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District No. 5640

State Sponor sends message

As the Sponsor of the New Jersey State Elks Association, I am proud to say that the ELKS of New Jersey and their families are more than ready to meet the challenges of the future. I am continually amazed at what is accomplished in our state in the name of Elkdom. I firmly believe that New Jersey Elks are without rival in participation in the programs of the Grand Lodge and our State Association.

As you browse through our Web Site, you will get a good picture of what Elkdom truly means. New Jersey Elks are continually at the forefront in our mission to help those less fortunate and those in dire need. Our major project, “Elks Camp Moore,” a summer camp for handicapped children is our “Miracle On The Mountain,” read and see why it is so special. It’s a place for special children built and operated by special people.

Over the years New Jersey Elks have lead the way in their participation in Elks National Foundation. The Peer Leadership Conference is revered throughout the Order. The Veterans National Service Program is outstanding along with the multi-facetted Youth Activities Programs. They were a major participant in the building of the New Jersey Viet Nam Veterans Memorial and Education Center. They helped lead the way to bring the Battleship New Jersey back home, and now are participating in the New Jersey Korean War Memorial.

New Jersey Elks care deeply about their communities. They have lodges in all 21 counties and in 119 cities and towns throughout the state. Those of you that are reading and learning about ELKS for the first time, I encourage you to visit a local lodge to get a hands on feeling of what being an ELK is all about. To those inactive ELK members, I urge you to get involved in your lodge. Imagine how much more could be accomplished with everyone’s participation. I also suggest that you read your copy of the New Jersey Elk Newspaper to bring you up to date on the great things happening in the Association. Consider attending one of the conventions or conferences. New Jersey Elks are very proud of these activities as are well known for their conventions and 4-5 hour parade of lodge’s in Wildwood each June. These are the result of having outstanding Parade and Convention Committee’s.

To all ELKS in New Jersey, stand tall and be proud of what you accomplish every day of every year because you “Care and Share.”

I again congratulate and thank the Internet Team for providing consistent and quality information about New Jersey Elks to so many.

Cordially and fraternally,

Arthur Mayer, Jr.
Past Grand Exalted Ruler
Sponsor, New Jersey Elks“


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