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Lodge News

  • Children's Physical golff tourney July 25th.

    ELK’S CHILDREN’S PHYSICAL THERAPY!!! The Colville Elks are putting on a golf tournament to raise funds for the Elks Children’s Free Therapy Services. When: Saturday the 25th of July. Where: Colville’s Dominion Meadows Golf Course Cost: $70 includes flight awards, fund raising, and food. There are no other additional costs or green fees other than maybe a donation What Can You Do? Three items are needed: 1. We need Players and/or Teams! Sign up as an individual, couple or a team of four. 2. We need sponsors for cash prizes for skill shots: A. Closest to the Pin; B. Long Putt; and C. long drive. 3. Sponsorships will be paid out at 50/50 with half to the prize purse, half to the fundraiser. Hole sponsors: $100 will add your name as a hole sponsor with those sponsorships going to the fund raiser. Sign Up!!! We need you to sign up in the golf course Pro Shop (684-5508) or the Elks Lounge (684-2621) and we need your entry fees, donations and sponsorships by this Sunday, July 19 to see if the event is viable and if we can serve the children via this event. Come Play! We’ll put you on a team; bring your team; come participate in other ways or just help with sponsorships or donations. Thanks!!

  • Golf fund raising

    Hi Everyone, We got the go ahead from TriCounty Health to have the golf tournament on July 25th. We are asking for a little help from the members. We still need 4 person teams, I have attached a copy of the registration form for your convenience, you may distribute copies to your friends that like to golf. We will be serving a Hot dog lunch that is included and will be a no host dinner of hamburgers with all the fixins after the tournament for purchase. Please remember for this to be successful we will need help from our members. This tournament is a fundraiser for the Tall Elk's Childrens Therapy Program. If you are not a golfer you could help out by donating salads, and desserts to go with the Hamburger dinner. We will also need people to help set up and clean up, and to help with the dinner. Please let Michael Cashion @ michaelcashion!@gmail.com or Steve West @ sdwest@outlook.com We look forward to making this a fun and successful annual event, but again we need you, our members to make it a success. Golf Tournament Comittee

  • Tuesday meeting and taco time

    Good Morning Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that we have a meeting tonight at 6:00 pm, we will be installing 2 new members and we are resuming Taco Tuesday after the meeting. So come on up and meet the new members and enjoy a Taco on the deck. Have a great rest of the week Tina Baker Lodge Secretary Colville Elks #1753

  • Meeting 6/23/2020 this week

    Good Sun Shiny Day, Just a reminder we do have a meeting this Tuesday at 6:00 pm . We will be balloting 3 members into our Organization, YAY!!! I hope to see you all there. Just a reminder if you know anyone that is delinquent with their dues, please give them a friendly reminder. Also, I know a lot of you have Volunteer sheets that need filled out and turned in. I will have blank forms at the meeting if you need one. Enjoy the sunshine and have a great weekend😎 Tina Baker

