Send a Hoop Shoot Greeting

We invite you to send congratulations and good luck wishes from across the country to your favorite Hoop Shoot finalists! We'll print your message prior to the contest and present them to the contestants when they arrive in Springfield. Here's a great way to let the finalists know that we're all rooting for them to succeed!

The deadline to submit your greeting is 11:59 pm Central Time, Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Northwest Region 1

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Quinn Swanson 8-9 boys Mount Vernon, Wash., Lodge No. 1604 Send Greeting
Haley Hargis 8-9 girls Lebanon, Ore., Lodge No. 1663 Send Greeting
Jacob Axmaker 10-11 boys Silverton, Ore., Lodge No. 2210 Send Greeting
Tawny Smith 10-11 girls Sitka, Alaska, Lodge No. 1662 Send Greeting
Graham Oelke 12-13 boys Sherwood Robin Hood, Ore., Lodge No. 2342 Send Greeting
Emma McKenney 12-13 girls Eugene, Ore., Lodge No. 357 Send Greeting

Northwest Central Region 2

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Fischer Brown 8-9 boys Great Falls, Mont., Lodge No. 214 Send Greeting
Bryn Kolberg 8-9 girls Yankton, S.D., Lodge No. 994 Send Greeting
Lincoln Kienholz 10-11 boys Pierre, S.D., Lodge No. 1953 Send Greeting
JayCee Richter 10-11 girls Bismark-Mandan, N.D., Lodge No. 1199 Send Greeting
Jake Wendorff 12-13 boys Wahpeton, N.D., Lodge No. 2147 Send Greeting
Madison Eckelberg 12-13 girls Dickinson, N.D., Lodge No. 1137 Send Greeting

North Central Region 3

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Bryce Bolio 8-9 boys Des Moines, Iowa, Lodge No. 98 Send Greeting
Kelsi Martini 8-9 girls Brainerd, Minn., Lodge No. 615 Send Greeting
Isaac Maddock 10-11 boys Alexandria, Minn., Lodge No. 1685 Send Greeting
Brylee Lingen 10-11 girls Thief River Falls, Minn., Lodge No. 1308 Send Greeting
Sam Hinson 12-13 boys Marshfied, Wis., Lodge No. 665 Send Greeting
Rachel Kent 12-13 girls Des Plaines, Ill., Lodge No. 1526 Send Greeting

Great Lakes Region 4

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Quentin Hesse 8-9 boys New Albany, Ind., Lodge No. 270 Send Greeting
Lexis Drake 8-9 girls Sullivan, Ind., Lodge No. 911 Send Greeting
Drew Cook 10-11 boys Brazil, Ind., Lodge No. 762 Send Greeting
Elise Besonen 10-11 girls Copper Country, Mich., Lodge No. 404 Send Greeting
Drew Hess 12-13 boys Tawas Area, Mich., Lodge No. 2525 Send Greeting
Casey Johnson 12-13 girls Salem, Ohio, Lodge No. 305 Send Greeting

West Region 7

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Jayden Perry 8-9 boys Golden Spike, Utah, Lodge No. 719 Send Greeting
Madison Bichel 8-9 girls Placerville, Calif., Lodge No.1712 Send Greeting
Luke Mathis 10-11 boys Redlands, Calif., Lodge No. 583 Send Greeting
Riley Mello 10-11 girls Tahoe/Douglas, Nev., Lodge No. 2670 Send Greeting
Dougie Hostler 12-13 boys Carson City, Nev., Lodge No. 2177 Send Greeting
Meghna Nair 12-13 girls Fremont, Calif., Lodge No. 2121 Send Greeting

West Central Region 8

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Alex Robertson 8-9 boys McPherson, Kans., Lodge No. 502 Send Greeting
Zoe Canfield 8-9 girls Atchison, Kans., Lodge 647 Send Greeting
Carter Mann 10-11 boys Broken Bow, Nebr., Lodge No. 1688 Send Greeting
Reagan Ponzer 10-11 girls Atchinson, Kans., Lodge No. 647 Send Greeting
Mitchell Allard 12-13 boys Rawlins, Wyo., Lodge No. 609 Send Greeting
Jerika Moore 12-13 girls Canon City, Colo., Lodge No. 610 Send Greeting

Central Region 9

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Heath Wattenbarger 8-9 boys Cumberland County, Tenn., Lodge No. 2751 Send Greeting
Korrie Holcer 8-9 girls Brookfield, Mo., Lodge No. 874 Send Greeting
Micah Hill 10-11 boys Rogers-Bentonville, Ark., Lodge No. 2144 Send Greeting
Konstantina Papaioannou 10-11 girls Athens, Tenn., Lodge No. 1927 Send Greeting
William McDonald 12-13 boys Springfield, Mo., Lodge No. 409 Send Greeting
Abigail Gardner 12-13 girls Henderson, Ky., Lodge No. 206 Send Greeting

Southeast Central Region 10

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Christopher Abrams 8-9 boys Wilson, N.C., Lodge No. 840 Send Greeting
Brooklyn Gammons 8-9 girls Mount Airy, N.C., Lodge No. 2061 Send Greeting
Hayden Cook 10-11 boys Charlottesville, Va., Lodge No. 389 Send Greeting
McKinley Fitzgerald 10-11 girls Staunton, Va., Lodge No. 351 Send Greeting
Chance Carter 12-13 boys Winston-Salem, N.C., Lodge No. 449 Send Greeting
Brianna Lewis 12-13 girls No. Wilkesboro, N.C., Lodge No. 1846 Send Greeting

Southwest Region 11

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Oliver Miles 8-9 boys El Campo, Texas, Lodge No. 1749 Send Greeting
Madisyn Ortega 8-9 girls New Braunfels, Texas, Lodge No. 2279 Send Greeting
Jackson Gilbert 10-11 boys Mangum, Okla., Lodge No. 1169 Send Greeting
Bree Berge 10-11 girls Sand Springs, Okla., Lodge No. 2553 Send Greeting
Cooper Sisco 12-13 boys Plano-Richardson, Texas, Lodge No. 2485 Send Greeting
Faith Burleson 12-13 girls Broken Arrow, Okla., Lodge No. 2673 Send Greeting

Southeast Region 12

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Kollin Brown 8-9 boys Cullman, Ala., Lodge No. 1609 Send Greeting
NiNi Davenport 8-9 girls Brandon, Fla., Lodge No. 2383 Send Greeting
Zocko Littleton Jr. 10-11 boys Atlanta-North Lake, Ga., Lodge No. 78 Send Greeting
Lauren Thompson 10-11 girls Dothan, Ala., Lodge No. 1887 Send Greeting
Sebastian Spada 12-13 boys Ormond Beach, Fla., Lodge No. 2193 Send Greeting
Micah Oldacre 12-13 girls Cullman, Ala., Lodge No. 1609 Send Greeting

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