District No. 1640

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler

Richard Poole PER (Linda)
Cell: 8603479876
Email: richpoole15@gmail.com

Leading Knight

Christopher Rowe (Shirley)
Cell: 8603475963

Loyal Knight

Seth Miller PER (Spouse (Barbara))
Office: 860-346-9771
Email: shm1955@comcast.net

Lecturing Knight

Laura Scandura


William Currllin ((Spouse) Nancy)
Office: 860-346-9771
Email: wcurrlin@sbcglobal.net


John Collura PER 3 ((Spouse) Anna), PER 3
Office: 860-346-9771


Barbara Miller


Michelle Moroni


Claudia Ciccarello
Cell: 860-670-5665

Inner Guard

Martha Deegan

5 year tustee

Glenn Davis PER
Cell: 203-395-4621
Email: gjdsr4@gmail.com

Four Year Trustee

Daniel Miramant PER ((Spouse) Diane), PER
Office: 860-346-9771
Cell: 860-559-2421
Email: dmiramant@aol.com

Three Year Trustee

Kathleen Ackerman PDDGER ((Spouse) Bill)

Two Year Trustee

Peter Cascini PER, Exalted Ruler 2013-2014
Email: pcascini@comcast.net

One Year Trustee

Robert Chadd PER ((Spouse)Kathy), PER
Office: 860-346-9771
Email: 771Loyal@CTElks.org

State Major Projects

Seth Miller PER

ENF Grants

Al Johanson

Veterans Affairs Chairman

William Currlin

Visiting Committee

Al Johanson

Americanism Chairman

William Currlin

Accident Prevention

Kathi Ackerman PDDGER

Mother's Day Chairman

Claudia Ciccarello

Government Relations

Seth Miller PER

Drug Awareness Chairman

Barbara Miller

Elk's National Foundation Chairman

Al Johansen

Visiting Committee Chairman

John Collura, PER

Investigation Committee Chairman

Ken Maltese, PER (Janet)

Hoop Shoot Chairman

Peter Cascini PER

Soccer Shoot Chairman

Richard Poole, PER

Golf Committee Co-Chairmen

Eugene Reilly, Ray Roberts, PER

Scholarship Committee Chairman

David Peirson

Irish Night Chairman

Martha Deegan Michelle Moroni

Durham Fair Committee Chairmen

Billy O'Connor, Mike Sienna, Jeff Sienna, PER

Bulletin Committee Chairman

Daniel Miramant PER

Audit Committee Chairpersons

Cindy Olson Elizabeth Collura

Breakfast Committee Chairmen

Claudia Ciccarello Glen Davis Sr PER

Portland NIght Co-Chairpersons

Tom and Leslee Gilbert

Patio Committee, Chairman

Daniel Miramant PER

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