2021 Convention Website Attendance

(1039 so far!)

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Christine Abrahamson

Lodge: Wrangell, AK #1595

Anna Abram

Lodge: Summerville, SC #2719

Debbie Aglitz

Lodge: Cocoa, FL #1532

Ruthann Aguilera

Lodge: Indio, CA #1643
Interests: Elks National Foundation, Indio Women's Club and California Associate of Realtors

Marsha Aguon

Lodge: Gardena, CA #1919

Doug Alden

Lodge: Benton County, MO #2783

joe alejandrez

Lodge: Las Cruces, NM #1119
Interests: hoopshoot
Comments: Where are the different states staying? Hotels


Lodge: Smithtown, NY #2036

Diane Allen

Lodge: Riverhead, NY #2044

Darwin Allen

Lodge: Union, SC #1321

Diane Allen

Lodge: Escondido, CA #1687

Robert Alphonse

Lodge: Stuart-Jensen, FL #1870
Interests: Veterans Services

Keith Alverson

Lodge: Howell, MI #2168

Aron Andersen

Lodge: Pasadena, CA #0672
Interests: Elks, Montana
Comments: Going to Tampa

Carole Anderson

Lodge: Hickory, NC #1654
Interests: Helping Others

Marija Anderson

Lodge: Mount Vernon, WA #1604

Diana Anderson

Lodge: Cleburne, TX #0811

Dominick Annuzzi Jr.

Lodge: Hasbrouck Heights, NJ #1962

Dana Antolin

Lodge: Fullerton, CA #1993
Interests: Sewing, Crafts, Quilting Scouts USA
Comments: I can't wait until Grand Lodge and especially can't wait until after Grand Lodge when we are going to Disneyworld.

Dennis Appel

Lodge: Chandler, AZ #2429

Kealoha Arelliano

Lodge: Orange, CA #1475
Interests: Hula, music, community svc, sports
Comments: Can’t wait!

Diana Armstrong

Lodge: Pontiac-Waterford, MI #0810

Susan Aubrey

Lodge: Jupiter, FL #2469
Interests: Any and everything to help our community!
Comments: I have preregistered and volunteer but I can’t find the information for myself and Alma Foreman 2469

Andrew Ault

Lodge: Leadville, CO #0236

Cristane Autorino

Lodge: Brewster, NY #2101
Interests: I love bowling and reading.

Nolan Autry

Lodge: Carlsbad, NM #1558

Barry Avakian

Lodge: Paradise, CA #2026
Interests: Soccer sport

Gail Avakian

Lodge: Paradise, CA #2026

Timothy Avelino

Lodge: Taunton, MA #0150
Interests: Sports

Irene Averitte

Lodge: Seaford, DE #2458
Interests: My interests are in Art, Antiques, Billiards, Bingo, History, People, and helping others.
Comments: Looking forward to attending my first National Convention.

Jerry Baca

Lodge: Rocky Ford, CO #1147

rodney bachtel

Lodge: Jackson, OH #0466

Janet Bailey

Lodge: Lebanon, MO #2557
Interests: My biggest interests are children, Vets and helping the community. That is why I joined the Elks..for what they do for those people.
Comments: Yes + 1

Linnie Baker

Lodge: Fredericksburg, VA #0875
Interests: Charities and giving to youth and veterans are foremost in my belief
Comments: This will be my first National Convention of any type. I am looking forward to it

Betty Baker

Lodge: Laramie, WY #0582

Megan Baker

Lodge: Derry Salem, NH #2226
Interests: Sports, camping

Edward Baranyai

Lodge: Bridgeport, CT #0036

Laurie Baravalle

Lodge: Corning, NY #1071
Comments: Yes I am coming

Donald Bares

Lodge: Dickinson, ND #1137
Interests: Hunting, fishing, hiking, NDSU Bison Football. Work at American Insurance Center, Dickinson, ND, Producer/Account Executive. Worked in insurance industry since 1985.

sheryl Barrett

Lodge: Falmouth, MA #2380

Debra Barrow

Lodge: Greensboro, NC #0602

John Barry

Lodge: Seaford, DE #2458
Interests: Music

Elinor Barry

Lodge: Seaford, DE #2458
Comments: Cant wait for another convention and meeting great elks from all over the country.

Aaron Barth

Lodge: Fayetteville, NC #1081

Gary Bartlett

Lodge: Burlington, VT #0916

Fredrick Bartow

Lodge: Petaluma, CA #0901
Comments: Looking forward to the convention.

Marilyn Bartow

Lodge: Napa, CA #0832
Comments: Looking forward to getting together

mike bartsch

Lodge: Sterling, CO #1336


Lodge: Gonzales, TX #2413
Interests: Music and cooking

Brian Batten

Lodge: Flint, MI #0222

Barbara Batulis

Lodge: Florence, CO #0611
Comments: My husband JB will also be attending with me.

Brian Baye

Lodge: New Orleans, LA #0030

Joanne Beard

Lodge: Redlands, CA #0583

Ronnie Beard

Lodge: Redlands, CA #0583

Thomas Beaudoin

Lodge: Portsmouth, NH #0097

Amanda Beaudoin

Lodge: Portsmouth, NH #0097
Comments: Thinking of attending

Donald Beaudry

Lodge: #2367
Interests: Volunteer, vets
Comments: Looking forward to my first Convention!

Gary Bechdolt

Lodge: Morgantown, WV #0411

Glenn Beck

Lodge: Hudson, MA #0959
Comments: I am planning to go, to Tampa

Wayne Becraft

Lodge: Titusville, FL #2113
Interests: Supporting our Veterans

Doris Becraft

Lodge: Titusville, FL #2113
Interests: Veterans and Community Activities

Jina Beisner

Lodge: Alexandria, MN #1685
Interests: Volunteering, golfing, gardening, boating, fishing, traveling, reading, spending time with my 3 kids.
Comments: Looking forward to properly celebrating GER Paul R. Ryan!

Debbie Belavich

Lodge: Meramec(Arnold), MO #2372
Interests: Veterans, Americanism


Lodge: Nampa, ID #1389

Michelle Benedict

Lodge: Virginia City, MT #0390

Kris Benedict

Lodge: West Shore, PA #2257

Dennis Benjamin

Lodge: Brainerd, MN #0615
Comments: Yes, this is my plan. I also have friends living in the area of Tampa and Orlando

Paul Bennett

Lodge: Paso Robles, CA #2364

brandy bennett

Lodge: Lewis County, TN #2883
Comments: Representing our new lodge and eager to learn, excited to be attending our first national convention with six fellow elks from #2883

Sinda Bennett

Lodge: Houston, TX #0151

Joan Benno

Lodge: Yuma, AZ #0476

Cristine Benoit

Lodge: Barre, VT #1535

Walter Benson

Lodge: Camp Springs, MD #2332

Dee Berry

Lodge: Jasper, AL #2571
Comments: Jasper Elks Lodge 2571

Kenneth Bertel

Lodge: Oakmont, PA #1668

Ronnie Bevis

Lodge: Randolph, MA #2130

Elizabeth Biddison

Lodge: Newark, DE #2281

John Bielby

Lodge: Rome, NY #0096

Mary Bielby

Lodge: Rome, NY #0096
Interests: Veteran's Services Committee; Building/Maintenance,Community Affairs and Welfare are interests. Grant writing experience.

Edward BLACK

Lodge: Louisville, KY #0008
Interests: golf; caregiving;fishing

Sherry Blackwell-Toth

Lodge: Rotonda, FL #2710

Wesley Blair

Lodge: Burlington, VT #0916

Justin Blanchard

Lodge: Massena, NY #1702

Barbara Blanchard

Lodge: Hollywood West, FL #2365

Diane Blesi

Lodge: Fredericksburg, VA #0875
Comments: See you there!!!

Wanda Blocker

Lodge: Coos Bay, OR #1160
Interests: Helping our youth, our Veterans and Healthcare.

Toni Bobyarchick

Lodge: Roebuck, AL #0079
Comments: Toni Sue Thrasher not Toni Bobyarchick

Diane Bodwell

Lodge: Phoenix, AZ #0335
Comments: I registered for events online and printed my tickets. When I look under Convention at My Schedule of Events nothing shows. Is there a problem? I have tickets for the opening, the three business sessions and the All American Lodge Contest Workshop. I booked them on 5/7/21 at 1:37am.

Larry Bodwell

Lodge: Phoenix, AZ #0335

Jeffrey Bolduc

Lodge: Summerville, SC #2719

Cindy Bolduc

Lodge: Summerville, SC #2719
Comments: I will alternate ER for Summerville Lodge 2719

Marion Bolson

Lodge: Parker, CO #2873


Lodge: Denver, CO #0017
Interests: Ritual

robert BOLTON

Lodge: Cleburne, TX #0811

Wendy Bonilla

Lodge: Marathon, FL #2139

Elizabeth Bonura

Lodge: New Brunswick, NJ #0324

Carol Bonura

Lodge: New Brunswick, NJ #0324

Lindsey Booth

Lodge: Harrison, AR #2311

Renee Bott

Lodge: Cohoes-Waterford, NY #1317

Linda Bourget-Fenimore

Lodge: Bristol, PA #0970
Interests: Ritual,Community Affairs,Lodge Awareness w/community VAVS District Deputy Rep.,Grant Coordinator,PDDGER, Girl Scout Liaison, House Com.Chairman, Est.Leading Knight.Bar Manager

Richard Bourke

Lodge: Orange, CA #1475
Comments: I plan on being there.

William Bowen

Lodge: Albany, NY #0049

Gregory Boyd

Lodge: Cape Henlopen, DE #2540
Comments: What hotel is Delaware or New Jersey staying ay

Evan Boyd

Lodge: Naval (Port Angeles), WA #0353

David Boyd

Lodge: Pulaski, VA #1067
Comments: Looking forward to another great convention.

Sandra Bozarth

Lodge: Wasco, CA #2419
Interests: Family, Elks, camping, NASCAR, college football
Comments: Gary (incoming ER) & Sandra Bozarth will be attending for the first time! Very excited

Ben Braden

Lodge: Ballard(Seattle), WA #0827
Interests: Elks, Sailing, & Snowboarding are lifelong passions.
Comments: Jennifer and I are really looking forward to seeing everyone again and excited to share and build upon our Membership to Leadership program videos - encouraging members to navigate their path to leadership in their lodge. Learn more on our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/membership2leadership or on our youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE9Ug1K8xet87xQJQvYovRw

Mark Bradford

Lodge: Three Rivers, MI #1248
Comments: Looking forward to attending.

Trent Bradford

Lodge: Marysville, OH #1130

frank brady

Lodge: Hendersonville, NC #1616
Interests: golf,reading,camping, helping others.
Comments: Sandy and I will be there representing the great State of North Carolina as NCSEA President and First Lady.

Richard Brady

Lodge: Keyport-Matawan, NJ #2030
Interests: football, coaching baseball little league, dj work,

Jennifer Braibish

Lodge: Albany, OR #0359
Comments: Looking forward to this!

Jeremy Brandt

Lodge: Grand Island, NE #0604
Interests: Hunting, Camping, wood working, Civil War history, Boy Scouts, and Furthering Elkdom
Comments: I’ll be attending as DD for my second year.

Larry Bratt

Lodge: Lincoln, NE #0080

Teresa Breese

Lodge: Watertown-Beaver Dam, WI #0666
Interests: *

Scott Brinch

Lodge: Wakefield, MA #1276

Robert Brinkerhoff

Lodge: Sanford, FL #1241

Richard Bristow

Lodge: Elk Grove, CA #2577

Kevin Brock

Lodge: Festus-Crystal City, MO #1721
Comments: Looking forward to another great convention and year!

ronald brooks

Lodge: Tooele, UT #1673
Comments: Looking forward to the Convention Ron Brooks DDGER UT North 👍

Stacy Brown

Lodge: Fort Worth, TX #0124
Comments: Texas Elks Veterans Chair. Looking forward to getting together with fellow Elks.

Bryan Brown

Lodge: Parker, CO #2873

Carol Brown

Lodge: Phoenix, AZ #0335

Carol Browne

Lodge: Brainerd, MN #0615

Debbie Brozyna

Lodge: Ormond Beach, FL #2193

Sean Bruce

Lodge: Irving, TX #2334
Interests: y4tA6kEe

Armand Buck

Lodge: New Orleans, LA #0030

Terrance Buck

Lodge: Neenah Menasha, WI #0676
Comments: My wife, Christine, and I will be attending the National Convention in Tampa.

Jenny Buford

Lodge: Mission Viejo-Saddleback Valley, CA #2444

Becky Burgess

Lodge: Yuma, AZ #0476
Comments: My FIRST ever National Convention!!! I’m super excited!!!!

Charles Burke

Lodge: Augusta, GA #0205
Comments: please email me registration forms for hotel and convetention reservations : burke1166@bellsouth.net (PDDGER)

Barbara Burke

Lodge: Crestwood, MO #2503
Comments: I plan to attend

Jeff Burnette

Lodge: Farmington, MO #1765


Lodge: South San Francisco, CA #2091

David Burns

Lodge: Vancouver, WA #0823

Bonnie BushoreBarnett

Lodge: Boone, IA #2884
Interests: I raise and hunt Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs. I raise,train and ride mules and horses. My college degree is for web development/ design and graphic arts. I enjoy reading.

