District No. 3160

Lodge Directory

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

Dave Davis (Patti)
1722 Willis Ave
Perry, IA 50220
Office: 5152786451
Cell: 5152109337
Email: djd093@gmail.com

Leading Knight

Greg Haglund (Tina)
1717 Evelyn
Perry, Ia 50220
Cell: 5158224007
Email: struykslopes@gmail.com

Loyal Knight

Heather Erickson (John)
1913 B Ave
Perry, Ia 50220
Cell: 5153703383
Email: hsnowgren@hotmail.com

Lecturing Knight

Amber Green (Eric Derry)
245 Warford
Perry, Ia 50220
Cell: 515-402-2102
Email: amber.green46@yahoo.com


Patti Davis (Dave)
Perry, Ia 50220
Cell: 515-210-9336
Email: pattijo352@gmail.com

Inner Guard

Delbert Moore (Cheryl), PER
Perry, Ia 50220
Cell: 515-979-4237


Eric Derry (Amber Green)
245 Warford
Perry, Ia 50220


Dwayne Morman (Frances)
Perry, Ia 50220


Jon Jamison (Deb), PER
PO Box 471
Perry, Ia 50220
Cell: 515-229-3635
Email: jamisonstudios@gmail.com

Trustee (Year 3)

John Taylor (Lorna )
1224 Dewey
Perry, Ia 50220
Cell: 515-240-4538
Email: jtaylor58@gmail.com

Trustee (Year 2)

Matt Mickelson, Past Elk of the Year
Minburn, IA
Cell: 515-490-3108
Email: mickelsonm77@gmail.com

Trustee (Year 1)

Chad Morman (Bailey), PER
Perry, Ia
Cell: 515-490-2933
Email: mickelsonm77@gmail.com

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