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Springfield Photo Gallery

Springfield Photo Gallery: 2016 K-9 Trials

$500 donation to Springfield K-9 unit

A stormy morning

But sunshine came and dried things out

Springfield Elks and Emblem Club were mentioned.

One of the many examples of the hard working and dedicated K-9s here.

You can't get away

The bad guys don't get away once we have them in our jaws~!

There is no quit in these K-9s.

Awards were presented for 5 different areas of expertise.

They were all "winners" in our minds, but some truly stood out.

A surprise winner in the "FASTEST" dog category was the drug sniffing black lab. You should have seen that dog chase a tennis ball~!

Many thanks to Sergeant Rich Charboneau and his family for years of dedication to the K-9s and their officers.

There were 14 teams present, and all were winners with the crowd.

Thanks to the many people involved, the 2016 K-9 Competition in Springfield was a success.

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