Harold Butler

Lodge: Sumter, SC #0855
Comments: As ER Elect for the 2021-2022 year, I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends, and exchanging ideas

Anitra Butler

Lodge: New York, NY #0001

Daniel Butzer

Lodge: Guilderland, NY #2480
Interests: Sports, Jeopardy

Linda Bycholski

Lodge: Manchester, CT #1893

Justin Byers

Lodge: Susanville, CA #1487

susan caldwell

Lodge: Ocean City, MD #2645

Tenisha Campanile

Lodge: Mission Viejo-Saddleback Valley, CA #2444
Interests: My interest are opening opportunities to serve my community.

James Cantwell

Lodge: Howell, NJ #2515

John Cantwell

Lodge: Bradenton, FL #1511
Comments: Looking forward to a great convention right here in my Beautiful State of Florida.

shari carlson

Lodge: Inverness, FL #2522
Comments: And we will be volunteering!!

Thomas Carns

Lodge: Viera, FL #2817

Taleen Carpenter

Lodge: Chandler, AZ #2429
Interests: Faith, family, and education

Steven Carruthers

Lodge: Lakewood Ranch-Sarasota, FL #2855

william carson

Lodge: Portsmouth, OH #0154
Comments: current ER

Theresa Carter

Lodge: Springfield, MO #0409
Interests: God, Family, Friends, Flowers, Camping and Canoeing to name a few!
Comments: Total of 4!

Jeffrey Carter

Lodge: Brandon, FL #2383

James Casacchia

Lodge: Chino Valley, AZ #2842

Elizabeth Castro

Lodge: Staten Island, NY #0841

Fred Catcott

Lodge: Lake of the Ozarks, MO #2517

Clayton Cathey

Lodge: Shreveport, LA #0122

Timothy Catlin

Lodge: Bound Brook, NJ #1388

charles caughlin

Lodge: John Day, OR #1824

Lois Cavanaugh

Lodge: Grandview-Hickman Mills, MO #2088

Antonio Cendejas

Lodge: Yuma, AZ #0476

Cynthia Charpentier

Lodge: Mena, AR #0781

William Chinn, Jr.

Lodge: Danbury, CT #0120

Glenn Christiansen

Lodge: Great Falls, MT #0214

Caleb Christopherson

Lodge: Sioux City, IA #0112
Interests: Americanism; Veterans programs; club operations

Deborah Ciganovich

Lodge: Madison, IN #0524
Interests: Social Chairman Email: devents@aol.com Cell: 630-988-6455
Comments: Tampa convention


Lodge: Wellsburg, WV #1553

Mary Clark

Lodge: Elmwood Park-Paterson, NJ #0060

Carla Clark

Lodge: Katy, TX #2628
Comments: Where do we find the registration forms?

Charles Clarkson

Lodge: Gardner, MA #1426

Darren Cleghorn

Lodge: Jasper, AL #2571
Comments: I am wanting to learn as much as I can! Looking forward to the fellowship!!

Faye Clemens

Lodge: Beaverton, OR #1989
Interests: Veterans, Hoop Shoot, Membership, Activity

Kevin Clemons

Lodge: Fort Walton, FL #1795

Gary Clough

Lodge: Greenfield, MA #1296
Comments: ER Elect Jean Raymond and I will be there.

Jeffery Colaric

Lodge: Boise, ID #0310

Lisa Collins

Lodge: Franklin, NH #1280
Comments: Yes, I'll be attending, looking forward to seeing everyone.

Bruce Conard

Lodge: Wausau, WI #0248
Comments: first timer to the convention PER Wausau Elks Lodge #248 see you there!!


Lodge: Pearl River, NY #2041
Comments: good day - when will be be able to sign up for the workshops or did I miss a link which then I apologies, I did pre register. stay safe

Tania Cook

Lodge: Columbia, MO #0594

Taylor Cook

Lodge: Paris, TX #2433
Interests: *

sharon cooper

Lodge: Columbus-Grove City, OH #0037
Interests: traveling, wine and beer making, running, bicycling, entertaining.
Comments: My husband and I will be attending as I will be the new ER come April. Look forward to getting out of Ohio.


Lodge: Searcy, AR #2247

Toni Cordova

Lodge: LA Junta, CO #0701

Suzette Cordova

Lodge: LA Junta, CO #0701

Glynis Corless

Lodge: Independence, OR #1950
Interests: Family, Traveling, swimming

Cynthia Cortner

Lodge: Loudoun, VA #2406
Interests: Bowling, helping vets & youth.

Bonnie Cottuli

Lodge: Wareham-New Bedford, MA #0073

michael couch

Lodge: North Las Vegas, NV #2353
Interests: Veterans Membership Historian
Comments: Yes I will be there.

Marga Coulp

Lodge: Portsmouth, NH #0097
Comments: See you all in Tampa

Geoffrey Cox

Lodge: Loudoun, VA #2406

James Cox

Lodge: Knoxville, TN #0160
Interests: Motorcycles, Music,

Brent Crabtree

Lodge: New Castle, IN #0484
Interests: Charity, Veterans and helping our local community.

concepcion Crespo

Lodge: Haverstraw, NY #0877

joseph crews

Lodge: Eustis, FL #1578

Thomas Cribbin

Lodge: Middletown, NJ #2179

Mae Crooks

Lodge: Greenville, SC #0858
Interests: Veteran, community service

Donald Cross

Lodge: Hillsdale, MI #1575
Interests: Doing good for my fellow man
Comments: I am so looking forward to attending my 1st convention and sharing time with my Brother and Sister Ella. Be safe and God bless

Neil Crossland

Lodge: Fairfield, IA #1192
Interests: collecting elk artifacts

John Crouch

Lodge: Weslaco, TX #2057
Comments: Can’t wait to see all my old Elk friends from Illinois!

Tracy Crow

Lodge: Fort Worth, TX #0124
Comments: ER for Fort Worth, Tx #0124 I'm looking forward to my first Grand Lodge Convention and first time to Tampa, Florida.

Scott Crowell

Lodge: Redondo Beach, CA #1378
Comments: Hopefully we will get to gather this year.

Larry Croy

Lodge: Gainesville, FL #0990

Cristine Crum

Lodge: Watertown-Beaver Dam, WI #0666
Comments: Will be attending the drug awareness seminar cant wait

Elevinio Cruz

Lodge: Leadville, CO #0236

Danny Curley

Lodge: Brookfield, MO #0874
Comments: Be my first time

Donna Curp

Lodge: Laurel, MD #2283

terry curtis

Lodge: San Manuel, AZ #2007

James Cusack

Lodge: Des Plaines, IL #1526
Comments: Excited about the convention.

Janet Cutsforth

Lodge: Condon, OR #1869

Midge Czerwonka

Lodge: Manahawkin, NJ #2340

John Dabney

Lodge: Tri-Cities, WA #2755

Michael Dahl

Lodge: Kelso/Longview, WA #1482
Interests: Boating, Camping, Fishing, Bicycling

donald dahlman

Lodge: Edgewater Park, NJ #2550

John Dale

Lodge: Osage Community, MO #2705
Interests: Grand Lodge reforms

Dennis Daley

Lodge: Watertown-Beaver Dam, WI #0666
Interests: Elkdom, Golf, Pickleball
Comments: Looking forward to this Convention. #25


Lodge: Closter, NJ #2304

Robert Daniel

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606
Interests: Golf, hunting, and fishing

Clarendon Daniel

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606

ralph daniels

Lodge: Warrington, FL #2108
Comments: Ralph A Daniels E.R. Frances L Hunter

Logan Darling

Lodge: New Port Richey, FL #2284

Lisa Darmousseh

Lodge: Santa Ana, CA #0794

Sandra Dasburg

Lodge: Charleston, SC #0242

Michael Davis

Lodge: Huntsville, AL #1648
Interests: To keep up with present and upcoming events. New process requirements of grants, new programs and to up to date with the Grand Lodge.

Katherine Davis

Lodge: Rocky Mount, NC #1038

David Davis

Lodge: Festus-Crystal City, MO #1721

Lenard Davis

Lodge: Largo, FL #2159

Patrick Davis

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606


Lodge: Attleboro, MA #1014
Comments: This will be my first convention! Heading down from Massachusetts.

Angel 6 de la Cruz

Lodge: San Juan, PR #0972

Bob De Vries

Lodge: Holland, MI #1315

David Dean

Lodge: Sierra Vista, AZ #2065
Interests: Camping, Hiking, Music
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tampa! We were all locked in a focused for Baltimore, but unfortunately that didn't happen. I'm going around again as ER this year so . . . .Tampa here we come!! DGD da PDDGER

James Decker

Lodge: Palmetto, FL #2449

Martha Deegan

Lodge: Middletown, CT #0771
Comments: Looking forward to attending and enjoying Tampa.

Tania DeFrank

Lodge: Liberty, NY #1545

Catherine DeGaetano

Lodge: Staten Island, NY #0841
Comments: This is my first Grand Lodge Convention that I'm attending as ER Looking forward to meeting other Elks around the USA, to learn and gather new ideas.

Michael Delfino

Lodge: #0953
Interests: Vacations
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tampa

Bruce DelMastro

Lodge: Willimantic, CT #1311
Interests: Hunting,fishing, archery,reading.

Ron Delzer

Lodge: Morehead City-Beaufort, NC #1710
Interests: BPOE, Harley Davidison Motorcycles
Comments: We will be heading to Tampa. Hated to miss my first National Convention in 16 years in Baltimore. But it wasn't my fault. Hope to see you all there.

James Demery

Lodge: Hampton, VA #0366
Comments: I have a plus one Elk who is now going to be able to make it, she was waiting on a doctors clearance for a cancer treatment reschedule. Please advise on the best way for her to register. Thank You PER, Leading Knight. James Demery

Andre Denault

Lodge: Severna Park, MD #2482
Interests: Hanging out with friends and family....especially grandkids!

Robert Dennany

Lodge: Calabash, NC #2679
Comments: aka Shorty - looking forward to meeting new people from different lodges

Charles Dennis

Lodge: Hastings, MI #1965

Eric Derry

Lodge: Perry, IA #0407


Lodge: Middletown, NJ #2179


Lodge: Bridgeport, PA #0714

John DeStefano

Lodge: Bridgeport, PA #0714
Comments: This will be my fifth year consecutively competing in the National Ritual Competition! Go Keystone State, Pennsylvania!

William Devore

Lodge: Frostburg, MD #0470

Oren DeVries

Lodge: Gooding, ID #1745

Gerald Dickens

Lodge: Palm Coast, FL #2709

Howard Diehl

Lodge: Bay City, MI #0088

Donald Dill

Lodge: Oregon City, OR #1189

Audra Dillon

Lodge: Brockport, NY #2110

Jeffrey Dillon

Lodge: Alliance, OH #0467
Interests: Golf,Bowling,Woodworking,travel

Brandon Dinkel

Lodge: Russell, KS #1715
Comments: Very excited to be with all my fellow brothers and sisters in Florida!!

Ralph Dinnel

Lodge: Cottage Grove, OR #1904

Mary Dixon

Lodge: Brandon, FL #2383
Comments: Mary Lou Scribner

Geoffrey Dobbyn Jr

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606

Anthony (Tony) Dodge

Lodge: Naples, FL #2010

George Domedion

Lodge: Plant City, FL #1727

Stephen Donahoe

Lodge: Essex, MD #1866

Stephen Dorsey

Lodge: Saratoga-Wilton, NY #0161

Debbie Doty

Lodge: Oskaloosa, IA #0340
Interests: Graphic design, reading, literacy, cooking/eating, event planning, serving my fellow man.

Jeffrey Doucette

Lodge: Sebasticook Valley, ME #2713

Ronald Douglass

Lodge: North Las Vegas, NV #2353
Comments: As the NSEA Housing Chair I look forward to seeing all my fellow Elks from Nevada and CHEA at our hospitality room in Tampa

Lora Douglass

Lodge: Great Basin, NV #1472
Comments: Our ER James Douglass will be at the Convention in Tampa Florida

Kelly Downard

Lodge: Green Bay, WI #0259
Interests: Reading, Genealogy, Travel, Organization, History, Camping

David Downing

Lodge: #1845

Nettie Drake

Lodge: Reedley, CA #2699

Debbie Driver

Lodge: Lancaster, CA #1625
Comments: Can't wait to see all the Elks again!

Anthony Duarte

Lodge: Manchester, CT #1893
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone

Brigitte Dubin

Lodge: Pahrump, NV #2796
Interests: AQHA, Peruvian Pasos, Cookbooks, Barbecue, Cricut and Sublimation (arts and crafts).
Comments: Have pins, will trade! Nevada - Section 7.

Kenneth DuBois

Lodge: Reno, NV #0597
Interests: Out of doors activities; fishing, hiking camping,biking.

Todd DuBrey

Lodge: Clifton Park, NY #2466

Doreen Duffy

Lodge: Rahway, NJ #1075

William Dunham

Lodge: San Clemente, CA #2068
Comments: looking forward to my first grand lodge convention!

Richard Dunn

Lodge: New Castle, IN #0484
Interests: Elks, Euchre, Bowling, NASCAR, Boating, Corvettes, & Family.
Comments: yep i do plan on being their.

Dennis Durant

Lodge: Boston, MA #0010

Tracy Durkin

Lodge: Washington-Rockville, MD #0015

Peggie Dygert

Lodge: Deep Creek, FL #2763

Douglas Dyrland

Lodge: Hopkins, MN #2221
Interests: Completed the following Courses: Local Lodge Officer Training Course Board of Directors, Lodge Trustees & House Committee Training Course Local Lodge Secretary Training Course

Dan Dziewik

Lodge: Milwaukee, WI #0046
Interests: Automotive

Mark Edelman

Lodge: Plant City, FL #1727
Interests: Trustee

Valerie Edwards

Lodge: Stockton, CA #0218
Interests: Children's activities and Veterans
Comments: Yes I will be at the convention. I am bringing my sister for a sister outing. Coming early so we can enjoy the sights. Valerie Edwards, Per Stockton Lodge #218, California.

