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No Grass Growing Under Our Feet!

April 1st the booth was up and ready greeting many, many children and families attending the Spring Wonderland Event at Mason Park in Chatsworth.

April 15th found the team at the 2nd Annual Chatsworth Blockfest handing out literature and coloring books to children and parents from 10AM to 6PM! The coloring books, crayons, wristbands, bookmarks were a hit with kids and literature was available dangers of fentanyl, heroin and other drugs, vaping, and bullying.

April 22nd members of the DAP team were a part of the Open House held at the Devonshire Police Station as volunteers for Volunteer Surveillance Team. The police held their annual fundraising All You Can Eat Pancake breakfast offering tours of the police station.

May slows down a bit and gives us a chance to re-stock before events in June! Thanks to the committee for making us shine at these events and the members who stepped up to help person the booth and those who stopped by to cheer the team on!! 

Thank You to Our Drug Awareness Committee! 

Randy Michel (Chair), Jim & Donna Swavely (Committee Members), Erick & Jill Lace (Committee Members)