Bergenfield, NJ Lodge News

District No. 5640

Bergenfield Elks Donated over $31,000 to Various Organizations This Year

The Bergenfield Elks Handicapped Children's Committee has announced that they have donated over $15,000 between the years 2001-2002 to various organizations. Some of these organizations include: $4,000 for the special children's pilgrimage to Lourdes, $2,100 to Camp Moore, $1,000 scholarship money to a handicapped high school senior who wishes to attend college, and the rest in various other organizations and events.

The Elks' general fundraising account has donated over $16,000 to various organizations (over $3,000), $1,300 to youth activities, $4,000 in scholarships, $5,000 to the World Trade Center Fund, $1,000 to Camp Moore, Drug Awareness, and $1,000 to the Bergenfield High School Class of 2002.

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