  • RV Park Info June 2020

    RV Update, Needs and Requests: (June 9th, Submitted for your review by Tim Pratt and Michael Cashion) A. We met with the City last week of June 1st and reconciled some issues. Our current bathroom configuration will suffice without a remodel. Our current parking lot will suffice for the 5 required parking spaces. So with a letter or minutes from the Board to the city appointing Tim Pratt as chair and signatory of the project we’re good to go. Awaiting actual permit but forging ahead. B. With that it’s time to have a task force meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to outline steps and timelines, tasks, resource procurers and actual doers on the variety of aspects. C. We propose to have a task force meeting tomorrow, Wednesday June 10th at 4:45 p.m. at the lodge. Anyone is invited if they intend to volunteer for some aspect or just want to hear. Tim Pratt will chair it. D. Here is where we are: We have worked with and attended meetings with the City Counsel, Planning Board, Zoning Board, City Directors of Departments and have cleared all requirements beginning the third week of July 2019 up to last week. We will have a couple more meetings prior to an occupancy permit. Barney, Mike Naff, and Guy Wielep have layed out and cleared the trees that impeded the building. The City has hauled off most all debris from the clearing. The locator has indicated all sub surface challenges. Steve West has secured a D2 Mitsubishi 6 way blade crawler and has started cutting in the Rough. Fred Woods is doing the layout for the through lane and pads. Nick Bradeen will be hauling our fill and gravel topping. Fill will come from Cashion’s farm, gravel from Nicks Pit. Here is what we will be looking for tomorrow, Wednesday June 10th @ 4. Some of these things already have volunteers interested. We’d like to ‘add players to the bench’ to complete the team and have many hands making light work. Our goal is volunteer or donated materials but we understand needing to purchase items and we have a budget. Who knows and will secure a backhoe, trencher or hoester to trench out the PVC water pipe and Electrical wire for pedestals. Who will plan and acquire the PVC and Frost frees, glue etc.? Who will plan and acquire the wire and pedestals, breaker box 400+ amp for ten sites. Who wants to work on signage and solar lighting of lanes and pads? Who is on the construction team for the 10 X 12 foot information booth at the storage shed site pad? Cashion has repurposed 2x6 for studs, rafters etc. Who wants to research out a stainless steel cash drop box for the kiosk booth? Who wants to research what a septic dump consists of and cost? Who wants to be on policy and procedures development crew that complies with city ordinances? Who’s on the management development team? Who wants to build a PR flyer, fb, email, advertisement for release upon opening? Other?

  • June meeting 9th and new operating hours as of

    Colville Elks Jun 3, 2020, 7:57 PM (14 hours a Good news, we will be having our first meeting on June 9th at 6:00 pm. New officers will meet at 5:30 for a run through. It has been a while and we all need the practice. At this time we are unsure of Tuesday Taco Night, we will let you know as we know. The new hours are changed again as of tonight's Trustee meeting. Tuesday thru Saturday 2:30-8:00 pm Sunday 1:00-5:00pm. If we have no customers we will close the bar early. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. As of date we have a few delinquent members, if this happens to be you please remember if you are a delinquent member, it may affect some of your privileges . Can't wait to see all of you Sincerely Tina Baker Secretary Colville Elks Lodge #1753

  • Postpone Opening of the Lodge

    Good afternoon Members, We will be postponing the opening of the Lodge. We have not yet met the State Elks Lodge requirements at this time. As soon as we are notified that we can open the Lodge we will let you all know. Stay safe Tina Baker, Secretary Colville Elk's Lodge #1753

  • May 20th opening

    It’s Time For The Elks Reopening We will reopen starting Wednesday, May 20th, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. “ We are very excited to see everyone and enjoy the new deck with ample fresh air and beautiful views! “ ERG At this point we will have volunteers with TIPS cards behind the bar and we will comply with all Phase II mandates. Mandates and recommendations will be posted and available in the lounge. We will have hand sanitizer available and six foot spacing between tables inside and on the deck. No more than five patrons per table as long as social distancing can be achieved. For our reopening we will Host and furnish Hot Dogs, buns and condiments for your cooking and dining pleasure. We will have weekly hours posted by next Wednesday for the beginning of this season and valid until someone sneezes. The House

  • May Info for the Lodge from our leaders

    EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT COLVILLE ELKS LODGE IS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES April 30th, 2020 By the ER Amazing times by any measure are all around us. Lots of mixed emotions apparent, fear, family, funds and future? Let me take a minute to share with you what our House Committee, Trustee’s and officers have been discussing. 1. The course may very well open May 5th, we’re waiting for an announcement. 2. We, the Elks have been in contact with authorities including the liquor inspector and our hands are tied. We cannot serve “curb side service” as some pubs are doing. We don’t have a public curb, and to serve out the door to the deck is still serving within the adopted bar serving areas, and out parking lot is private. We tried a variety of scenarios but alas, we are subject to the same rules as all restaurants and bars plus the restrictions as being a private service/social club. 3. The RV park, though stalled during construction freeze has gotten a lot done and will gear up here shortly. 4. The Board has worked on some issues in maintenance, AC, serving areas and budget issues. 5. We will open the lodge lounge the second we are able to. Washington State WACs (rules) allow private service clubs, the Elks, to serve participants in golf tournaments as guests within the lounge. Though the club has lost revenue since January we can only hope that lost golf charity tournaments will reschedule and we will benefit from bar revenue during those events. 6. We will have the parking lot cleaned and volunteers will restripe it hopefully this weekend. 7. Dues are due just a warm fyi. 8. When we open we intend to celebrate getting to be with and visit with our fellow members. We will get work out to you as to what date we intend to have a great reopening with beverage specials, sunshine and music on the deck. Stay Tuned!!!