Judith Eldridge

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606

Donald Ellis

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606
Interests: ENF Supporter and Lodge Bar Fly!

Jeffrey Ellsworth

Lodge: #1933

Debi Elsheimer

Lodge: Cushing-Drumright, OK #2712
Comments: Going to Tampa!!!

Ronald Elsheimer

Lodge: Cushing-Drumright, OK #2712
Comments: Going to Tampa


Lodge: Franklin, MA #2136
Comments: Looking forward to being sworn as District Deputy for the East Central District in Massachusetts.

ricky eplin

Lodge: Pascagoula, MS #1120

Daniel Erickson

Lodge: Middlesex, NJ #1488

Polly Erickson

Lodge: #1663

Albert Estrada

Lodge: San Antonio, TX #0216

Brian Estus

Lodge: West Citrus, FL #2693

Brandon Evans

Lodge: Ainsworth, NE #1790
Interests: Sports hunting fishing riding motorcycle

Ray Falk

Lodge: Lowville, NY #1605
Interests: Officer/leadership

Daniel Farley

Lodge: Torrington, CT #0372

Matthew Farley

Lodge: Dumont, NJ #2593

Eric Farmer

Lodge: Cass County, MO #2791
Interests: Elk history, youth and veteran activites. Hoop Shoot and promoting the Elks through out my state.
Comments: Looking forward to our convention in Tampa!

Theodore Faubel

Lodge: Caldwell, ID #1448
Interests: Smoked foods, helping others, making my lodge the best lodge in the state of Idaho,
Comments: I'm so looking forward to attending this convention. This will be my first National Convention. I'm a LM and PEOTY of the Caldwell lodge. (the home lodge of our next GER) I have registered for the events that I'd like to attend at the convention, as well as contracted a couple of local lodges. I think I'm ready to roll.

Maria Feeney

Lodge: Newport, RI #0104

janie ferguson

Lodge: Vero Beach, FL #1774

Gary Ferguson

Lodge: Las Vegas, NV #1468

Andrea Fernandez

Lodge: Boca Raton, FL #2166

gail firkser

Lodge: Metuchen, NJ #1914

Dennis Fischgrabe

Lodge: Huntington Beach, CA #1959

Mark Flohr

Lodge: Osawatomie, KS #0921
Interests: Water skiing, fishing, camping, traveling
Comments: Looking forward to a great convention and seeing friends.

William Flournoy

Lodge: Breckenridge, TX #1480
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Kevin Foraker

Lodge: Lindsay, OK #2351

Tracy Fortenberry

Lodge: Apopka, FL #2422

Norman Fountain

Lodge: San Angelo, TX #1880
Interests: Sporting Claybird Shooting Dove Hunting Gardening Elks Activities Single Malt Scotch and a good cigar
Comments: Looking forward to a great convention!

Mary Fox

Lodge: Walterboro, SC #1988

don foy

Lodge: Gallatin, TN #2547

Julia Franklin

Lodge: Boise, ID #0310
Interests: ENF, State major project, Dictionary Project

Richard Franks

Lodge: Auburn, MA #2118
Comments: second convention and excited to see good friends and fellow Elks

Roy Frazier

Lodge: Hot Springs, AR #0380

Denise Frazier

Lodge: Ottawa, IL #0588

Joseph Frederick

Lodge: Manchester, CT #1893
Comments: Yes I am looking forward to it. 5/8, I never got an email to register for any of the seminars or the Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Richard Freeman

Lodge: Manchester, NH #0146
Interests: Riding my motorcycle fishing kayaking camping hunting

Susan French

Lodge: Pittsburg, CA #1474
Comments: How do I pre-register my Husband who is not really a guest but is also a member attending with me?

Douglas Freund

Lodge: Clayton, NJ #2132
Comments: Looking forward to a safe and successful Convention

Keith Frey

Lodge: Princeton, WV #1459

John Friday

Lodge: Alexander City, AL #1878
Interests: Working with our youth and our veterans.
Comments: Looking forward to another great time with fellow Elks!!!

Leigha From

Lodge: San Rafael, CA #1108
Interests: Music Festivals, International Travel, RV traveling, Outdoors, Nature, Health, Photography, Pet - Dog, Dance, Beginning Bridge, Board games, Movies, Musicals, Plays, Dinner parties

John Fuller

Lodge: Yuma, AZ #0476

Paul Galarneau

Lodge: Cohoes-Waterford, NY #1317

Brian Gallegos

Lodge: Hewitt, TX #2881

William Gandolfi

Lodge: Oglesby, IL #2360
Interests: Finance, Operations, Economics, Training, Teaching, Leadership, Accounting, Fraud Investigation, Security, Photography.
Comments: I'll be there. Bill

john gantt

Lodge: Anderson, SC #1206
Interests: membership

Mary Garcia

Lodge: Alhambra/San Gabriel, CA #1328

helen garcia

Lodge: Key West, FL #0551

Wendy Gauthier

Lodge: Traverse City, MI #0323

John Gaven

Lodge: Metuchen, NJ #1914

Jack Geiger

Lodge: Fresno, CA #0439

Andrew Geis

Lodge: Hickory, NC #1654
Comments: I will be the ER for Hickory Lodge 1654 in the year 2021-2022. I plan on coming to the convention in July. I hope to get my covid vaccine in the next two weeks and should be good to travel. Looking forward to it. Andrew Geis

Edwin Geishert Jr

Lodge: Coldwater, MI #1023
Interests: Elks, golf, travel, wine, reading, computer, anything new

Kate Geismar

Lodge: Redondo Beach, CA #1378
Comments: Looking forward to meeting fellow member from across the Country! :)

Catherine Gerace

Lodge: Rotonda, FL #2710
Comments: Looking forward to welcoming you to the 2021 Elks National Convention in Tampa, Florida!

Janet Giallourakis

Lodge: St. Petersburg, FL #1224

Michelle Gibbons

Lodge: Gila Bend, AZ #2089
Interests: To learn more about the fraternal organisation


Lodge: Florence, SC #1020
Interests: NASCAR

Patty Ginder

Lodge: Fairhope, AL #1879
Comments: First Elks Convention. Looking forward to it!

john girolamo

Lodge: Ossining, NY #1486
Interests: DJ for all events

Edward Gizara

Lodge: Savannah, GA #0183
Interests: Coaching Adaptive Golf (Helping those with disabilities learn to play golf)

Mike Gleason

Lodge: Lake Hopatcong, NJ #0782
Interests: Elkdom, Classic Cars

Sharon Goetzman

Lodge: St. George Dixie, UT #1743


Lodge: Huntsville, TX #1981
Interests: elks camp

Ramonita Gonzalez

Lodge: Vineland, NJ #1422

Susan Good

Lodge: Fresno, CA #0439
Interests: Ballroom dancing, public service, cruising, RV travel, ENF Grant Coordination for my local lodge, government advocacy, writing.
Comments: I will be in Tampa!

Dianne Good

Lodge: Parma, OH #1938
Interests: darts, Ritual, former Lodge Secretary
Comments: Tampa is home now, but my Elk heart is still in Ohio!


Lodge: St. Petersburg, FL #1224
Comments: See ya in Tampa in 2021

Bob Gorby

Lodge: Tarpon Spgs, FL #1719
Interests: Traveling, softball, spending time with family


Lodge: Walterboro, SC #1988
Interests: Crocheting, Bicycling, Line Dancing, Clemson Football
Comments: Looking forward to. My 1st National Cconvention.

Sheri Gorski

Lodge: Chandler, AZ #2429

Brian Gorski

Lodge: Chandler, AZ #2429

Henry Goss

Lodge: Shoreline, WA #1800
Comments: Who or how do I cancel my Tampa reservations for myself ( Henry Goss , lodge 1800. 021985 ) and my partner ( Kim Edwards-Fukei , lodge 1800, 022916 ) Registration number 27149 Henry Registration number 27155 Kim thank you Henry Goss

Ryan Granato

Lodge: Vineland, NJ #1422

Elizabeth Grant

Lodge: Houlton, ME #0835

Paul Grant

Lodge: Lebanon, NH #2099

Elbert Gray

Lodge: Glastonbury, CT #2202
Comments: Excited to Attend

Joshua Gray

Lodge: New London, CT #0360
Interests: Past Exalted Ruler New London, CT, Lodge No. 360
Comments: Can't wait!

Amber Green

Lodge: Perry, IA #0407

John Griffin

Lodge: Mansfield, MA #2633

William Grimes

Lodge: Broadneck, MD #2608

john grinvalsky

Lodge: Manchester, CT #1893

Annette Grissom

Lodge: Rio Rancho, NM #2500

Warren Grody

Lodge: Columbus-Grove City, OH #0037

John Guarino

Lodge: Plant City, FL #1727
Comments: Would not miss it for the world.

Masiel Guevara

Lodge: Prince Georges County, MD #1778
Comments: Can't wait to meet everyone!

Lance Gustin

Lodge: South Bend, IN #0235

Christopher Guthrie

Lodge: Hutchinson, MN #2427
Interests: computers, Writing, martial arts, fishing, Photography, and woodworking
Comments: Looking forward to attending. This will be my first convention.

Melinda Haban

Lodge: Idaho Falls, ID #1087
Comments: Looking forward to my first Elk's National Convention!

Dean Haffa

Lodge: Dakota County, MN #2832

Alisa Haffner

Lodge: Lakeport, CA #2704
Interests: Community service Equine activities Farmers associations Psychology services Behavioral counseling Wearable art activities
Comments: Looking forward to getting together with you all. Having the opportunity to exchange ideas and goals

Annmarie Haggerty

Lodge: Auburn, MA #2118


Lodge: Malone, NY #1303
Comments: Ny hasn't given info yet. Whats up. I want to book it if its still on.

William Hall

Lodge: Palm Coast, FL #2709
Comments: Seeing as how I missed last years convention, I am looking forward to this years. See all of you there.

Tamara Hall

Lodge: Danielson, CT #1706
Comments: I've been a member for 5 years and serving as Chaplain. Now I'm looking forward to my first Elk's conversation.😄 I'm excited to make new friends and maybe get a tan. See you all in a few months!! 😎

Donald Hamby

Lodge: Arlington, TX #2114

Patricia Hamilton

Lodge: Freehold, NJ #1454
Comments: I've been going to Grand Lodge conventions since Chicago 1997 and looking forward to meeting Elks from all over the country. Supporting Freehold NJ 1454 ER Joe Reese and our DDD Rich Brady from Keyport Matawan, NJ #2030


Lodge: Freehold, NJ #1454
Comments: Heading to another convention to support Freehold Elks NJ Lodge 1454 ER Joe Reese and for the installation of Rich Brady of Keyport/Matawan NJ Lodge 2030 as DD.

Jennifer Hammill

Lodge: East Brunswick, NJ #2370
Interests: Motorcycles, horses, gardening.

Larry Hampton

Lodge: Idaho Falls, ID #1087

Lowell Handschke

Lodge: Plano, TX #2485
Comments: Can't wait! My first Elks National Convention.

Bret Hankins

Lodge: Lewis County, TN #2883

Calvin Hara

Lodge: Honolulu, HI #0616

Tina Haran

Lodge: Oak Lawn, IL #2254

James Harbour

Lodge: Ocean City, MD #2645
Comments: Last Convention San Antonio.


Lodge: Cody, WY #1611

Cayce Hardy

Lodge: Lake Ray Roberts Area, TX #2862
Interests: Walking, helping others, riding bikes, spending time with my family, cooking on the grill, shooting guns.
Comments: Hoping to make it to the convention. I will be in Florida a couple hundred miles away during the convention this year!

Julie Harper

Lodge: Willoughby-Cleveland, OH #0018

John Harris

Lodge: Viera, FL #2817
Interests: ELKs, Bowling, Golf, Ritual

Terri Harrison

Lodge: Toledo-Sylvania, OH #0053

Buddy Hartle

Lodge: New Orleans, LA #0030
Interests: Watching football and playing golf

William Hartless

Lodge: Florence, CO #0611
Interests: Boy Scouts, Hunting, Camping,

thomas hartwell

Lodge: Blackfoot, ID #1416

mike Harvey

Lodge: Porterville, CA #1342

Shannon Haslam

Lodge: Bountiful, UT #2442

Adam Havig

Lodge: Broken Arrow, OK #2673
Interests: Golf, Bowling, ENF, Youth, Taxes, Accounting
Comments: Looking forward to seeing our team compete at National in Ritual competition.

Melanie Headland

Lodge: Jamestown, ND #0995

Alan Heal

Lodge: Rockland, ME #1008
Comments: Looking forward to Tampa Convention

Paul Hebert

Lodge: Medford-Malden, MA #0915

Curt Heck

Lodge: Newton, IA #1270


Lodge: Massapequa, NY #2162
Comments: See you all in Tampa!

Ricky Helm

Lodge: Broken Arrow, OK #2673
Comments: our lodge will be there competing in the Ritual competition

Raeann Hempel

Lodge: Bayonne, NJ #0434

Christine Henderson Rose

Lodge: Somerville, NJ #1068

Dennis Henline

Lodge: Front Royal, VA #2382

Robert Hennessy

Lodge: Deland, FL #1463
Interests: Sports, youth programs
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone!

James Hernandez

Lodge: Islip, NY #2533

Thomas Hernandez

Lodge: Riverton, WY #1693
Interests: Of coarse our grandchildren and family, 2nd Admendment rights
Comments: Looking forward to seeing you all there.

