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Walla Walla Photo Gallery

Walla Walla Photo Gallery: Elks National Foundation Grants

2019-2020 ENF Beacon Grant for Autism Awareness. Walla Walla Elks and WWVDN work together to inform the Community about Autism and bring Information and tools to the families of Autistic children and Adults.

Walla Walla Lodge presents Blue Mountain Therapeutic Riders with 2019-2020 ENF Gratitude Grant.

ENF 2019-2020 Gratitude Grant presented to Blue Mountain Therapeutic Riders!

2019 Veterans Stand Down! Backpacks, first aid kits and Socks were given to Veterans thanks to the 2019-2020 ENF Spotlight Grant!

Veterans Distribution BBQ! 2018-2019 Freedom Grant. Veterans Committee handed out hygiene kits and held a BBQ for the Veterans in the VA Hospitals RRU program.

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