  • May 1st News from the Lodge

    Good afternoon to all members, The house committee had a meeting earlier in the week and would like to share with you everything that is going on and what will be the changes with the news of changes with all this that has been going on. It really does sound promising, that we will all so be able to get together soon and celebrate with each other and show off our beautiful new deck Everyone please take care and we will all each other soon Tina Baker Secretary Elk's Lodge #1753

  • Dues 2020

    Dues Colville Elks Mon, Mar 30, 4:35 PM (2 days ago) to Tina, bcc: me Hi everyone, Just a friendly reminder that if you have not paid your dues for the upcoming year, please don't forget. If you have Thank you so much. Everything has been a little out of the ordinary for everyone. I am the new secretary and I can't wait to get to meet all of you. After all this passes we will be able to reopen the lodge and have a heck of a good time. Stay safe and I can't wait to meet you all Tina Baker Secretary #1753 Colville Lodge

  • Current Lodge closings as of March 19

    As you are aware, things are changing not only daily, but hourly in regards to COVID-19. The current recommendation is social distancing. This is the best thing we can do to lessen the impact of the virus. Therefore, the following Colville Elks Lodge #1753 events have been cancelled: Any events at the Lodge, Lounge, Hall, kitchen, deck or otherwise at the very least until March 31st-cancelled altogether March 24th regular meeting- cancelled altogether April 3rd Easter Egg Stuffing Party- postponed more information to come at a later date April 11th Easter Egg Hunt- will be rescheduled into May, more information to follow We will know more at the end of the month. At that time, you can expect some sort of update on the Lodge status. Please watch your emails, Facebook or the website for updates.

  • Further info on Lodge temporary closin

    As of March 17th ,every Elks Lodge in WA State is closed including Colville Elks Lodge #1753. We believe this is a temporary closure for approximately two weeks. However, depending on the situation it may be extended. We will send out an email to Lodge members when we reopen. Facebook and the state website will be updated at that time also.

  • Temporary March lodge Closure

    Today, Washington State Governor Inslee will issue a statewide emergency proclamation to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreational facilities. We must comply with the proclamation. Therefore, the Colville Elks Lodge #1753 is closed until further notice. We all need to keep in mind that the health of our Members, spouses, friends, volunteers and employees is paramount. Let's be vigilant in our efforts to keep one another healthy! Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753 This email is for the use

  • election correction

    Good afternoon, I have been informed that Mr. Tim Gray is withdrawing his nomination for the Secretary position. He wishes the other nominated Secretary, Tina Baker, all the best. Mr. Gray is interested in one of the Exalted Ruler appointed positions. He plans on becoming more active in the Lodge. On behalf of Colville Elks Lodge members and officers, Thank you Tim! Nominations are now closed. Michele, Secretary #1753

  • elections

    Colville Elks Tue, Feb 25, 6:52 PM (5 days ago) to bcc: me Good evening- At tonight's meeting after discussion of officers for the upcoming year, the nominators are as follows: Exalted Ruler: Genevieve Wilma Esteemed Leading Knight: Bette Shull Esteemed Loyal Knight: John Moser Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Jamie Baskin Secretary: Tim Gray, also nominated: Tina Baker Treasurer: Richard Shull Board of Directors 4 year term Jim Bedard Board of Directors 5 year term Fred Woods Election will be March 10th. Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753 --