James Hersey

Lodge: Mansfield, MA #2633


Lodge: Kane, PA #0329

Bill Hickox

Lodge: Elephant Butte , NM #2885
Interests: Preserving Elkdom with an impressive ritual, and Elk specific titles (Exalted Ruler). I am interested in a membership drive to increase Elks, not #'s.
Comments: How do I reserve for the business sessions, why is this so difficult?

Kendall Hicks

Lodge: Saratoga-Wilton, NY #0161
Comments: See you in Tampa

Ronnie Higgins

Lodge: Creston, IA #0605

Timothy Hight

Lodge: High Point, NC #1155

Maranda Hill

Lodge: Florence, KY #0314
Interests: PER! Elks and Disney pin trading...LETS TRADE!!!!!, Bowling, NRA, Disney, Family and Friends, Scrapbooking, Scuba Diving, and watching football. Lodge grant writer!!!
Comments: PER and DD Esquire Elect. Cant wait for Tampa with my bestie last years ER. Huge pin trader so if your a pin trader let me know. Also a Disney pin trader lol.

Kenneth Hines

Lodge: Plymouth-Ann Arbor, MI #0325
Interests: boating, golf

Robert Hinkle

Lodge: Staunton, VA #0351
Interests: Scholarships & Safety Glasses

Eric Hoard

Lodge: Ellsworth, ME #2743

Wayne Hodge

Lodge: Highland, AR #2539
Interests: Helping the Elks succeed in all areas.

Dona Hoesly

Lodge: North Las Vegas, NV #2353

Richard Hogan Jr.

Lodge: Cohoes-Waterford, NY #1317
Interests: Veterans,sports
Comments: Looking forward to getting together with fellow Elks & attending Sessions!

Marcya Holguin

Lodge: Gardena, CA #1919

Robert Hollis-Brau

Lodge: West Covina, CA #1996

Brenda Holmes

Lodge: Richmond, VA #0045

Wainetta Holmes

Lodge: Sebring, FL #1529

Paula Holowacz-Decker

Lodge: Sidney, NY #2175

Barbara Homier

Lodge: Kingfisher, OK #2416
Comments: We will be there. So looking forward to seeing our Elk family.

Ken Hooper

Lodge: Marshall County, KY #2707


Lodge: Santee-Lakeside, CA #2698

Jep Housley

Lodge: Silver City, NM #0413

Linda Hovell

Lodge: Lake Taneycomo, MO #2597

Lawrince Hovorka

Lodge: Caldwell, ID #1448

Joan Howard

Lodge: Biddeford-Saco, ME #1597
Comments: See You in Tampa!

Robert howe

Lodge: Centralia, IL #0493

Bonnie Howell

Lodge: Milford, DE #2401

Bruce Howell

Lodge: Milford, DE #2401
Interests: hoop-shoot


Lodge: Winthrop, MA #1078
Comments: Looking forward to learning everything I can at the Convention and have a good time. :-)

Michael Hoyt

Lodge: Grand Haven, MI #1200
Interests: Adding Events to Calendar

Emily Hozian

Lodge: Des Plaines, IL #1526

Richard Hudson

Lodge: Phoenix West, AZ #2729

Margaret Huleatt

Lodge: Everett, WA #0479
Comments: Yes, I will be attending Tampa Convention.

Tim Humerickhouse

Lodge: Clinton, MO #1034

Frank Hunt

Lodge: New York, NY #0001
Interests: Membership, Ritual, Veterans, Police
Comments: I cannot wait to be at the NationalConvention and see the members I met in the past and to meet some new Elks. My wife and I look forward to this every year.

Marjorie Hurlburt

Lodge: Ticonderoga, NY #1494
Interests: Youth soccer drug awareness communitiy activities Scholorship

John Hutchison

Lodge: Clifton Forge, VA #1065
Interests: Sports
Comments: Looking forward to seeing my fellow Elks after the pandemic.


Lodge: Sacramento, CA #0006

Rebecca Icarro

Lodge: Sacramento, CA #0006

Shane Iler

Lodge: Liberty, TX #2019

Paul Imbrugla

Lodge: Woonsocket, RI #0850

Wanda Imhoff

Lodge: #1933
Interests: Cooking,Gardening, Beach, Boerboel Mastiffs
Comments: This will be my 1st National Convention.

Karen Imperatrice

Lodge: Woodbridge, NJ #2116

Judy Ingram

Lodge: Merced, CA #1240
Comments: also attending will be: Name: Thomas Ingram Lodge: Merced, CA No. 1240 Email: tomingramti1@gmail.com

Heidi Ingwell

Lodge: Cartersville, GA #1969

Robert Iske

Lodge: Shenandoah, IA #1122
Comments: I will be in attendance. Being installed for second year as DDGER for Iowa Southwest.

Thomas Ivery

Lodge: Catskill, NY #1341
Comments: Tom Ivery - Lodge #1341 Catskill, NY Interests: Snowmobiling/Classic Cars

Jimmy Jackson

Lodge: Gouverneur, NY #2035

Timothy Jaeger

Lodge: Napa, CA #0832

Bettie Jamora

Lodge: Gardena, CA #1919
Comments: Let’s see what attending this convention has to offer.

Kimberly Jansen

Lodge: Texarkana, AR #0399

Karen Johnson

Lodge: Joliet, IL #0296

Suzette Johnson

Lodge: Deale, MD #2528

Warren Johnson

Lodge: Frederick, MD #0684
Interests: Elk History.

Steve Johnson

Lodge: Sanford, NC #1679

E Leon Johnston

Lodge: Cahaba Valley, AL #1738

Roderick Jones

Lodge: Waynesboro, VA #2270

Elmira Jones

Lodge: Cullman, AL #1609

Kay Jones

Lodge: Newport, OR #2105
Interests: crochet,travel,cross stitch

Kelly Jordan

Lodge: Chandler, AZ #2429

Douglas Jordan

Lodge: Blue Springs, MO #2509
Interests: Fishing, Camping, Racing

Blanche Jorge

Lodge: Los Banos, CA #2510
Interests: Finding new people to join.
Comments: I'm looking forward to learning new things and what other lodges are doing. California Hawaii Elks Association - Central District

F. Milo Jose

Lodge: Mechanicville-Stillwater, NY #1403

Felix Juarez

Lodge: Fullerton, CA #1993
Comments: I can't wait, I've never done anything like this. I hope to have fun and meet new people from other Lodges

Lizabeth Kaas

Lodge: Eau Claire, WI #0402
Interests: Scholarship program, golf, cooking

Mathias Kalebaugh

Lodge: Harrison, AR #2311
Interests: Veteran's & Boy/girl Scout Programs

Maureen Kear

Lodge: Tewksbury-Wilmington, MA #2070

Sara Keener

Lodge: Superior, WI #0403
Interests: Social activities, fundraising, community
Comments: Can't wait to experience my first Grand Lodge convention!!

Michael KELLY

Lodge: Carteret, NJ #2235
Interests: Motorcycles,sports
Comments: Looking forward to Tampa Michael Kelly

Heather Kemper

Lodge: Cocoa Beach, FL #2387

Micheal Kent

Lodge: South Hillsborough, FL #2672

Frank Kerby

Lodge: Blue Springs, MO #2509
Interests: fishing

Edith Ketay

Lodge: Grandview-Hickman Mills, MO #2088

Justin Key

Lodge: Red Wing, MN #0845

Robert Keyser

Lodge: Littleton, CO #1650
Interests: Elkdom, Golf & Cooking

Anthony Kieffer

Lodge: Baraboo, WI #0688

Thomas Killiany

Lodge: Farmington, MI #1986
Interests: History: DVP-DC Metro (4200) 2018-19; DVC Metro (4200) 2017-18; Lodge Secretary 2017-21; P.E.R.2007-08, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17; Secretary, PER Association.

Bobbye Kimbrough

Lodge: Waynesboro, VA #2270
Interests: Hoop Shoot, scholarship

vicki kincaid

Lodge: Portsmouth-Chesapeake, VA #0082
Comments: Yes! I will see you in Tampa Florida with masks on!!

Marc King

Lodge: Bremerton, WA #1181

Jason Kirkconnell

Lodge: Danielson, CT #1706
Comments: My wife and I will be in attendance. Look forward to more information as it comes available.

Vicki Kirkland

Lodge: #2882

roy kirsch

Lodge: #2882

Joseph Klosek

Lodge: Vero Beach, FL #1774
Comments: Recently transferred from Stuart/Jensen Beach lodge to the Vero Beach lodge 1774 .

Nita Knighton

Lodge: Marietta, GA #1657

Joshua Knuteson

Lodge: Summit County, CO #2561

Stella Kolysko

Lodge: Ticonderoga, NY #1494
Comments: Looking forward to my 17th convention

Michael Konski

Lodge: Ocean City, MD #2645

Joe Koshak

Lodge: Chico, CA #0423


Lodge: Elmira, NY #0062
Comments: Can't wait to see everyone!

Jeanie Kozlowski

Lodge: Whiting, IN #1273

Doug Kramer

Lodge: Kearney, NE #0984
Interests: I've been an Elks member for 12 years. I started as the drug awareness chairman for the Kearney Elks Lodge #984.I'm also a certified TIPS Trainer.
Comments: I'll be in Tampa for the Convention. Looking forward to being there and will be attending the Government Relations meeting on Saturday, July 2, 2021. SAFE TRAVELS EVERYONE!! DK


Lodge: Pottstown, PA #0814
Comments: Looking for to my 1st Convention


Lodge: Mahanoy City, PA #0695

Ron La Qua

Lodge: Summerville, SC #2719

Thomas Laflamme

Lodge: Woonsocket, RI #0850

Jeffrey LaMountain

Lodge: Keeseville, NY #2072

Kenny Lane

Lodge: Eau Claire, WI #0402
Interests: Veteran's
Comments: See you in Tampa

Kassandra Langis

Lodge: Walla Walla, WA #0287
Interests: I am interested in the Veterans program and the D.A.P. I am a Veteran myself and know that we do not know all the programs that are available for us and I'd like to be an advocate.

Jay Larkins

Lodge: Santa Clarita, CA #2379
Interests: Family, Patriotism, ritual, sports
Comments: Looking forward to a Great turnout with our fellow California-Hawaii Elks and our friends from the Manila, Philippines and Guam Lodges. See you in Tampa!!

Gregg LaRoche

Lodge: Gardner, MA #1426
Comments: I'm planning on attending the National Convention in Tampa Summer of 21'

Megan Laughton

Lodge: Bryan, TX #0859
Interests: Youth and veteran service

rose lavelle

Lodge: Brewster, NY #2101
Comments: how to i obtain information to register

Robert Law

Lodge: Stockton, CA #0218
Comments: Let's celebrate Baltimore in Tampa....1 celebration for 2 years just like my term. CHEA ...Central District

John Lawrence

Lodge: New Bern, NC #0764
Comments: Looking forward to it👍

Robert Leatham

Lodge: Westchester, CA #2050

Kyle Leeds

Lodge: Havre, MT #1201
Interests: Membership, Marketing, Youth, Patriotism, Chairities, and Social

Janelle LeGrant

Lodge: Butte, MT #0240

Tammy Lehn

Lodge: Hutchinson, MN #2427
Comments: Exciting!!!!

Victoria Lehtonen

Lodge: Big Bear Lake, CA #1787
Comments: ER Chuck Lehtonen and I will see you there!

Sheryl Lemmons

Lodge: Pocatello, ID #0674
Interests: Art
Comments: Hope to see ya'll in Tampa

Tracy Leopold

Lodge: Fargo, ND #0260

Paul Levasseur

Lodge: Skowhegan-Madison, ME #2531

William Lewis

Lodge: Lake Oconee, GA #2849
Interests: Fire/EMS/Emergency Management Services

Mary Lewis

Lodge: Watchung Hills, NJ #0885

Lori Lichter

Lodge: Des Plaines, IL #1526

Joseph Lieto

Lodge: Coos Bay, OR #1160
Interests: Veterans and community.

Georgia Ligori

Lodge: Jackson, WY #1713
Interests: Needy Youth, Veterans, Homeless
Comments: As the Exalted Ruler for Jackson Elks Lodge #1713 during 2020-2021, I looked forward to attending the national Elks convention last year. Regrettably, the Elks Convention in Baltimore was canceled due to covid. It was discussed and approved that I, along with my husband, Tony Ligori, would attend the 2021 convention. Bring your pins and we'll see you all in Tampa!

William Lindsey

Lodge: #1930
Interests: Elkdom, retirement, golf, football
Comments: Looki.ng forward to meeting with many great Elks

Douglas Linebaugh

Lodge: Bellefonte, PA #1094

morris little

Lodge: Lakeport, CA #2704
Interests: cooking

Robert Little

Lodge: Ontario, OR #1690

Michael Livesay II

Lodge: Buckhannon, WV #1736
Comments: Yes, I will be in Tampa. I hope to meet and see many fellow Elks from across our country as I will be going in as DDGER of the West Virginia Central District #9480.

Thomas Lizotte, Jr.

Lodge: Woburn-Stoneham, MA #0908

Steve Lobdell

Lodge: Paradise, CA #2026
Interests: Elks History: Currently the C.H.E.A. Historian
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Convention. Please stop by the California-Hawaii booth where I will have one of the largest Historical displays of Elks memorabilia on display .

Randall Logan

Lodge: Petaluma, CA #0901

Tim Logemann

Lodge: Dixon, IL #0779

richard lombardo

Lodge: Shallotte, NC #2854
Comments: yes Richard per and susan berardi E.R.are going

Glenn Loney

Lodge: Palmdale, CA #2027

Landry Long

Lodge: Milwaukee, WI #0046
Comments: My wife and I will be there.

