Milwaukie-Portland, OR 142

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler
Lynsie Winstead

Leading Knight
Cameron Bodine

Loyal Knight
Jasen Allen

Lecturing Knight
Casey Hirsch

Carly Spidle

John Heaton

Trustee - One Year
Robert H. Stone

Trustee - Two Year
Mary Frances Dietz

Trustee - Three Year
Randy Keller

Trustee - Four Year
Cory Kalteich

Trustee - Five Year
David Hollingsworth

Thomas L. Selliken, Jr.

Christopher Haus

Victoria Bodine

Inner Guard
John E. deWaalMiller

Roy A. Payne

Danielle Leckband

Alternate Rep to GL
Michael Cronk

Chairperson - Activities Committee
Mary Frances Dietz

Chairperson - Community Project & Activities Subcommittee
Thelma D. Haggenmiller

Chairperson - Youth Activities Subcommittee
Amanda Lynn Allen

Chairperson - Hoop Shoot® Subcommittee
Michael Cronk

Chairperson - Drug Awareness Subcommittee
Michael Cronk

Chairperson - Fraternal Committee
Lynsie Winstead

Chairperson - Americanism Subcommittee
Cameron Bodine

Chairperson - Elks National Foundation Subcommittee
Cameron Bodine

Chairperson - Membership Subcommittee
William J. Powers

Chairperson - Lodge Activities Subcommittee
Lynsie Winstead

Chairperson - Veterans Services Subcommittee
John Heaton

Chairperson - PER Association
Jennifer Helsing

Secretary - PER Association
Michael Cronk

Chairperson - Public Relations
Lynsie Winstead

Chairperson - Ritualistic Subcommittee
William J. Powers

Chairperson - State Major Project Subcommittee
Emma Pletz

Chairperson - Lodge Bulletin
Holly Haus

Chairperson - Volunteer
Carla J. Milas

Chairperson - Athletic Areas
Randy Keller

Chairperson - Bowling
Richard John Milas

Chairperson - Pool Committee
Robert H. Stone

Chairperson - Back Pack Buddies
Amy Forma Marvin

Chairperson - Care and Share
Nancy M. Luster

Chairperson - Eerst
Victoria Bodine