  • Membership dues

    From: Colville Elks <1753bulletin@gmail.com> Date: February 13, 2020 at 8:37:38 PM PST To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: please read important: membership dues Good evening, Did you know that Colville Elks Lodge #1753 pays Grand Lodge Assessments on any and all members remaining on the roster after March 31st? This is a requirement of all Lodges. It is an expense to the Lodge. It is important to pay your membership dues promptly. If you are traveling, I will gladly email you the invoice or mail it to an alternate address. This way you can remit payment sooner rather than later. Please notify me now if you have an alternate address or would like your invoice emailed (1753bulletin@gmail.com or call 684-2621). Also, please notify me no later than March 20th if you do not wish to continue your membership. This will save the Lodge from paying your Grand Lodge Assessments. Invoices will be mailed soon. There was a $2.00 increase in membership dues this year due to a Grand Lodge Assessment increase. Thank you in advance, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Treasurer's Report

    Good evening, Tonight at the regular meeting with initiation, the treasurer gave a detailed report. I have attached it. Please read this important message. Also, Tina, a member of the House Committee can post to the Colville Elks Lodge #1753 Facebook page. If you email her, she can post any Lodge related announcements. She requests that you email the information to her at: tooneyj2@gmail.com. Thank you- Michele, Secretary #1753 -- This email is for the use of the intended recipient(s) only. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately and then delete it. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not keep, use, disclose, copy or distribute this email without the author's prior permission. We have taken precautions to minimize the risk of transmitting software viruses, but we advise you to carry out your own virus checks on any attachment to this message. We cannot accept liability for any loss or damage caused by software viruses. The information contained in this communication may be confidential and may be subject to the attorney-client privilege. If you are the intended recipient and you do not wish to receive similar electronic messages from us in future then please respond to the sender to this effect. Attachments area

  • Valentine.s Day

    From: Colville Elks <1753bulletin@gmail.com> Date: February 7, 2020 at 11:18:46 AM PST To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: Valentine's Dinner and Dance The past state president is planning on attending Colville Elks Lodge Valentine's Dinner and Dancing. However, there have been just a few members sign up. In order to continue with this event as planned, we need more people to sign up. The House Committee needs to know immediately if you plan to attend. Contact Bette today text or call at 509-680-0872. If you bring a non member as a guest, $5.00 will be taken off of your dinner. We will be serving: prime rib, baked potato, caesar salad, rolls, vegetable and dessert for $20 per person. Social hour will begin at 5pm followed by dinner being served at 6pm. We can purchase Korbels or Barefoot champagne for anyone wanting a bottle of champagne at their table, if advance notice is given.The attire is somewhere between business casual to semi-formal. We are asking for a few volunteers to help serve dinner as well as a few for clean up. Thank you, House Committee

  • important dates

    Good afternoon Nomination of officers is at the February 25th meeting and election is on March 10th. Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Raffle Tickets

    Washington Elks Therapy Raffle tickets are for sale at this time. The tickets are $5.00 each. The proceeds help fund the Therapy Program. The drawing will be held during the Business Meeting at the Summer Convention June 20th 2020 in Pasco. You do not need to be present to win. 1st place $2000 2nd place $1000 3rd place $500 Call Richard at 509-680-0874 to purchase tickets. Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Meeting Tuesday Feb 11th, 6pm

    The next meeting is Tuesday February 11th at 6pm. We also have two proposed members for orientation and initiation. The membership drawing is up to $250, but you must be present to win so please attend the meeting. $5 all you can eat tacos will be available after the meeting and initiation. Hope to see you Tuesday- Michele, Secretary #1753

  • $5.00 off Valentines Prime Rib dinner

    The Colville Elks will be offering dinner and dancing to members and their guests on Valentine's Day, Friday February 14th. If you bring a non member as a guest, $5.00 will be taken off of your dinner. We will be serving: prime rib, baked potato, caesar salad, rolls, vegetable and dessert for $20 per person. Social hour will begin at 5pm followed by dinner being served at 6pm. We can purchase Korbels or Barefoot champagne for anyone wanting a bottle of champagne at their table, if advance notice is given. The attire is somewhere between business casual to semi-formal. Call the Lounge at 684-2621 to sign up. You can also text or call Bette who is on the House Committee at 509-680-0872. Please be sure to sign up in advance so enough food is purchased. We are asking for a few volunteers to help serve dinner as well as a few for clean up. Thank you, House Committee