Debbie Long

Lodge: Wellsville, OH #1040

Jerry Long

Lodge: Iowa Falls, IA #1674

Vincent Longobardi

Lodge: Wallingford, CT #1365

Gerri Lopez

Lodge: Brattleboro, VT #1499

frank lopez

Lodge: Brattleboro, VT #1499

Sonja Lopez

Lodge: Largo, FL #2159

Mark Lotito

Lodge: Hasbrouck Heights, NJ #1962
Interests: Elks research
Comments: Looking forward to seeing my fellow Elk members from around the country. Missed having human contact.

Dwaine Lovingood

Lodge: LA Fayette, GA #2018

Irene Lozano

Lodge: Duarte, CA #1427
Interests: Membership growth, special needs children, camping, Veterans
Comments: This will be my first National Convention! I'm excited, enthusiastic and ready to learn.

Steven Lucas

Lodge: Tyrone, PA #0212
Interests: Youth Activities and the Hoop Shoot program
Comments: I'm the Pennsylvania State President, my wife and I will be attending.

Russell Lumpkin

Lodge: Indio, CA #1643
Comments: Ruthann and I will be there

Arthur Lush

Lodge: Honolulu, HI #0616
Comments: Bud Lush Honolulu 616

Kathy Lyle

Lodge: Macon, MO #0999
Comments: I had planned on attending Grand Lodge convention but some family issues have come up and now I won’t be able to. Can you tell me what I need to do to cancel reservations? Kathy Lyle, 916 Sunset Drive, Macon, Mo 63552. Phone 660-651-8725. I am ER of the Macon, Mo lodge, Macon, Mo 63552. Can you please contact me ?

John Lynch

Lodge: Watertown, SD #0838
Interests: Fishing, Veterans, NASCAR,NFL

Susan Lynn

Lodge: Perry, FL #1851

Linda Lyons

Lodge: Escondido, CA #1687
Comments: There will be two of us coming from the Escondido Elks Lodge #1687. The Exalted Ruler and myself, the Secretary.

Gail Lyons

Lodge: Plant City, FL #1727
Interests: hunting fishing gaming golf all outdoor sports
Comments: Plant City is in the House!! Loud and Proud!!!!!

Earlene Lyons

Lodge: Lebanon, OH #0422
Interests: Arts,Crafts,Golf,Traveling,Collecting Sports Memorabilia

Peter Machado

Lodge: Pearl City, HI #2669

Neal Maciel

Lodge: Falmouth, MA #2380

Jil MacMenamin

Lodge: Brattleboro, VT #1499
Interests: gardening, technology, history

Michael Madison

Lodge: Arcadia, CA #2025
Interests: My hobbies consist of Hiking, Backpacking, Playing Poker, Photography, Listening to music and going to concerts. I enjoy taking on new adventures.
Comments: I want to be there to enjoy all the festivities.

Cathy Maguire

Lodge: South Hillsborough, FL #2672

Susan Mahoney

Lodge: St. Mary's County, MD #2092

Michelle Main

Lodge: South Kingstown, RI #1899

Jim Majorowicz

Lodge: #2589
Interests: RVing, Bourbon, SASS
Comments: 5th convention I've attended.

Suzanne Maker

Lodge: Portsmouth, NH #0097
Comments: Yes, I'll see you in Tampa!

Brenda Mallaber

Lodge: Myrtle Beach, SC #1771
Comments: Visiting family at the same time.

Phil Mancini

Lodge: Saugus-Everett, MA #0642
Comments: Can't wait to experience my first convention. Last year as ER I didn't have the opportunity to meet fellow Elks.

Ron Manly

Lodge: Lamar, CO #1319
Comments: Looking forward to the trip as Exalted Ruler I will be attending with my wife Mary. I have not decided if we will drive yet or fly. if we drive we will plan on stopping at as may lodges as we can along the way.

Ron Manni

Lodge: Livonia, MI #2246

Ray Manyette

Lodge: Prince Georges County, MD #1778

Skip Marcella

Lodge: Winthrop, MA #1078

Dan Marett

Lodge: Greenville, SC #0858
Interests: Sailing

Les Mariner

Lodge: Westminster, MD #2277
Comments: Yes

Tony Markarian

Lodge: Simi Valley, CA #2492
Interests: BASS fishing, hunting

Robert Marks

Lodge: Grants Pass, OR #1584

Kevin Martello

Lodge: Shreveport, LA #0122

karen martin

Lodge: Rock Hill, SC #1318

Gerda Martin

Lodge: Madisonville, KY #0738
Comments: See you there

Gregory Martin

Lodge: Lompoc, CA #2274

Dwight Martin

Lodge: Fort Scott, KS #0579

Renee Martin

Lodge: Fort Scott, KS #0579
Comments: Looking forward to four days of learning and meeting others of the BPOE!

Gary Martin

Lodge: Butler, PA #0170

Dan Martinez

Lodge: Moreno Valley, CA #2697

Valentino Martinez

Lodge: Clovis-Portales, NM #1244

Elizabeth Martinez

Lodge: Woodbridge, VA #2355

Michael Marvin

Lodge: Blackfoot, ID #1416
Interests: Please change my email address to mikemarvin329@yahoo.com

Tony Mason

Lodge: Florence, KY #0314
Comments: My wife Debbie and I will be attending. Hoop Shoot & PR chair. ER elect for 2021-2022. Motorcycles, Outdoors and pin collecting. Looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone.

Edwin Matos

Lodge: Mount Holly, NJ #0848
Comments: I will be there with my wife and son. Looking forward to it.

Robert Matteson

Lodge: St. George Dixie, UT #1743
Comments: My wife, Priscilla and I will be attending...already made the flight arrangements. Look forward to seeing Y'all in Tampa!!!

Thomas Matthews

Lodge: Winsted, CT #0844

Stephen May

Lodge: Silverton, OR #2210
Interests: Family, State Assoc Comm Activitiy & Camp Meadowood Speech & Hearing
Comments: Lodge Secretary, Special Rep. Looking forward to this convention. Sure missed last year.

teresa mayer

Lodge: Middletown, NY #1097
Interests: Helping others, boating, camping, garden

Rebecca Maynard

Lodge: Barre, VT #1535

Kathleen Mc Cormick

Lodge: Ormond Beach, FL #2193
Interests: Ritual - State and National Veterans Chairman Bingo Chairman
Comments: Tampa !

william mccalip

Lodge: Staten Island, NY #0841

Jeanette McCann

Lodge: Gateway-Gresham, OR #1805

Patrick McCarthy

Lodge: Watertown-Beaver Dam, WI #0666


Lodge: Brandon, FL #2383

Betty McClellan

Lodge: Watsonville, CA #1300

James mccloskey

Lodge: Elk Grove, CA #2577
Comments: Although we have marked the convention on our calendar, and look forward to finally coming together, it will yet have to be determined how comfortable we are with this kind travel. Some of our plans for this summer have already been postponed again. If all goes well, we hope to be able to attend.

Steve McCormick

Lodge: Ormond Beach, FL #2193

Marcus McCrary

Lodge: Grapevine, TX #2483

Rebecca McCullough

Lodge: Canonsburg, PA #0846

Rhonda McDonald

Lodge: Walterboro, SC #1988

Lisa McDonald

Lodge: Tracy, CA #2031
Comments: So excited to see everyone in person!

Steve McDonald

Lodge: Tracy, CA #2031

John McEntire

Lodge: Duarte, CA #1427
Interests: Bowling
Comments: We certainly hope that we will be able to attend the National Elks Convention held in Tampa, Fl. this year.

Judi McEvers

Lodge: Hemet, CA #1740

Elizabeth McFall

Lodge: Vacaville, CA #2638

Jane McFarland

Lodge: Weymouth-Braintree, MA #2232

William McFarland

Lodge: Weymouth-Braintree, MA #2232

Tony McGhee

Lodge: Deland, FL #1463
Interests: I like helping veterans and children through BPOE. I also serve my community by participating in ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services). My FCC station license is KT4WM.

Gerry McGill

Lodge: Katy, TX #2628

Susan McGill

Lodge: Katy, TX #2628

Judith McKinney

Lodge: Port Clinton, OH #1718
Interests: Working with our Elks Lodge 1718 to continue assisting our Veterans, CP and to continue our assistance to our community. Other interests, cooking and reading.

Kerrie McLean

Lodge: Willoughby-Cleveland, OH #0018

Jake McMillion

Lodge: Upper Sandusky, OH #0083

Deborah McMullen

Lodge: Crestview, FL #2624
Interests: I am in special education, proud Army vet mom, former 5 year tiler, grandma, wife of PER and new state trustee, and ER hopeful in the future.

Bonnie Mcnelis

Lodge: Philipsburg, PA #1173
Interests: Americanism
Comments: Will be great to meet and see everyone within the Elks family! Safe travels to all!

Timothy McNelly

Lodge: Rochester, NY #0024
Comments: This is my first convention! I am looking forward to it

Christine Mcreynolds

Lodge: Phoenix West, AZ #2729

Suzanne McTernan

Lodge: Springfield, MO #0409

Dusty Medina

Lodge: Helena, MT #0193

Matthew Meinke

Lodge: Maumee-BG, OH #1850
Interests: ENF Programs, Veterans Services, New Membership
Comments: Excited to attend my 1st National Convention! OK and OH Elks, let's connect up.

Debra Melton

Lodge: Mesa-Buckhorn, AZ #2656

Richard Menor

Lodge: Myrtle Beach, SC #1771

Mary Merrihew

Lodge: Lebanon, NH #2099
Interests: Exalted Ruler

William Meyer

Lodge: Alexandria, MN #1685
Interests: Hoop Shoot, E.N.F. ,State Project (youth camp)
Comments: Minn. State ENF Chair, and State Gov. Relations Chair.

Theresa Michel

Lodge: Bellefonte, PA #1094
Interests: My interests include sewing, reading, sporting events, helping others and working with people. I like helping and getting involved with group projects.
Comments: I am interested in the Elks Magazine seminar and a few others that are currently full. Do you know if they will be increasing any of the attendance for some of the sessions that are currently full? Thank you!

M. Joyce Middleton

Lodge: Florence, OR #1858

Delores Milhausen

Lodge: #2823

Richard Milhaven

Lodge: Massapequa, NY #2162

James Miller

Lodge: Indio, CA #1643
Comments: Will be fun and informative

Nancy Miller

Lodge: Viera, FL #2817
Interests: Lodge activities, assisting our district in attaining profitability for each lodge. Helping those in the communities improve their lives i.e. Homeless vets, backpack for kids.

Patrisia Miller

Lodge: Augusta, GA #0205
Interests: I love being involved in the charitable organization That the Elks sponsor. I am most involved in having dances for the Special Needs group.

Brinda Miller

Lodge: Putnam, CT #0574
Interests: Scuba Diving, Hiking, Bike Riding, Camping, Sports you name it!!
Comments: Looking forward to going this year! I'm the outgoing ER, unfortunately Conventions were canceled. Looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying the convention this year hopefully.

Seth Miller

Lodge: Middletown, CT #0771

Kathi Miller

Lodge: Vero Beach, FL #1774

Todd Miller

Lodge: Kansas City, MO #0026

Marilou Minella

Lodge: Brewster, NY #2101

Michelle Minicucci

Lodge: Waterbury, CT #0265
Comments: couldn't do Baltimore, going to come to Tampa!!! Celebrate Elkdom with the BPOE!!!! Best People On Earth!!!

Jonathan Mitchell

Lodge: Wakefield, MA #1276
Interests: Hunting, Fishing Loving Every Day

Jessica Mitchell

Lodge: Harrisburg, IL #1058

Rose-Marie Monahan

Lodge: Taunton, MA #0150

Robert Monahan

Lodge: Taunton, MA #0150

Laurie Montag

Lodge: Lincoln, NE #0080
Interests: MVS Lodge Scholarship Chair PER Trustee Lodge Secretary

John Montgomery

Lodge: St. Johnsbury, VT #1343

Barbara Monti

Lodge: Lacey, NJ #2518
Interests: State Chairman, Credentials
Comments: Exalted Ruler this year

Albert Montuoro

Lodge: #0831


Lodge: Littleton, NH #1831

Taryll Moore

Lodge: Hilo, HI #0759
Comments: Representation from the Big Island of Hawaii will be in full effect!

Robbin moore

Lodge: Coeur D Alene, ID #1254

Greg Morgan

Lodge: Mission Viejo-Saddleback Valley, CA #2444


Lodge: Atascadero, CA #2733

Marcel Morissette

Lodge: Putnam, CT #0574
Comments: Planning on attending. Airline tickets are already purchased

Margaret Morris

Lodge: Newark, DE #2281

James Morrison

Lodge: Pascagoula, MS #1120

Jason Mozzone

Lodge: Columbia City, IN #1417


Lodge: Fullerton, CA #1993

Charles Myers

Lodge: Covington, GA #1806
Interests: Vets, special needs kids, hunting, camping, family and friends

James Myers

Lodge: Alameda, CA #1015

Chemayne Myers

Lodge: Red Bank, NJ #0233
Comments: Can't wait for Convention...


Lodge: Pontiac-Waterford, MI #0810
Interests: LODGE PINS

David Neeley

Lodge: Creston, IA #0605
Comments: SDGER

John Neetz

Lodge: Bangor, PA #1106
Interests: Website Design, php script writing, MySQL databases
Comments: Looking forward to being with the Best People On Earth!!!

