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As many of you know, one of my hobbies is wood carving, or "whittling". In the middle of March I got a call from a personal assistant, calling for his boss, with a real unusual request. He had somehow found my name on the internet. His boss wanted someone to carve a heart with an arrow through it with two sets of initals, on a ficus tree in front of his house. Couldn't pass that up. Made the appointment, went to the " above Ventura Blvd.,in the hills, knock down beautiful" house and did the carving. Now the good part for us. He was very pleased with the carving and expected to pay me. This little project was so much fun and unusual that being paid would have ruined it for me, but I did suggest that he make a donation to our Elks Lodge. He made the check out for $200. Nice gift for the Lodge. Turned out he and his partner are well known young actors and that his mom and dad were Elks in Michigan.