Santa Fe, NM 460

Lodge Facilities



Many may think that the "Lounge" in a Lodge is simply a location in which one can have a drink. Well that's far from the truth here at Lodge 460! Our Lounge, which has begun recent renovation, is a place that you can walk into and feel our Lodge's heritage. We have been chartered in Santa Fe since 1899 and in our Lodge you'll experience our history. First you will have the pleasure of meeting the First Lady of our Lounge, Trudy Padilla! Trudy is truly one of a kind and we are very proud of the fact that Trudy is ours! She'll introduce you to everyone, tell you all about our Lodge, recommend Santa Fe's finest cuisine, get you a tour of our facility and make you feel truly at home. By the time you get ready to leave you'll be "primo", "la familia" and you can't wait to get back! The rest of our staff is also terrific, a welcome from Mark or a smile from JoJo will just make you warm and fuzzy! Stop in and experience our Lounge, we just added draft beer and new coolers. Our new juke box will have you up and boot scootin your booty!


Our Lodge Hall is rich in heritage and history! "If these walls could talk ...!" Since it was built at our current location we have hosted dignitaries of many entities, hosted entertainment of every venue and welcomed members from all over our nation. While our hall is available to rent for an assortment of appropriate engagements, it's main function is to be the stage for many of our sacred Elk ceremonies. Each year it is home for our Memorial Ceremony, PER Nights, Officer Installations, Flag Ceremonies and all of our regular Lodge meetings. If you're in town for one of our meetings please join us! BIENVENIDOS TO LODGE 460! 


"Rack em up!!" Recently remodeled, painted and decorated, the pool room is ready for all of the members who really think their pool sharks! lol

Our "POOL ROOM CREW" hosts a number of tournaments and invites neighboring Lodge's and friends to compete. Stop in and introduce yourself when your visiting! 


Lodge 460 has over 2 acres of property available for your RV or trailer, but unfortunately we do not have electrical or water hookups on the property at this time. In the near future we will be upgrading the facilities for your convenience. In the meantime, you are welcome to park your RV on the property and our fee is really quite affordable. We ask that you just make a donation. Make sure you stop in to say hello and just ask for one of our Lodge pins! Bring us a pin from your Lodge!