William Negri

Lodge: Mountain Home, ID #2276

Charlesray Neight

Lodge: Slidell, LA #2321

Daniel Nelson

Lodge: Philipsburg, PA #1173
Comments: I am so looking forward to this. I'll be good to be back at the GL Convention.

Eric Nelson

Lodge: #1930
Interests: Fishing, boating, jet skiing on our many waters here in WA state. Cooking and smoking meats both at home and at the lodge. Spending time with my wife Rebecca and family.
Comments: Looking forward to Convention!

Donald Netschke

Lodge: Waynesboro, VA #2270

George Nettles Jr

Lodge: Egg Harbor Township, NJ #2563
Comments: Yes , I'll Be There

Kimberly Nicholson

Lodge: Lake City, FL #0893
Interests: Community Volunteering

Rick Nickolson

Lodge: Alexander City, AL #1878

Anna Marie Nielsen

Lodge: West Des Moines, IA #2752

Dale Nielson

Lodge: Grand Island, NE #0604
Interests: farming, elks
Comments: The good lord willing i'll be there

Robert Nixon

Lodge: Ashland, OH #1360
Interests: Golf, Motorcycle rides, Elkdom

Gus Noble

Lodge: Phoenix, AZ #0335
Interests: elks pins/medals
Comments: I'm having withdrawl symtoms from no conventions. Desire your Lodge pins. See us traders in the area they will designate near the meeting hall.

troy nobles

Lodge: Hattiesburg, MS #0599
Interests: elks, hunting, fishing
Comments: Pam and I can't wait to see old friends and make new ones. We look forward to the fellowship and a great learning experience. It's wonderful to be moving forward again into a new year with my fellow Elks. Be safe and stay well. See you in Tampa. Mike Nobles SDGER - MS

Charles Nolan

Lodge: San Diego, CA #0168
Interests: Computers,reading, CHEA State Convention, Parliamentary Procedures

Brad Nolan

Lodge: Livingston, MT #0246

Robert Norton

Lodge: Plant City, FL #1727

Judy Numbers

Lodge: Essex, MD #1866

Lisa Nuss

Lodge: Jupiter, FL #2469

John Nuzzi

Lodge: New York, NY #0001
Comments: John M Nuzzi Sr Past District Deputy GER New York Lodge #1 seriously looking forward in attending

Nancy Oakes

Lodge: Ocean Shores-North Beach, WA #2581
Comments: PER, ER - 2021-2022, Program Advocate, Tall Elks Therapy Trustee, State PR Committee.

Keith Oakley

Lodge: Clifton-Garfield, NJ #1569
Interests: Special Children Veterans

Deborah Obst

Lodge: Hightstown, NJ #1955

darrin ohlhauser

Lodge: Livermore-Pleasanton, CA #2117

nita ohlhauser

Lodge: Livermore-Pleasanton, CA #2117

Michael Ohren

Lodge: Omaha, NE #0039
Interests: Boating, Cruising, Bowling, Golfing and helping others

Patricia Orchard

Lodge: Brigantine, NJ #2428

Ben Ortega

Lodge: West Covina, CA #1996
Interests: Computers, Music, Sports, Photography

Maureen Ortiz

Lodge: Broken Arrow, OK #2673
Comments: Thought May 7th was event registration day. Don't see it?

Suzanne Orwen

Lodge: Webster-Fairport, NY #2396
Interests: I am currently my lodge DAP Chair, Flag Day Chair and District ENF Chair. My interest are youth activities, Veterans, and Drug Awareness and education, and ENF

Mitchell Ostlie

Lodge: Jamestown, ND #0995

Michelle Ottoboni

Lodge: #1994

John Owen

Lodge: Bedford, VA #2844

Kelly Pace

Lodge: Hendersonville, NC #1616

Michael Pace

Lodge: Hendersonville, NC #1616

Anthony Pacheco

Lodge: Westchester, CA #2050

Michelle Packham

Lodge: Fort Walton, FL #1795
Interests: My horses, and my ELKS Lodge are my life now.

Angie Palmer

Lodge: Frankfort, KY #0530

Charles Pankey

Lodge: Ferndale, MI #1588

Frank Papini

Lodge: Ohio River Valley, OH #0231
Interests: hoopshoot
Comments: Looking forward to being at the Convention.

George Paradise

Lodge: Arlington, TX #2114

Joseph Parisi

Lodge: Pascagoula, MS #1120
Comments: I will be there!

janel parker

Lodge: John Day, OR #1824

ed parmer

Lodge: #2411
Interests: ritural.

Lisa Parrish

Lodge: Mount Airy, NC #2061
Interests: Gardening, traveling, cooking, helping others..

Jody Pascarella

Lodge: New Bern, NC #0764
Comments: can't wait...

Angus Patterson

Lodge: Walterboro, SC #1988
Interests: ? When the Exalter Ruler Dies during his Term in Office who takes charge

Frances Paulina

Lodge: Seminole, FL #2519

Susan Payne

Lodge: Billerica, MA #2071

Charlene Peale

Lodge: Burbank, CA #1497
Interests: golf, bowling, off roading, camping,helping others
Comments: Greg and I are coming

Roslyn Peggins

Lodge: Orange, CA #1475
Comments: Looking forward to my first convention.

Sherri Pelletier

Lodge: Shoreline, WA #1800
Interests: Dancing, reading, traveling, veterans, volunteering
Comments: I'm vaccinated! Looking forward to my first GL convention!

William Pence

Lodge: Irving, TX #2334
Comments: Will be there!

michael penchenski

Lodge: Jamesburg, NJ #2180
Comments: I'm so very happy to be attending!

Michael Pender

Lodge: Wheaton, IL #2258

Richard Penk

Lodge: Salisbury, NC #0699

Sandy Perkins

Lodge: Tri-County, KY #2826
Interests: Creating a Great Lodge. Helping Children and our community
Comments: Can't Wait!

Elizabeth Pernell

Lodge: Wheeling, WV #0028
Comments: My husband Larry Joe Pernell Jr and I will see you there.

John Pettinato

Lodge: Dunedin/Clearwater, FL #1525

Carol Phelps

Lodge: Madisonville, KY #0738

Wesley Phelps

Lodge: Madisonville, KY #0738
Interests: photography

Scott Phillips

Lodge: #0924
Comments: Looking forward to Tampa, for sure... Vermont Elks will be there in force.

Brandy Picard

Lodge: Simi Valley, CA #2492
Interests: Camping, hunting, fishing with with my adult children, traveling, wine tasting with friends, exploring new areas, etc.
Comments: B. Kris Picard, WCCD AVP Simi Valley

R. A. Pickett

Lodge: Santa Monica, CA #0906
Interests: Collecting Elk Pins, Fishing, Golfing, Shooting, Movies, Pool, Baseball Cards


Lodge: Gateway-Gresham, OR #1805
Interests: GOLF

Allen Pindulic

Lodge: Bergenfield, NJ #1477

Carole Pletz

Lodge: Beaverton, OR #1989

Eve Pollakis

Lodge: Greater Cape May, NJ #2839
Comments: Hi. This would be my first time. Are there more details? Thank you

Tim Polzin

Lodge: Summerville, SC #2719
Comments: where do we register when we get there?

Alicia Pome

Lodge: Arlington-Fairfax, VA #2188

Evelyn Poppa-McKenna

Lodge: Elk Grove, CA #2577

Linda Porter

Lodge: Calera, AL #2703

charles pratt

Lodge: Greenville, MS #0148
Interests: golf.tennis,hoop shoot director for 35 years

Brenda Presley

Lodge: Newark, DE #2281
Comments: Getting excited.

Jo Price

Lodge: Louisville, KY #0008
Interests: Volunteering
Comments: Is it too late for my husband and I to register for the convention?

Mark Priest

Lodge: Miami, OK #1320
Comments: See you in Tampa!

Sherri Prysock

Lodge: Jackson, MO #2652

Darrell Quinley

Lodge: Grandview-Hickman Mills, MO #2088
Interests: Veterans and veterans projects
Comments: As a PER and a VAVS in Missouri Metro West District 4790, I am very interested in what other districts and states are doing to support veterans. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for lodge grants, and boost grants. These are the equalizers for smaller market areas.

deborah raible

Lodge: Wilkins, PA #0577

Pamela Rainey

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606
Comments: I plan to be there & hopefully bring another lodge member with me!!! Ready for fun in the sun, Elk Style!!

Jennifer Rainey

Lodge: Bremerton, WA #1181

Daniel Ramsey

Lodge: Ellisville, MO #2664

Grover Ramsey

Lodge: Casa Grande Valley, AZ #1957
Comments: Looking forward to Tampa.

Raphael Rangel

Lodge: San Bernardino, CA #0836

Ralph Rankin

Lodge: Winter Park, FL #1830

Janet Rasmussen

Lodge: Poway, CA #2543

Brian Rawding

Lodge: Auburn, IN #1978

Jack Raymond

Lodge: Caldwell, ID #1448
Interests: Social functions

Michelle Rease

Lodge: Corning, NY #1071

Chuck Reed

Lodge: Jackson, MO #2652
Interests: Cardinal Baseball, Elk Pin Collecting, Visiting other Elk Lodges,board games
Comments: Registered! Cant wait to see some great Elkdom on Display!

Theresa Reed

Lodge: Frackville, PA #1533
Comments: Lodge Secretary. I'm looking forward to seeing all my fr Family from Elkdom. Especially, those from my old lodge and the Great State of Washington. Hello, from Pennsylvania. Don't you just love everything about the Elks?

perralyne reed

Lodge: Midwest City, OK #1890

Deborah Reedy

Lodge: Jacksonville, FL #0221

Susan Register

Lodge: Dakota County, MN #2832

Eric Rehagen

Lodge: Washington, MO #1559

Michael Reid

Lodge: Marysville, CA #0783
Interests: -Hunting -Fishing -Boating -Motorcycles
Comments: Apparently I've been sent no information on pre-registering or any other information. I have my hotel reservations. My wife and I are planning to attend. What do I do now?

Aaron Reid

Lodge: Everett, WA #0479


Lodge: Waterbury, CT #0265

William Reining

Lodge: Clifton-Garfield, NJ #1569
Comments: Can I still attend the convention and get a hotel room

Rochelle Renteria

Lodge: Fayetteville-Springdale, AR #1987
Interests: Charity and fun

Diana Repass

Lodge: Casa Grande Valley, AZ #1957

Christopher Repass

Lodge: Casa Grande Valley, AZ #1957

Cameron Ricci

Lodge: Herkimer, NY #1439
Interests: Golf

Kenneth Rice

Lodge: Saugus-Everett, MA #0642
Interests: Reading, on-line games, sci-fi, Boston sports
Comments: Tampa will be a great time to see friend we haven't seen in two years. Good luck to all teams competing in the Ritual contest and all competing in the 11 0'clock Toast contest.

Lisa Richard

Lodge: Woonsocket, RI #0850
Comments: First timer! Can't wait!

Patricia Richberg

Lodge: New Braunfels, TX #2279

David Richcreek

Lodge: Lynnwood, WA #2171
Comments: Looking forward to the convention. I will be the Washington State Elks President in Tampa.

Debora Ricketts

Lodge: Calera, AL #2703

Jonathan Rider

Lodge: Kerrville, TX #2081
Interests: Drug awareness program

Valerie Ridgeway

Lodge: Cohoes-Waterford, NY #1317
Comments: Can't wait. This year is going to be great

Louis Ringger

Lodge: Decatur County, TN #2641
Interests: Scholarships, Hoop Shoot, Ritual

Atilano Rivera

Lodge: Beacon, NY #1493
Comments: see you there

Laurie Roberge

Lodge: Condon, OR #1869
Comments: Would not miss this. Love Keith. Love Amy.

Roy Robertson

Lodge: Valdez, AK #2537

paul robinson

Lodge: Long Branch, NJ #0742

david roche

Lodge: Eustis, FL #1578
Comments: Is the GL Convention registration refundable. Signed up as a PER and unable to get into any sessions, no exhibits and vendors. Convention is worthless this year. They should have advised there would be no exhibits or vendors, and sessions would be so limited. Why attend if you cant get in sessions.

Edward Rodda

Lodge: Bay City, MI #0088
Interests: *

Ron Rodriguez

Lodge: Encinitas, CA #2243

Kathy Rogers

Lodge: Van Nuys-Reseda, CA #2790
Comments: i will be there

Jimmie Rogers

Lodge: Rio Rancho, NM #2500

Linda Rogers

Lodge: Rio Rancho, NM #2500
Interests: Ritual, ENF, Membership, Scholarships, Dictionaries

Leo Rogoski

Lodge: Wisconsin Rapids, WI #0693
Interests: Retired, Wood working, Family, Camping

Judith Romero

Lodge: Naples, FL #2010
Comments: Judith Romero PER of Naples Elks Lodge 2010 will attend. Looking forward to the convention!

William Rosenberger

Lodge: Cohoes-Waterford, NY #1317
Comments: Can't wait to go to Tampa. Going to be a good time and look forward to trading pins.

James Ross

Lodge: Festus-Crystal City, MO #1721
Interests: golf

Raymond Ross

Lodge: Colorado Springs, CO #0309
Interests: Youth Activities, Scholarships, & Business Practices

Julie Rothfuss

Lodge: Hastings, NE #0159
Interests: Golfing, Bowling, Antique Shopping, singing, spending time with my grandkids and close friends
Comments: Excited to meet everyone in Tampa

Lisa Rovito

Lodge: Lake Hopatcong, NJ #0782

Vickie Rowe

Lodge: Oswego, NY #0271


Lodge: Price, UT #1550
Interests: I love photography I've been taking photos for 29 yrs. I took photos of Santa and the children at our last Christmas. I also love painting, sewing,reading, and working w/ Veterans
Comments: Can't wait to see you guys again ❤!

