wrote Grand Exalted Ruler W. W. Mountain (Flint, MI Lodge No. 222) to congratulate the Order on the first-ever issue of the Elks Magazine, designed to "crystallize and voice the tenets of the Order." Meanwhile, the rapidly-growing membership of the Order was encouraged by advertisers to visit the French Licks Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana (home of "Pluto Water") and to smoke Chesterfield Cigarettes, made with "the finest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos - blended." Members were preparing to attend the upcoming meeting of Grand Lodge in Atlanta City, NJ, where U.S. Senator Walter E. Edge would serve as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Grand Lodge Entertainment, assisted by twenty-five of the "livest live wires anywhere to be discovered." Read the full issue online.