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Veterans Corner #9

Veterans Corner #9 – Recognition of our Veterans within Lodge 343

 Port Huron Elks Lodge 343 has always been a strong supporter of our United States Veterans and our very own Lodge 343 Veterans.  To the Men and Women who served our country with such courage and bravery, while sacrificing your time, energy and lives to protect all of us and our freedom, thank you does not seem sufficient enough. Your dedication was unwavering, sacrifice unending and personal strength is inspiring.  Your service for our nation, which you personally provided does not go unnoticed. Thank you for making many sacrifices in keeping all of us safe, we are grateful for your service.  Thank you for protecting our freedom and country so that we have the opportunity to live the way we want to live.  As of March 31, 2021, Lodge 343 had 159 active Veteran members, sadly in recent months a few have passed, however through our membership drive we have welcomed new Veteran members.  In honor of their service, we’d like to recognize the 159 this month, in our Veterans Corner #9.


 Adams, Kenneth B., Adolph, Jr., Fred P., Allen, David James, Allison, Larry, Anderson, Terry J., Angerbrandt, William, Arduin, M. Arthur, Armstrong, Charles, Ashton, Robert D., Baer, David M., Bailey, Robert J., Barbe, Joseph, Barnes, Lyle L., Beardslee, Scott D., Beindit, Alvin J., Bennett, Richard John, Bennett, Timothy, Biessel, Kenneth A., Bowman, William, Bradt, Gary C., Brenton, Robert F., Brueckman, Richard R., Buchanan, Gary S., Buckingham, Thomas S., Bullis, Linda, Burgess, Raymond W., Bushaw, David, Capps, Rodger D., Carlisle, Chadwick F., Carlson, Roger A., Cartwright, Frederick, Chumbler, Kenny, Ciani, F. Alexander, Coleman, James, Conley, David A., Croteau, Daniel, Cutcher, Alan D., Dorrell, Ed, Dysinger, Rick E., Eagen, Lawrence, Easton, Michael D., Emerick, H. Robert, Falk, Herbert J., Fitzpatrick, Brian, Fletcher, David A., Frizzle, Daniel R., Frizzle, William C., Furman, Wayne O., Galbraith, William J., Gartner, John J., Geelen, Harry J., Germain, David L., Gibbs, Karl, Glines, David P., Goodman, Robert D., Goodrich, David A., Gordon, Charles R., Green, Frederick “Bud” L., Greene, Robert J., Greuber, James W., Groh, Richard, Hagen, Russell J., Hamilton, Robert M., Harder, James A., Harju, Richard D., Harmon, Gary J., Helmbach, Joseph C., Hensen, Michael Allen, Herbert, Marvin L., Hicks, Charles L., Hornby, William A., Howard, David J., Hrigora, Richard, Immel, Brian N., Jackson, Delbert R., Jackson, William M., Jacobson, Mark S., Jawor, Raphael, Johnson, Raymond L., Johnston, Randolph A., Jurzysta, Jack, Kecskes, Harvey G., Kehoe, Thomas Dennis, Kelly, Raymond W., Kempf, Robert C., Kletner, Harold L., Koob, James R., Kott, Charles R., Kreiner, Michael L., Kyllonen, Charles, Lange, G. Robert, Lashbrook, David, LaVere, Richard L., Lilburn, Thomas H., Lusby, Donald W., MacKay, Paul F., Malloy, Terence J., Maxwell, Bruce D., May, Donald C., McLane, Lyle R., McLelland, Robert, Melsmer, Thomas A., Meldrum, William, Middleton, Marcus E., Moss, James, O., Murdick, George K., Mytinger, William L., Oden, Jerry, Ongie, Frederick K., Patterson, Thomas, Peeling, Charles W., Perkins, Scott D., Philip, William S., Posak, Nicholas, Potthoff, William Douglas, Priehs, Brad, Randall, Greg, Redmond, III, Jack H., Reno, Jr., John L., Repp, James C., Robson, John T., Russel, Sr., Richard J., Ruszczynski, Raymond R., Saunders, William P., Sermo, David A., Shoffner, James, Simmons, Richard L., Smith, Barry L., Sparling, W. Charles, Stroebe, Richard M., Sturtz, Mark A., Sullivan, Michael S., Swarts, Francis R., Swoffer, Dennis, Tahaney, Hubert F., Tarsi, Robert J., Taylor, Theodore, Tebay, Stephen John, Teller, Charles, Thiele, David R., Toles, Mike, Torres, Paul, Truscott, Charles W., Vandenbossche, Mark S., Voutsas, James E., Ward, Richard F., Watson, Otis E., Way, Stephen G., Wilhelm, Daniel J., Wilhelm, Kenneth J., Wisson, Ernie, Wittliff, Thomas J., Wyllie, Richard J., Yelser, Michael W., Zaremba, Chester Gary, Zaleb, William M., Zimmer, Charles R., Zimmer, Stephen R., Zmolik, Robert F.

To our Lodge 343 veterans, if interested in sharing your service experiences please contact PER Scott R. Harris, our Public Relations committee chairperson about providing information for an upcoming article. Scott’s email address is scottharris55@comcast.net or you can catch up with him at our Lodge.