Louisville, KY 0008

Lodge Facilities

Louisville Elks Lodge #8 Rental Hall

Louisville Lodge # 8 - RV's Welcome

Our lodge support RV Parking with available electrical hook ups.  We ask for a donation to our charitable fund to cover the cost. You can call for more information at: (502) 491-8335.  We are open daily so please join us.  Not only are we the 5th oldest lodge in the nation, we are also the freindliest group you will meet.

Louisville Lodge # 8 - Pool

Louisville Lodge # 8 sports a soothing and relaxing swimming pool.  We are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Tuesday through Sunday. Please join us and take a dip.  We support RV parking and the friendliest Elks around. If you have questions, please contact the lodge at: (502) 491-8335. 

Louisville Lodge #8 Hobo Camp

Our "Hobo Camp" is a very special place.  On cool summer nights we light a relaxing fire, break out the guitars and banjos and have ourselves a Little Rukus.  Come join us and sing along after a fun filled day at the pool, then retire to the comforts of you own RV parked right here at the lodge.  If you have any questions, please contact the lodge at (502) 491-8335.