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GER Kieth Mills, First Lady Amy, Elizabeth Wood, Janeen Lembke, and Carole Boudine at State Convention in Billings Montana 2021.

Robyn, Jamie and Elizabeth in Tampa for Grand Lodge Convention. 2021

State Convention in Cut Bank 2013 Larry Saksa, Elizabeth Wood and Gary Bartchser

2019 Montana State District Deputies Jullie Hilliard, John Morford, Elizabeth Wood, and Marcus Burnham.

Lodge Jammers

Past Grand Exalted Ruler Roger True installing Mitch Kienas as our New Exalted Ruler 2019

2019 Lodge Officers

Our Exalted Ruler on his last night giving flowers to his sweetheart Caroline and thanking her for always being there!

Grant money presentation to the local FFA. $2500

We LOVE this group! 2018-2019 House Committee and volunteers.

St Patrick's 2019

St Patrick's Dinner 2019


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