  • more valentines information

    From: Colville Elks <1753bulletin@gmail.com> Date: January 29, 2020 at 12:20:08 PM PST To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: Dinner and Dancing The Colville Elks will be offering dinner and dancing to members and their guests on Valentine's Day, Friday February 14th. We will be serving: prime rib, baked potato, caesar salad, rolls, vegetable and dessert for $20 per person. Social hour will begin at 5pm followed by dinner being served at 6pm. We can purchase Korbels or Barefoot champagne for anyone wanting a bottle of champagne at their table, if advance notice is given. The attire is somewhere between business casual to semi-formal. Call the Lounge at 684-2621 to sign up. You can also text or call Bette who is on the House Committee at 509-680-0872. Please be sure to sign up in advance so enough food is purchased. We are asking for a few volunteers to help serve dinner as well as a few for clean up. Thank you, House Committee

  • Valentines Dinner 2020 Feb 14 2020

    Subject: Valentine's Day Dinner and Dancing The Colville Elks will be offering dinner and dancing to members and their guests on February 14th. Prime rib, baked potato, caesar salad, rolls, vegetable and dessert will be served. Social hour will begin at 5pm followed by dinner being served at 6pm. We can purchase Korbels or Barefoot champagne for anyone wanting a bottle of champagne at their table, if advance notice is given. Prices will be announced soon as well as more details including where to purchase tickets! We are asking for a few volunteers to help serve dinner as well as a few for clean up. Thank you, House Committee

  • feb 2nd 2020

    The Lodge will be open for Super Bowl at 1pm! Please bring snacks to share.

  • Jan 28 By-Law vote

    At the next regular meeting, January 28th, we will be voting on a By-Law change to increase Trustees from 5 people to 6. Tacos will be served after the meeting. They are $5 all you can eat. Hope to see you the 28th. Thank you for your membership- Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Taco Tuesday

    : From: Colville Elks <1753bulletin@gmail.com> Date: January 8, 2020 at 8:02:01 PM PST To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: Taco Tuesday January 14th Please join us at the Lodge for a regular meeting with initiation at 6pm on Tuesday January 14th. Then, after the the meeting stay for all you can eat tacos for $5! Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Officers and volunteers needed

    Concerning the future of Colville Elks Lodge- It is once again time for our Lodge to elect new officers. Yearly, we need to fill nine positions, which is critical to the future of our Lodge. We need to hear from members who are willing and interested in participating in our Lodge organization and Elkdom. Currently, we have an open position for Secretary that needs to be filled. The Secretary needs to be detail oriented, able to attend lodge meetings and four out of town meetings per year. It is an extremely important position to the success of the Lodge. Without a full slate of officers, our Lodge will cease to exist. Along with that goes: Dominion Meadows Golf Course as we know it now, Breakfast With Santa, Summer Junior Golf Program, Easter Egg Hunt, all Veteran’s Programs and other community events. If you have any interest in the Secretary position or any officer position please contact: Ryke Dahlen PER Chairperson or Richard Shull PER, Treasurer, by calling the Lodge 684-2621

  • Beach Pong 2020 Feb 1

    • Colville Elks #1753 Annual • Beach Party Beer Pong Tournament • And Membership Drive • Saturday, February 1, 2020 • Check-in 5-5:45 * Starts @ 6:15pm* TEAM NAME ___________________________________$20 entry fee____
 TEAM MEMBER #1 __________________________________Email_________________________ DATE OF BIRTH ________________AGE _______PHONE ___________________________ TEAM MEMBER #2 ___________________________________Email_________________________ DATE OF BIRTH________________ AGE_______PHONE ____________________________ ALL PARTICIPANTS AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING RULES: 1. Participants must be 21 years of age or older.
2. Displays of public misconduct and vulgar language are not permitted and are grounds for disqualification; sportsmanship and appropriate conduct is expected of all participants.
3. Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2020. Registration check-in begins @ 5pm. Tournament begins at approximately 6:15pm. * Teams need to be registered and checked in by 5:45pm. 4. For safety and sanitary reasons, sand is used in the pong glasses; drinking is at your own pace. WAIVER: I, the undersigned participant, acknowledge, agree and understand that: 1. I voluntarily and of my own free will, elect to participate in the Elks Annual Beach Pong Tournament. 2. I understand there are certain risks and hazards involved that may result in injury or death to me, including, but not limited to hazards associated with weather conditions. 3. I release, discharge, hold harmless, and agree not to sue the B.P.O. Elks Lodge #1753, their employees or any of the 2020 Annual Elks Beach Pong Tournament and Membership Drive Committee Members, sponsors, volunteers, for any claim, damages, costs or cause of action which I have or may in the future have as a result of injuries or damages sustained or incurred by me from whatever cause including but not limited to the negligence, breach of contract or wrongful conduct of the parties hereby released. 4. I understand that multimedia recordings (e.g., photographs, video) will be taken and that they may be used in suitable means as advertising or promotion of current and future events, including but not limited to social media sites. 
 Team Member #1 Signature ________________________________________________DATE________________ Team Member #2 Signature_________________________________________________DATE_______________ Return form and payment of $20 per team (make check payable to Colville Elks #1753) Cash prizes awarded to 1st & 2nd place winners. We are awarding prizes for 3rd place, as well. For any questions please, call the lodge at 509-684-2621 or Carrie, the manager, at 509-690-7797.

