Flat Rock, MI 1731

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ARC/ Woodhaven Baseball Game
Last Saturday May28, 2016 we the Flat Rock Elks completed our 5th annual Arc/ Warriors softball games. I find it hard to believe this has gone on for 5 years. This event is looked forward to, as one of the best yearly events by all. The day could have only gone better if the last 5 minutes of the last game didn’t get a brief down pour. The rain still didn’t stop the athletes from dancing on the field while the DJ played a few dance tunes. As always, one great day had by everyone. We had a great Elks turnout again. My only wish would be to see others join us at the game to see what ENF, the Flat Rock Elks, Arc, and the Woodhaven Softball teams and Booster club do, to put this day of smiles together. These events are what is getting Flat Rock noticed at the State and National level. I can only hope we get enough participation in the future to keep these programs going. These events show that as Elks, we do believe in helping others, and that we participate in improving our community. Thanks to everyone that helped make this day a “Day of Smiles”. This is our 5th year that we have supported this event.  Jeff Recker - ENF Chairperson