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Springfield Photo Gallery

Springfield Photo Gallery: New Members

September 2015 Trigger Ontiveroz and Jeremy Ashley

March 2017 Patricia Stanks and Frank Paiva

July 2015 Paul Wilkins, Mike Sullivan, and Fred Thomas

July 2015 Aimee Hart

December 2016 Kim Adams, Lori Wilder, and

New 11-17-16 were Dianne Williams, Jeanne and Eddie Mosteller, and Michael Neuschwinger

New member 6-23-16 ~ Vickie Wymore

New member 6-23-16 ~ Vickie Wymore

New September 2016 Members: Carol Ann Field, Robert Buck, Tammy Archer, and Jeri Lynn Whitlock, (not shown) Donna Speilberg

James Glaspey 7-28-16

James Glaspey 7-28-16

New Members on 5-26-16, from left to right: Damon Rapozo, Howard Galvin, Danny Stanks, Bill Nelson, and Don Terwilliger.

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