District No. 9280

Lodge Directory

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

Jim Henry

Leading Knight

Mike Shosky

Loyal Knight, Activities Chairman, Children's Hospital Chairman

Julie Seeder (Richard)

Esteemed Lecturing Knight

Vacant (See ER if interested)

Secretary, Veterans Chairman

Jerry Cote (Wanda)


Adele Lee

Trustee-One Year, Building Committee Chairman

Arnold Smith (Helen)

Trustee-Two Year, Chairman of the Board

Richard Seeder (Julie)

Trustee-Three Year

Mike Ernst

Chaplain, Bar Manager

Kathy Jimenez, PER, PDDGER

Inner Guard

Vacant (See ER if interested)


Vacant (See ER if interested)


Vacant (See ER if interested)

PER Assn. President

Kay McAndie, Past Treasurer

WSEA Vice President North, Gambling Manager

David Richcreek (Astrid), PER, PER Assn President, WSEA Vice President North

Emblem Club President

Carol Guffey

Washington Elks Children's Therapy Program Chairman for Lynnwood

Wanda Cote (Gerald)

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