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Veterans Corner article #24

When writing the monthly Veterans Corner articles about our Elk Lodge 343 Veterans, many of us think as a nation, we don’t do enough for our Veterans and we wanted in some way, to show a little local respect for the Veterans in our Elk 343 Family.  By doing so, we asked our Veterans about their Military experience which would be published in our monthly Expositor.  Many were interested in sharing their experiences with our Elks family, and some preferred to keep their experiences to themselves, which we respected and truly understood.  We started reaching out to our Veterans, back in November of 2020 to all of the active Port Huron Elk Lodge 343 Veterans at that time.  Brother Robert “Bob” Hamilton was the first to share his Military experience with us and his story was published back in January 2021 in our very first “Veterans Corner”.  To assist the Veterans with sharing their story we provided a list of questions (shown below) for their review, which also stated “please feel free to answer as many or as few as you’d like, include other information, if so moved”, so they had an idea of we wanted them to include in their experiences while they were supporting our great country.  Moving forward, I will ask again, to the Veterans of Lodge 343, and the many newly initiated Veterans since we began this idea, to consider sending your story to Scott R. Harris, DVC, PER our Public Relations Chairperson to scottharris55@comcast.net or you can catch up with him at our Lodge for a future publication.

 We’re looking for information such as what motivated you to join?

  1. Which branch of service did you enter?
  2. Did you enlist, or were you drafted?
  3. Where was your Boot Camp Location?
  4. Which conflicts (war) did you serve in?
  5. How many additional tours did you sign up for?
  6. Locations and areas in which you were stationed and served while in the Military?  Stateside?  Foreign Country?
  7. How long did you serve?
  8. Where did you serve most of your time while in the service?
  9. What was the highest rank you achieved?
  10. What rank are you most proud to have earned?
  11. What medals were you awarded?
  12. Did they make it a career?
  13. When were you discharged?
  14. Please share a story or two of your time in service, a story which brings back memories of being away from home in bootcamp and/or overseas you’d like to share.
  15. Please provide a picture or two while you served, if possible, if not a recent picture of you will work for the article.
  16. How did you and your spouse meet?
  17. Please share a little bit about your family.
  18. Once home, when did you become an Elk and your years being an Elk? 
  19. Who sponsored you into our Elks Organization?
  20. Finally, what do you miss most of the Military?
  21. I will need your Lodge 343 Membership number for the article.
  22. Please provide your full name for the article as well as you’d like it to appear.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.  We will give you a heads up which upcoming Expositor your article will appear in.