  • Thank You

    On behalf of Janis, Breakfast With Santa Chairperson: Thank you to all of the volunteers that participated in the Elks Lodge annual Breakfast With Santa. Because of you, it was a successful event yet again. This is a large function to put on. We could not have done it without all of the volunteers! Your efforts are appreciated. Thank you again, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Lodge wish list

    Your Colville Elks Lodge has a Christmas wish list for kitchen items. We would appreciate some good cookie sheets such as Wilton, a food processor, not too large, an electric can opener sufficient for large cans, bar towels, and a good hand mixer. Not a stand mixer, just a good hand mixer. Thanks and Have a great day. Bette-House Committee

  • No Meeting on 4th Tuesday

    There will not be a regular meeting on the 4th Tuesday of this month, December 24th. The next meeting will be January 14th. Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Breakfast with Santa

    Breakfast with Santa is coming up on December 14th. I know there are some that will show up to help without signing up, but it would be helpful if they could let us know. We need a couple more volunteers for the airport shift, 7:30 to 8:30 and maybe a few more for serving and cleanup at 8:30 to ??. A few more to cook pancakes, 7:30 to ?? I ask volunteers to me an email, if they haven't signed up already, at vlskeels@live.com. Thank you, Vicki

  • open for Apple Cup

    The Lounge will be open the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 29th, at 12:30pm for the Apple Cup. Please bring finger foods, an appetizer. If you do not want to watch football, volunteers are still needed to help decorate the hall in preparation for Breakfast With Santa. Tuesday November 26th is a regular meeting night at 6pm. Have a great weekend- Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Friday Night Dinners

    We are kindly requesting volunteers to help during the Friday Night Dinners. If we are going to continue this weekly event, we need people to volunteer.. We need servers at least 2 and 2 more for cleanup. We are also in need of people to sign up to prepare meals. Unfortunately, if we do not have volunteers come forward we will no longer be able to have Friday Night Dinners. . I can't do it on my own and the prep helpers shouldn't have to be there until all hours. I will finish out November because I started it, but not for December. If you can volunteer, please email me back or call the Lounge 684-2621. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide- Bette, House Committee

  • Open day after Thanksgiving

    Good evening, House Committee has decided to open the Lounge the day after Thanksgiving! More information to come. Reminder Prime Rib Dinner Friday November 8th served from 6pm-7pm. You must sign up in advance. You can call ahead 684-2621 or sign up in the Lounge. We do run out of food, be sure to sign up. Regular meeting night Tuesday November 12th 6pm. Thank you, Michele, Secretary

