Forks, WA 2524

Lodge News

  • First Ever for Forks Elks Lodge #2524

    First Time Ever for Forks Elks Lodge 2524

  • Thriving little Lodge in a small town

    Started in 1975, the Forks Elks Lodge has been a cornerstone in our small West End community. Hosting everything from community breakfasts, fundraisers, kids events, veterans dinners, class reunions, wedding receptions, town hall meetings and memorial services, our Elks Lodge is well used in Forks. With a big hall, kitchen and lounge service, we have the services available to bring the town together. With a growing membership, big donations to charities and endless support to our community, we are a great organization that is rewarding to belong to. If you would like to join the Elks, please contact any of the Lodge Officers or the Lodge office directly and we can help bring you in to this rewarding service organization.

  • 4th of July and why I joined the Elks

    by 2524's Leading Knight, Mike Leavitt