District No. 9440

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

2019-2020 Officer Team

Exalted Ruler

Larry Staley (Patricia)
Email: lrstaley@wavecable.com

Leading Knight

Marc King (Maureen)
Email: marckingelk@gmail.com

Loyal Knight - Chairman of the Board

Patricia Staley (Larry)
Email: pjstaley2@gmail.com

Lecturing Knight

Heather Beal (Robert)
Email: hbeal_em@yahoo.com


Sandy Read, PER
Office: (360) 479-1181
Email: slread-45@msn.com


Don Gossard (Joyce), PER, PDDGER
Email: cva34@oz.net


Bill Reher, PER
Email: 64cdr1181@gmail.com


Richard Alarcon
Email: richardalarcon57@gmail.com

Inner Guard

Beau Breakey (Erin)
Email: bebreakey@gmail.com


Leslie Williams
Email: wlondon@sbcglobal.net

1 Year Trustee

Shannon Crane (Mary)
Email: bricor3@comcast.net

2 Year Trustee - Chairman of the House

Jim Fisher
Email: jimfi2815@gmail.com

3 Year Trustee

Len Newsom (Mary)
Email: menmypt2@gmail.com

4 Year Trustee

MaryAnne Miller
Email: miller.e@wavecable.com

5 Year Trustee

Barb Herron (Bob)
Email: barbhallen@comcast.net


Currently Vacant

Elk of the Year - 2018-2019

Glen Bale

Officer of the Year - 2018-2019

Shannon Crane

Citizen of the Year - 2017-2018

Eva McLaughlin

Polly Garland Nominee - 2019

Joyce Fanucci

Elk of the Month - September 2019

Kathy de los Reyes

ENF Chairman

Gus Holstein (Evy), PER
Email: gholstein@comcast.net

Tall Elks Therapy Program Chairman

John Ball (Kay)
Email: johnandkay@q.com

President of the PER Association

Terri Rominger (Mark), PER

Bulletin Co-Editor

Kathy De Los Reyes
Email: editor@bpoe1181.org


Karen Britz
Office: (360) 479-1181
Email: manager@bpoe1181.org

BPOE1181.org Website Editor

Heather Beal (Robert)
Email: hbeal_em@yahoo.com

RV Host

Richard Alarcon

President of the Ladies of Elks

Kristin Yates (Jeff)

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