  • Subject: new hours and Friday night dinners

    Good afternoon, On behalf of the House Committee: Tina Baker, Jamie Baskin, Karen Camilli, Tim Pratt, Bette Shull, Fred Woods and Genevieve Wilma Young. Here is the Friday Night Dinner menu and schedule: November 1st- No dinner due to a private party in the lounge. November 8th- Prime Rib, salad, baked potato, Roll and dessert $18.00. November 15th- Beef Stew, salad, roll and dessert $13.00. November 22nd- Baked Ham, Scalloped potatoes, vegetable, roll and dessert $13.00. November 29th- No dinner due to Thanksgiving. Dinner is served from 6pm to 7pm. PLEASE sign up in advance. Food is purchased a couple days beforehand. We do run out of food. If you do not sign up in advance, you may not receive a meal. You can sign up in the lounge or call the lounge 684-2621. NOW OPERATING ON NEW WINTER HOURS: Tuesday meeting nights only (2nd and 4th Tuesday) 4pm-8pm. Wednesdays and Fridays 3pm to 9pm Heads up for December. There will not be a Friday Night Dinner December 13th. We will be preparing for our annual Breakfast With Santa Event. We are asking the Friday evening volunteers to bring a dish, make a suggestion for dinner, maybe finger foods for this. We need volunteers for Breakfast With Santa the night before for food preparation and the day of the event. Sign up sheets will be in the lounge. On behalf of the seven House Committee members, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • The Backwards Fund Raising Tourney

    Weather Looks good for next weekend! We have combined a Golf Course fund raiser with the annual BackWards Golf Event, Read the attached flyer(s). Come out and have some fun, play some golf or cards, Breakfast Beverage at 10 a.m.. hosted food, Some changes have definitely been made or adjusted for a larger, funder field or possibly catch the games on the Telly. Space still available for Hole sponsorships, Any $ donations or goods and services, drawings will be happening, all is good for the course. mc

  • Alert! Oct 22nd meeting

    Subject: regular meeting Good afternoon, There is a regular meeting Tuesday October 22nd at 6pm. At the previous meeting on October 8th: Breakfast with Santa date was announced, December 14th. There was no winner for the membership drawing. A Forestry Committee was formed. There was discussion of the RV Park. There will be a report given by the newly appointed Forestry Committee at the regular meeting Tuesday 10/22/19 at 6pm. Then, there will be a vote regarding tree removal based on the committee's report. Hope to see you Tuesday- Michele, Secretary #1753

  • regular meeting 10/8 with important vote

    October 1 st meeting

  • Regular meeting Sept 10, 6PM

    Subject: regular meeting Good afternoon, There is a regular meeting on Tuesday 9/10 at 6pm. The membership drawing is now over $700, but you must be present at the meeting to win. Also, we still have calendars for sale. They are $10 each. Please contact Richard at 680-0874 if you are interested in purchasing one. Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • August Meeting

    regular meeting Tuesday

  • New Deck news

    Good evening, The deck is coming well. Excavating mostly complete. New post holes dug and old deck being taken off. Now is the time we need a lot of help. If you are able for only a few hours a day please give a hand. This deck is really going to be special but we do need help in getting it done. If you can, come see Steve West or Michael Cashion by showing up Monday morning to volunteer or coordinate when you can help. Thank you, Butch, PER

  • Subject: regular meeting with initiation

    The next regular meeting is July 23rd with initiation of 3 new members: Jerrad Crandall, Rich Lindgren and Eric Weatherman. Please come to the meeting and help welcome our new members. If you plan to stay for steak dinner, please call the Lounge at 684-2621 to sign up. The membership drawing is close to $700 now, but you must be present at the meeting to win. Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • 2020 WA State Elks Association Raffle Calendars availabl

    Subject: raffle calendars/US Flags

  • Tiler Position Open

    Tiler Position Open At this time, the position of Tiler is vacant. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Elks. The option of moving through the chairs is available to the candidate. If you are interested in filling this seat, please email me back: jimbedard@yahoo.com Thank you, Jim Bedard, Exalted R

  • Lodge of Sorrow

    Subject: regular meeting 6/25 At the regular meeting on June 25th, we will have a memorial for John Vern Vaagen. We will also be voting on a By-Laws change. Hope to see you at the meeting. Have a great weekend- Michele, Secretary #1753

