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The Elks National Foundation provides more than $3 million in college scholarships each year to graduating high school seniors. The "Most Valuable Student," Eagle Scout, and Girl Scout Gold Award scholarships are open to any graduating high school senior. Legacy Awards and Emergency Educational Fund Grants are available only to children of Elks. The application process and deadlines vary for each of the programs. All applications, except for the scouting scholarships, must go through a local Elks Lodge before reaching the Elks National Foundation office. Contact your high school counselor for more information or your local Elks Lodge.
Elks - Who are we?
If you're looking for more information about the Order, you've come to the right place. The material here is perfect for distributing to prospective members or the media. You may reproduce these articles provided that they are not sold or distributed for compensation of any kind.
National Foundation
What is the Elks National Foundation? Click on Link for more information. The state Summary of Donations report is now online, as is the Lodge per capita report. Be sure to check out our new interactive databases of Permanent Benefactors and Honorary Founders, updated through March 31, 2000