District No. 9660

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler

Shane Wagner (Tina)
Cell: 920-390-2502
Email: afrayedknot@gmail.com

Leading Knight

Terri Breese (Gregg)
Cell: 414-507-0976
Email: breesedesign@gmail.com

Loyal Knight

Jeff Redecker (Christine)
Cell: 262-719-8140
Email: jeff@hsrremodeling.com

Lecturing Knight

Wayne Brady (Sue)
Cell: (920) 988-4430
Email: oodie2555@gmail.com


Dennis Daley (Harriet), SDGER, PSP, PER, PDD, Alternate Rep to GL
Cell: 262-490-3968
Email: dhdaley666@gmail.com


Paul Regele (Annette)
Cell: (608) 575-9964
Email: Paul.Regele@elks666.org

Trustee - One Year

Tom Godfroy
Cell: (261) 561-0920

Trustee - Two Year

Jerry Hepp (Linda)
Cell: (920) 285-6739
Email: jheppexc@charter.net

Trustee - Three Year

Michael Meyer, PER
Office: (920) 342-4850
Cell: (920) 342-9439
Email: mfmeyer2010@gmail.com


Ron Maas (Linda), PER
Cell: (920) 988-2314
Email: lindammaas@gmail.com


Ryan Swartz (Joy), WEA Inner Guard, PER, PDD
Cell: (608) 999-0246
Email: ddswantz@gmail.com


Doris Friedl
Cell: (920) 390-0357
Email: dmquin2@yahoo.com

Inner Guard

Linda Pirkel
Cell: (920) 220-3693
Email: gjbdjm@gmail.com

Presiding Justice

Ronald Ziwisky (Pat)
Home: (920) 261-1626
Email: rziwisky@sbcglobal.net

PER President

Patrick McCarthy (Edith)
Cell: (920) 253-5355
Email: Patrick.mccarthy@titanhrc.com

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