  • Prime Rib Night this Friday

  • Initiation

    rom: Colville Elks <1753bulletin@gmail.com> Date: May 16, 2019 at 1:10:26 PM PDT To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: special initiation meeting Good afternoon, We will be holding a special initiation meeting Tuesday June 11th at 6pm. Please mark your calendars as this is not a regular meeting night. Please come meet the new members (2 have confirmed, could be a total of 5) and welcome them to #1753. If you plan on staying for steak dinner after the meeting, please call the Lounge 684-2621 to sign up. The membership drawing at the regular meeting on 5/28/19 is now up to $660.00, but you must be present to win. Paul Garrison could have won $645 as his name was drawn last meeting. Come to a meeting for your chance to win!!! Thank you, Michele, Secretary #1753

  • The Dollars for Scholars Golf fund Raiser

  • Steak night tonight

    Good afternoon, We will be serving steak dinner with baked potato, salad and bread tomorrow night May 3rd. It is $15 per person. It is not too late to sign up so please call the lounge to sign up 684-2621. Thank you, Vicki

  • St. Patrick's day and Officer installation

    Friday Night Dinner Wednesday March 15th. Irish Theme for St. Patrick's Day: bangers and mash (sausage with mashed potatoes and gravy), green beans and carrot cake for dessert. Please be sure to sign up sheet is in the lounge or call 684-2621 no later than Wednesday March 13th to let us know you are coming. Installation of Officers Saturday March 16th 4pm

  • Chicken Fried Steak- Wednesday October 3rd. 6:00PM

    Still time to sign up for Wednesday's Oct. 3 Sherri Dott's dinner, Wednesday 6:PM Cost $15.00 call 509-684-2621 to reserve a spot

  • June 2018 Calendar

  • June 1st Shrimp Boil

    Come and join the Elks on the annual shrimp boil

  • May 2018 revised calendar

  • Donate to Colville Special Olympics

  • Colville elks to support car wash for Colville Special Olympics Soccer Team

  • April calendar 2018

    Check out this months activities


  • It's your Opportunity to Help!

    Fundraiser for Beaumont Texas Elks this Friday Night, September 29th, $15.00 call Lodge for Info:

  • 50th annual Couples tourneyment

  • Colville Elks to help support Texas Elks Lodge with Fund raiser

    Donate and participate to Harvey victims in Texas

  • The State of the Lodge

  • Donation to Veteran's Court

    Veteran's Affairs

  • RV Park

    Hello Members, Please see below for update on the Rv Park Enjoy the sunny days Tina Lodge Secretary Colville Elks #1753 > Dear ER and Board: > > We are progressing on help on the RV park. There are still some things I could use sign ups for. If Tina would send out this email to our members It'd be great. mc > > plan through lane and pad lighting using solar lawn lights according to city regs. > > I think Dean and AJ are doing the info booth building, then we need interior (bulletin board) and painting/staining done. > > laying, glueing PVC and plunging in 6' frost free facets. > > Assist in laying wire in conduit to the RV pedestals. labor needed, I have posts to mount elec hookup boxes. > > Landscaping > > Cam West and Karen Anderson are heading up signage, I have posts, some one will need to plant the post and mount the signs > > other?

  • Colville Lodge to reopen

    Colville Elks Sat, May 16, 5:01 PM (1 day ago) Hi Everyone, Please see attachment above from the House Committee , We will be opening the bar so everyone can enjoy each other again and catch up these last few months and bask in the Sun on the beautiful deck. Please read above can't wait to see you all. Tina Baker Lodge Secretary Colville Elk's #1753

  • Thanks Everybody


  • Youth Activities Donation


  • New Officers for 2020-2021

    Please see officers.

  • March Calendar 2018

    Activities for March 2018

  • February 2018 Elks Calendar

    Check out our sweethearts dance

  • January 2018 Calendar

    January 2018 Colville Elks Calendar

  • This saturday Breakfast with Santa

    See Santa

  • Elks December 2017 Calendar

    Merry Christmas

  • Couples Friday night doubles

    Friday night couples two-ball is alive and well. grab your partner, or call ahead and we may find one for you and come play nine holes. Social, golf and foodster evening. we meet from 4;30 TO 5;30 as a social and organization thing and tee off at 5:30, What rules there are will be explained prior to tee off. 684-5508 Pro shop

  • October Shrimp Boil

    Membership drive

  • $400.00 Donation from 1753 to VFW 6963

    Veteran's Support

  • Veteran's Affairs

    Spokane Community College Veterans program

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