Bergenfield, NJ Lodge News

District No. 5640

Bergenfield Elks join North & North East District for picnic at Camp Moore

The North and Northeast District of the Elks, together with the Bergenfield Elks, recently held an annual picnic at Camp Moore, an Elk sponsored camp strictly for handicapped children. Every year, the Bergenfield Elks, together with other various lodges, sponsor several disabled children free of charge to attend the camp during the summertime. Recently, a new television and VCR were delivered to Camp Moore by Don and Shirl Cichewicz, active members of the Bergenfield Elks and was placed in the main hall for the children to enjoy. (Pictured with donated television and VCR are Joanne Soloman, Director, and Lucan Graham, Assistant Director, of Elks Camp Moore.)

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