Send a Hoop Shoot Greeting

We invite you to send congratulations and good luck wishes from across the country to your favorite Hoop Shoot finalists! We'll print your message prior to the contest and present them to the contestants when they arrive in Springfield. Here's a great way to let the finalists know that we're all rooting for them to succeed!

The deadline to submit your greeting is 11:59 pm Central Time, Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

West Region 7

Finalists Division Lodge Send Greeting
Jayden Perry 8-9 boys Golden Spike, Utah, Lodge No. 719 Send Greeting
Madison Bichel 8-9 girls Placerville, Calif., Lodge No.1712 Send Greeting
Luke Mathis 10-11 boys Redlands, Calif., Lodge No. 583 Send Greeting
Riley Mello 10-11 girls Tahoe/Douglas, Nev., Lodge No. 2670 Send Greeting
Dougie Hostler 12-13 boys Carson City, Nev., Lodge No. 2177 Send Greeting
Meghna Nair 12-13 girls Fremont, Calif., Lodge No. 2121 Send Greeting

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