Corrine Rubino

Lodge: Jackson, CA #2426
Comments: Corrine Rubino, Secretary

Gregory Ruch

Lodge: Edmond, OK #2578
Interests: Active in all volunteer work with in the lodge

Nancy Russell

Lodge: Knoxville, TN #0160

Robert Russell Jr.

Lodge: Aripeka, FL #2520

Erika Russo

Lodge: New London, CT #0360

Eric Sabol

Lodge: Lake Hopatcong, NJ #0782

Scott safly

Lodge: Boone, IA #2884
Interests: Traveling, Motorcycles Trail riding UTV Collecting Fossils and Artifacts World history Veterans Affairs Helping those in need

David Sage

Lodge: Virginia Beach, VA #2268
Comments: Retired Navy, 3-time cancer survivor

Mary Salinas

Lodge: Garden Grove, CA #1952
Comments: Yes I plan to attend.

John Sammons

Lodge: Milford, DE #2401
Interests: Loyal Knight, Board Chairman

Nicole Sato

Lodge: Newport Harbor, CA #1767

Lisa Sauceda

Lodge: Laconia, NH #0876
Interests: Children's causes, education, and veteran's issues.

Byron Saunders

Lodge: Burien, WA #2143
Comments: Byron Saunders ER, Will be there.

Daniel Savage

Lodge: Chillicothe, MO #0656
Interests: I enjoy camping with family, being out on the farm and of course getting involved with my local lodge. I love everything the Elks stand for and do in our community.
Comments: Looking forward to my first convention and first year as ER. Share some tips!

Debra Scarlett

Lodge: New Britain, CT #0957

Betty Scarpella

Lodge: Tri City (Louisville), CO #2541

Karin Schellie

Lodge: Gaylord Area, MI #2544
Comments: My first time at a Grand Lodge Convention. I am so excited to meet some Elks from around the country. Gaylord Area Elks Lodge #2544 Michigan


Lodge: Shreveport, LA #0122

Lynne Schlink

Lodge: Ottawa, IL #0588
Comments: Seems like a great way to celebrate the USA birthday combining with an ELKS CONVENTION!

Anne Schmidt

Lodge: Aurora, CO #1921

Karen Schneider

Lodge: Hanford, CA #1259


Lodge: Hanford, CA #1259
Interests: I I am a paramedic for 35 years most of it in Kings County my wife Karen SCHNEIDER and I like to travel and go cruising. We enjoy sports and going to shows.

Teri Schneider

Lodge: Eagle River, AK #2682

richard schneider

Lodge: Tampa, FL #0708

Patrick Schoen

Lodge: Deptford, NJ #2708
Interests: Activities Committee-Support. Board Member. Bylaws Committee. Scholarship Committee, Chair.

Donna Schofield

Lodge: Michigan City, IN #0432
Interests: Im ENF co-chairman for my lodge and i need info and up dates. I am veterans chairman for my lodge. I am drug awareness chairman for district. I am on the board for state bowling.


Lodge: Encinitas, CA #2243
Interests: Now that I’m retired my interests are primarily in Lodge operations and I have started to cook for our mini Monday Fun Day.
Comments: I am looking forward and will be arriving on the 3rd. And you need to change the button on the bottom that says "Yes I'll see you in Tampa

Maria Schreiber

Lodge: Encinitas, CA #2243

Michael Schroeder

Lodge: Fremont, CA #2121
Interests: Karaoke, scouting, veterans

Stephanie Schwab

Lodge: Springfield, IL #0158

Kevin Scott

Lodge: High Point, NC #1155
Comments: How do we secure housing?

George Scribner

Lodge: Brandon, FL #2383

Richard Seeder

Lodge: Lynnwood, WA #2171

Julie Seeder

Lodge: Lynnwood, WA #2171
Interests: Esteemed Leading Knight, Children's Hospital and Activities Chairperson for the North Region and Lynnwood Lodge 2171; Certified ASL Interpreter

Kathleen Segat

Lodge: Ridgway, PA #0872

John Seiler

Lodge: Seguin, TX #1229

Gail Sessler

Lodge: Mendota, IL #1212
Interests: Bowling, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.
Comments: Looking forward to see my Elks family from Wisconsin along with the other states in which I have met through out the years.

George Sevast

Lodge: Ocala, FL #0286
Interests: Hunting. Fishing Belonging to the Elks
Comments: George C.Sevast PDD Ocala Fl. 286

Carol Shaft

Lodge: New Lexington, OH #0509
Interests: Family, Friends, Community

Thomas Shanley

Lodge: Kingston, NY #0550
Interests: Golf, Skiing, Poker, Bartending
Comments: Looking forward to my first convention.

Robert Shaw

Lodge: Coeur D Alene, ID #1254

Jerome Sheehan

Lodge: Newport, OR #2105

Carl Sherman

Lodge: Danielson, CT #1706
Comments: Looking forward to my first conversation, I’ve Been a member for 14yrs & the hoop & soccer shoot chairman for 6yrs,, last year I became an officer being inner guard & this year moved up too Lecturing Knight ...

Patrick Shipley

Lodge: St. Augustine, FL #0829
Comments: Need tickets for opening day

Frances Shockley

Lodge: #1994
Interests: Travel, Genealogy, Music
Comments: Can't wait to see everyone after the long absence! Stay safe, everyone!

John Shoemaker

Lodge: Washington-Rockville, MD #0015

Clifton Shove

Lodge: Coeur D Alene, ID #1254
Interests: Gun club president House committee Run karaoke show at the lodge My interests include traveling, foreign and domestic, anything outdoors, trap shooting.

Richard Shull

Lodge: Colville, WA #1753

Leonard Shustack

Lodge: Newburgh, NY #0247
Interests: Golf

Tracy Sichling

Lodge: Bellows Falls, VT #1619

Jocelyn Sievers-Bailey

Lodge: Everett, WA #0479
Comments: Justin and Jocelyn Bailey from Everett 479 will be there!


Lodge: Gila Bend, AZ #2089


Lodge: Middlesboro, KY #0119
Comments: cant wait to meet everyone

William Simonds

Lodge: Kent Island, MD #2576

Charles Sims

Lodge: Roxboro, NC #2005
Interests: Golfing, Hunting, Fishing, volunteering to help those who are less fortunate
Comments: Looking forward to visiting Tampa for the first time!

Jay Singer

Lodge: Mid Westchester, NY #0535

Susan Singler

Lodge: Weymouth-Braintree, MA #2232
Comments: I am a District Deputy designate and very much looking forward to going to Tampa.

Rebecca Sites-Suter

Lodge: Charleston, SC #0242

Joel Sizemore

Lodge: Dothan, AL #1887

Claudia Skandera

Lodge: Herkimer, NY #1439

Lloy Skillicorn

Lodge: Galion, OH #1191

Debra Skrzypkowiak

Lodge: Toccoa, GA #1820

Michael Skrzypkowiak

Lodge: Toccoa, GA #1820

david sladek

Lodge: Copper Country, MI #0404
Comments: welcome all, to the michigan elks hospitality room at the WestShore Grand Hotel My Wife Pam and I will be hosting .

Keith Slep

Lodge: Wellsville, NY #1495

Larry Smith

Lodge: Springfield, MO #0409

Carl Smith

Lodge: Beaver Falls, PA #0348

mark smith

Lodge: Michigan City, IN #0432
Interests: I enjoy repairing and restoring antique radios televisions and phonographs. I enjoy visiting neighboring lodges in surrounding states and spending time with my wife and puppies.
Comments: Let's do this

John Smith

Lodge: Kona, HI #2616

Arnold Smith

Lodge: Lynnwood, WA #2171
Interests: Woodworking, gardening, baking and most of all spending time with my wife, Helen.


Lodge: Holiday Isles, FL #1912
Comments: See you there!

Thomas Smith

Lodge: Vista, CA #1968
Interests: Membership, How to increase membership in the Elks! Riding my Harley,
Comments: Tampa here I come! Can't wait to see old friends once again in the Florida sunshine!

Dine Smith

Lodge: Blackfoot, ID #1416
Interests: Food & Cooking, Beer Brewing, White Water Rafting, Single Malt Scotch, Cigars
Comments: So looking forward to seeing Idaho's Keith Mills installed as the GER!

Brad Smith

Lodge: Modesto, CA #1282
Comments: Both Agnes and I are really counting on this Tampa convention to help all of us get updated and celebrate being a part of Elkdom again. Sooo looking forward to this.

Dennis Smith

Lodge: Woburn-Stoneham, MA #0908
Comments: Looking forward to the convention and some semblance of normalcy.

Todd Smith

Lodge: Brighton, MA #2199
Comments: DD designate

Ellen Snyder

Lodge: Winter Garden, FL #2165
Interests: Rides Motorcycle

Michelle Solvin

Lodge: Indio, CA #1643
Interests: Convention planning.

Carol Lee Spages

Lodge: Hackettstown, NJ #2331
Interests: School nurse Red Cross volunteer Cancer Hope Network volunteer Medical Reserve Corps volunteer Operation Quiet Comfort volunteer Girl Scout volunteer

Betsy Spain

Lodge: Marysville, OH #1130

mitzi spalding

Lodge: Mountain Home, ID #2276
Comments: Yes i plan on coming and there will be two of us

Andrew Spalla

Lodge: Petaluma, CA #0901

Sheila Spangler

Lodge: Fremont, CA #2121
Comments: Yes, I will be there in Tampa, FL if it is still on.

Roye Speaks

Lodge: Broken Arrow, OK #2673

stephen Spencer

Lodge: Port Townsend, WA #0317

Diane Spicer

Lodge: Aspen, CO #0224

Tamara Stadem

Lodge: Palmer, AK #1842
Interests: I enjoy traveling, camping, cooking, playing darts, spending time with family and friends and volunteering with the Elks.

Larry Stadler

Lodge: Maumee-BG, OH #1850
Comments: Larry Stadler

John Stammreich

Lodge: Denton, TX #2446
Interests: Membership, Veterans, Scholarship
Comments: Proud Exalter Ruler- Looking forward to seeing both my fellow Texas Elks and my old friends from CHEA! Bringing plenty of ER pins for trading!

lea stanfield

Lodge: Shreveport, LA #0122

Dora Lee Stanley

Lodge: Saratoga-Wilton, NY #0161
Interests: Flag day parade, food pantry & scholarship committees.
Comments: Yes, I'll see you in Tampa

Brian Steckler

Lodge: New York, NY #0001
Comments: looking forward to the covention

Lila Steele

Lodge: Brenham, TX #0979

Dale Steinke

Lodge: Manasota, FL #2734

jerry stephens

Lodge: Corinth, MS #2573

David Stepp

Lodge: Newport News, VA #0315
Interests: Golf, bowling

Susan Stertz

Lodge: Boise, ID #0310
Interests: Drug Awareness is my passion. I love educating and learning about this subject and am hoping to move up in my State.
Comments: Yes, I'll see you in Tampa! We, IDAHO ELKS are proud to say GER Elect; Keith Mills is from IDAHO!! We will be celebrating this wonderful ELK! You will love him and his wife, Amy!

Eva Stockstill

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606
Interests: Charity Youth Activities Special Needs Christmas Party Veterans
Comments: Yes I will be there.

Randy Stone

Lodge: Pratt, KS #1451
Interests: Veterans, KETCH, Hoop Shoot.

Phyllis Strawbridge

Lodge: Albany, GA #0713
Interests: reading and writing

Charles Stroup

Lodge: St. Petersburg, FL #1224
Interests: Military, VA
Comments: See Y'all in Tampa. This will be my 1st and it's in my backyard.

James Stubenbordt

Lodge: Canonsburg, PA #0846
Comments: If the Elks are having Convention im there...

Judy Stump

Lodge: Dallas, TX #0071
Interests: Dallas 71 Animals Bowling Thrift Shopping Games
Comments: Can't wait!! I always enjoy being with three best people on Earth.

Mark Stuparich

Lodge: New York, NY #0001
Interests: Music, Computers

Kara Suddards

Lodge: Seminole, FL #2519

Jeff Sukut

Lodge: Greybull, WY #1431
Comments: My wife and I will attend from the great state of Wyoming, representing Greybull BPOE Elks Lodge 1431. Go Pokes!!

Janita Sullivan

Lodge: Arlington-Fairfax, VA #2188

Kim Sullivan

Lodge: Oakland Park, FL #2407
Interests: My interests are: helping the veterans, people with disabilities, Alzheimer's Association, golfing, music, traveling, cooking, meeting new people and mostly family.
Comments: I'm looking forward to the convention, from volunteering, catching up with my Elks friends from Washington State, North Carolina and Connecticut. Looking forward to learning new ideas and meeting new people.

William Suter

Lodge: Charleston, SC #0242

Joshua Sutherland

Lodge: Johnson City, TN #0825

Robert Sutlovich

Lodge: Aberdeen, WA #0593
Interests: ENF, Most Valuable Student, Youth Activities, Veterans, State Association

Sherry Suttles

Lodge: Ashland, KY #0350

Catherine Swanson

Lodge: Hillsboro, OR #1862
Comments: Tampa, Fla Planning on attending. Cathy Swanson Hillsboro, OR Elks


Lodge: Fort Pierce, FL #1520
Comments: We will be there

Patricia Swayngim

Lodge: Fort Pierce, FL #1520

Karyn Swenor

Lodge: Virginia Beach, VA #2268
Comments: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Eeic Swenor

Lodge: Virginia Beach, VA #2268

Melanie Swinford

Lodge: Lebanon, OH #0422

Michele Szabo

Lodge: New Philadelphia, OH #0510

Aaron Taggert

Lodge: Anacortes, WA #1204
Comments: I See you there!

