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Parking Lot Issues/Concerns 2017/18!

All parking lot users:PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK! Due to recent parking lot issues, we are asking for your cooperation and understanding. Please remember to take special care when parking and be sure that you are not only between the lines but also pulled up far enough to the line so that people can get in or out of the lot. Please do not take a double space. Please remember that there is no parking by the Southeast hall exit door and flag pole area. Violators may be towed at their expense! This applies to members, hall renters and guests. The hall rental customers will be informed when they sign the contract. Always lock your car and do not leave purses, computers and phones in plain view. Have these items with you or lock them up in your trunk! Our lot is under 24 hour video surveillance. Check with the bartender when crowded for other parking options. If you have a fender bender in our lot, come in and report this to our bartender along with the car and license number you hit or backed into so we can find the car owner in the Lodge. It is the right thing to do! Updated 01/12/2017. Our parking lot is new and work has been completed as of October 28, 2016. Be aware of what is going on around you!