Natasha Tallman

Lodge: Little Falls, NY #0042

Nestor Tamayao

Lodge: Ballard(Seattle), WA #0827

Elizabeth Tarrant

Lodge: Dover, DE #1903

Jill Tarro

Lodge: Watseka, IL #1791

Ronald Tate

Lodge: Florence, OR #1858
Interests: Vilunteering

Ronald Taylor

Lodge: Vancouver, WA #0823

Harry Taylor

Lodge: Morgantown, WV #0411

Pamela Taylor

Lodge: Springfield, OR #2145
Interests: Scholarship Lodge Chair & District Chair Student of the Month Youth Activities Honor Flight
Comments: Looking forward to supporting Keith Mills as he becomes the Grand Exalted Ruler for 2021/2022.

George Taylor JR

Lodge: Esperance, NY #2507

Richard Techau

Lodge: Brookfield, MO #0874
Comments: This will be my 33rd Grand Lodge Convention - of course it should have been my 34th but we all know how that went. REALLY looking forward to this one.

Bradley Teets

Lodge: Punta Gorda, FL #2606
Interests: Investing, classic cars, walking, NASCAR, patriot activities
Comments: Looking forward to attending at least part of a National Convention that is so close to home. This would be my first such event. I am not highly active in lodge activities but hope to do so someday. Just being able to attend a patriotic national event is bound to be a moving experience Safe travels to all of you who come many miles to attend the upcoming convention

Ryan Tehan

Lodge: Norwood, MA #1124

Glenn Tekerman

Lodge: Miami, FL #0948


Lodge: Liberty, TX #2019
Interests: Learning all I can to support Elks Lodge #2019 as well as all Elks

anthony thanopoulos

Lodge: Watervliet-Colonie, NY #1500

Larry Tharrington

Lodge: Plant City, FL #1727

Steven Thiebaut

Lodge: Arlington-Fairfax, VA #2188
Comments: I will be attending the GL convention. Can I register when I arrive on 4 July? Thanks, Steven Thiebaut, PER

Jeffrey Thomas

Lodge: Colorado Springs, CO #0309

Maria Thomas

Lodge: Naples, FL #2010

Arthur Thomaselli

Lodge: Wellsburg, WV #1553

Barbara Thomason

Lodge: Essex, MD #1866

Diane Thompson

Lodge: Mandarin/St. Johns, FL #2866
Interests: Elkdom - improving the lives of children, veterans and disabled citizens.
Comments: Elks - camaraderie, accomplishing charitable works as a team, giving back to veterans, assisting disabled, helping kids to grow confident, building a better mousetrap (improving the lodge), meeting new people, playing games

Lisa Thompson

Lodge: Gardner, MA #1426
Comments: Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Bill Thrasher

Lodge: Roebuck, AL #0079

Billy Thrasher

Lodge: Bessemer, AL #0721

Robert Tiffany

Lodge: Borger, TX #1581

Korisa Timcke

Lodge: Santee-Lakeside, CA #2698

Marcie Tingler

Lodge: Fort Walton, FL #1795

Tom Tinnel

Lodge: Susanville, CA #1487

Bud Tipton

Lodge: Crestview, FL #2624
Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Volunteering, Family, Kids, Farming, Sports


Lodge: Kissimmee, FL #1873
Interests: I am the contact for our lodge building rentals. I am a past member of the house committee for 6 years and still actively work with the present HC committee in all phases.


Lodge: Kissimmee, FL #1873

Beth Toole

Lodge: Rutherford, NJ #0547

Stuart Topliff

Lodge: New Britain, CT #0957

Larry Torres

Lodge: Coalinga, CA #1613

Carmen Torres

Lodge: Mandarin/St. Johns, FL #2866

Edward Toth

Lodge: Rotonda, FL #2710


Lodge: Palmer, AK #1842
Interests: Cooking, volunteering, gaming
Comments: the button below says "I'll see you in Baltimore". But I will be going to TAMPA!

Pat Trask

Lodge: Greater Pine Isl, FL #2781
Comments: Every Elk should attend the National Convention at least once.

Pat Trefethen

Lodge: Portsmouth, NH #0097

Charles Tucker

Lodge: North Little Rock, AR #1004
Comments: I'm planning to attend my first National Convention this year. Looking forward to learning new information and making lifetime friends. I thought I had already pre-registered but have determined that I did not. I plan to attend, can I register after arriving or is there a way to register beforehand given that pre-registration is closed. I do not see any way to register on the website at this point. Any direction appreciated.

Scott Turner

Lodge: Columbia City, IN #1417
Comments: From Florida, love Tampa and Ebor City...let's have fun

Tracy Turner

Lodge: Lawrence, MA #0065

Lori Turping

Lodge: Pearl City, HI #2669

James Tyler

Lodge: Saranac Lake, NY #1508

Thomas Tyra

Lodge: San Benito, TX #1661

Cecelia Uber

Lodge: Price, UT #1550
Interests: I wish to learn all I can, to better myself, and better my lodge.

Elisa Ungerman

Lodge: Roseville, CA #2248
Interests: Airstreaming Gardening Public Relations

Steve Urquhart

Lodge: Hampton, VA #0366
Comments: Yes Tampa


Lodge: Ridgecrest, CA #1913
Comments: My husband (Chaplin)and I will attend 2021-2022 ER,

Ginny Van Loo

Lodge: Oregon City, OR #1189
Interests: Elks, politics, government relations fishing, hunting, traveling, photography, grandchildren

Patricia Vanadia

Lodge: Florence, SC #1020

William Vance

Lodge: Encinitas, CA #2243
Interests: VA vists
Comments: I’ll be there! Looking forward to see all Elk friends.

Lynn Vanek

Lodge: Biloxi, MS #0606
Interests: Member of Activites Committee. Lodge ENF Chairman State Chaplain 2018-2019
Comments: We are so excited about attending to Nationals again this year. We have missed so many Friends. This year my Husband has the honor of being State President of MS. and presenting our new State Flag. Please come visit us in our MS Hospitality Room. Stay safe all!!! We'll see you in Tampa, FL 2021

Jesse Vargas

Lodge: Corona, CA #2045

Charlotte Vaughan

Lodge: Springfield, MO #0409
Interests: I take care of volunteer hours and I need a copy of the charity workbook

William Vogel

Lodge: Lambertville, NJ #1070
Interests: Culinary conundrums , Gardening ,Reading ; History ,High Fantasy ,Post apocalyptic and various other reads too . Also enjoy good beer,good food and great friends !
Comments: See you in Tampa !

Patricia Volpe

Lodge: Tampa, FL #0708

Lisa Wadlow

Lodge: Kent, OH #1377

Kira Wagner

Lodge: Mojave, CA #2059
Interests: Veteran's, Youth, ENF and Major Projects, DAP, social media, music, marketing, and websites
Comments: Looking forward to getting together in ANY capacity! :)


Lodge: Victorville, CA #1877

Danny Wallace

Lodge: Greencastle, IN #1077

Keith Walters

Lodge: Wabash, IN #0471

Jeffrey Warner

Lodge: New Philadelphia, OH #0510
Comments: Looking forward to this convention in Tampa!

James Warner

Lodge: Albany, GA #0713

Becky Washington

Lodge: Gateway-Gresham, OR #1805

Adrianna Watkins

Lodge: Marietta, GA #1657
Comments: I will be there! Looking forward to my first convention (missed last year due to the pandemic)!

James Watkins

Lodge: Apache Junction, AZ #2349
Interests: I love the outdoors and teaching kids about the great outdoors

Randy Watts

Lodge: Ontario, OR #1690

Lisa Wayman

Lodge: Cobleskill, NY #2040
Interests: Reading, Bowling, Watching Movies

Kerri Weatherly

Lodge: Fort Worth, TX #0124
Interests: Children's Charities, ENF

Connie Weber

Lodge: Reno, NV #0597
Interests: I like to travel, cook, ride my bike, & do all kinds of puzzles. I love jigsaw, crosswords, Sudoku, & 3-d puzzles. I'm married to Ron Weber & have 2 grown children, 2 dogs & a bird


Lodge: Oakmont, PA #1668
Comments: Planning to attend convention

James Weed

Lodge: Arlington-Fairfax, VA #2188

Gregory Weeks

Lodge: Las Vegas, NV #1468

Patrick Weigel

Lodge: Ames, IA #1626

Kris Weiland

Lodge: Mesquite, NV #2811
Interests: Maintaining the organization. Community programs
Comments: Looking forward to attending and meeting our members.

Dave Wells

Lodge: Merced, CA #1240

Danny Wells

Lodge: Tahoe/Douglas, NV #2670

Mike West

Lodge: Huntsville, AL #1648

Timothy Whalen

Lodge: Griffin, GA #1207
Interests: Elks history, UGa football, baseball

Robert Jr. Whitaker

Lodge: Linton, IN #0866
Interests: Elks, Pin Trading, Fishing,bowling,beer

Virginia White

Lodge: Duarte, CA #1427
Comments: I sure hope to be going!!

grace white

Lodge: Perry, FL #1851
Comments: Awesome

íSarah Whitford

Lodge: Cuyahoga Falls-Akron-Barberton, OH #1923
Comments: Happy to network and learn lots from our fellow Elks while sharing a few laughs. Cheers to a happy and fruitful convention.

Jennifer Whitney

Lodge: Clawson-Troy, MI #2169

Jerry Wides

Lodge: Noblesville, IN #0576

Rex Wikel

Lodge: Pawhuska, OK #2542

Bert Wilkerson

Lodge: Columbia City, IN #1417

Raymond Wilkinson

Lodge: Lancaster, PA #0134

Cindy Willard

Lodge: St. Maries, ID #1418

Randy Willard

Lodge: St. Maries, ID #1418

Marjorie Williams

Lodge: North Las Vegas, NV #2353
Interests: Scholarships, Hospitality, Student Welfare, Charity, Funding

Johnny Williams

Lodge: Coolidge-Florence, AZ #2350
Comments: I will be there

Margaret Williams

Lodge: Coolidge-Florence, AZ #2350

David Williams

Lodge: Milford, CT #1589
Interests: Soccer Shoot Activities Committee Skiing Camping

Christy Williams

Lodge: Moreno Valley, CA #2697
Comments: Hi All, The convention is great, our only problem so far has been finding places to let us in to eat on 4th of July. Congratulations to our Grand Exalted Ruler T. Keith Mills! Have fun all :-)

Craig Williams

Lodge: Victorville, CA #1877
Interests: Veteran's Committee

Jan Williamson

Lodge: Blackfoot, ID #1416
Interests: Music, cooking, travel

Robert Willis

Lodge: Fairhope, AL #1879
Comments: Looking forward to my FIRST ELKS convention and haven't been to my birth place in 47 years! Looking to see the changes !

William Wims

Lodge: Modesto, CA #1282
Comments: Looking forward to attending, My wife Nancy is coming too!

Travis Winrow

Lodge: Newport Harbor, CA #1767

Sandra Wojtoff

Lodge: Superior, WI #0403
Interests: I am a hairdresser/Cosmetologist for 45 years, I love quilting, flower arranging, decorating, paint and upholster and re-purpose small furniture. I help with #403 Banquet Hall.
Comments: Looking forward to some exciting Elks times!

James Wolf

Lodge: Denver, CO #0017

Leslie Wolfe

Lodge: Bloomington, IN #0446

Nancy Wolke

Lodge: Everett, WA #0479

Nathan Wood

Lodge: Windsor, VT #1665

Tony Woodfin

Lodge: Orange Park, FL #2605
Interests: Veterans, Youth, Community Events, Senior Housing & Care, Naval Sea Cadets, Jacksonville Navy League Council, National Association of Veterans & Families.

Steven Woodward

Lodge: Grand Island, NE #0604

James Worthy

Lodge: Liberty, TX #2019

Neal Wozniak

Lodge: Antigo, WI #0662

Sarah Wren

Lodge: Trenton, TN #1279
Interests: Trenton Teapot Festival Committee, Oakland Cemetery Committee;grandchildren, cooking, reading, sewing
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone and to all of the events!

Marjorie Wright

Lodge: Richmond, VA #0045

Marcia WrightReynolds

Lodge: Fort Walton, FL #1795
Comments: This is going to be fun...meeting Elks from all over the country.

Michael WrightReynolds

Lodge: Fort Walton, FL #1795
Comments: So much looking forward to this big event.

Krista Wyatt

Lodge: Lebanon, OH #0422

Linda Wyatt

Lodge: Lebanon, OH #0422

Deborah Wyman

Lodge: Keene, NH #0927
Interests: Veterans events/fundraising, eldercare and programs in the community for them, cooking and baking for lodge events.

Ray Yantch

Lodge: Holley-Navarre, FL #2787
Interests: I am a retired engineer from Siemens and have lived in Navarre Florida since December 2007. I am an active member of the Parrot Heads, Navarre CERT, Navarre Beach Yatch Club.
Comments: Since I can't travel outside the country I will be there.

Kevin Young

Lodge: Modesto, CA #1282

Connie Youngman

Lodge: Sonora, CA #1587

Sharon Zeltzer

Lodge: Beaverton, OR #1989
Interests: Or state projects and Veterans programs

Dawn Zimmerman

Lodge: Chattanooga, TN #0091
Interests: Career Advisor, helping the under served, veterans, homelessness, animals