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Veterans Corner #5

I graduated from Port Huron High School in Port Huron in June of 1956.  I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on Thursday, January 31, 1957.  I decided on becoming a Marine because the recruiter was a neighbor of mine and another neighbor of mine Joe Anter, was a Marine at that time and he too was very persuasive. “They” made it all sound so wonderful!  When I entered the service, the Korean War was just over and we had not really entered the Vietnam war at that time.  I was sent to Boot Camp in San Diego, CA.  I had advanced Combat Training at Camp Pendleton, FMF (Fleet Marine Force) which is located in North San Diego County, in Southern California.  After boot camp, I originally was sent to the 5th Marine Battalion for 3 months, before the Marine Corps realized I was supposed to be stationed at Division Headquarters at Camp Pendleton.  The funny part of my story was this.  The Corps had actually “misplaced” me and thought I was AWOL, until they figured out who I was and where I was supposed to be assigned.  All this while I spent my first 3 months an unpaid Marine until the correct paperwork was filed.  Everything worked out, and I spent the remainder of my time at Camp Pendleton.  The highest rank I obtained was Corporal.  My stint in the service was supposed to be 3 years, it was less than that.  However, during those times we all had to stay available to serve, if needed for an additional 6 years.  My actual discharge was January 1960.  I did bring home a memento of my time spent in the United States Marine Corps, I came home with a tattoo on my arm, and that was before tattoos became popular.  Had it not been for the early release from the Marine Corps, I would not have met my lovely bride Patty.  We met at a party which was held at the Marine Corps League on Bard Street in Port Huron and that is where we were introduced.  That was the beginning of our story.  Patty and I have been married since 1961 and have been blessed with 4 children.  We moved to Marysville, raised our family and now we are proudest of our 4 Children and their families which include our 9 Grandchildren, 2 Great Grandchildren (soon to be 3).  I became a member of the Port Huron Elks Lodge 343 on Thursday, November 8, 1973.  Harold E. Coulston was the Exalted Ruler.  My brother Loren Green and Bill Kaupp were Elk members at the time and instrumental in my joining our Fraternal organization.  Frederick L. (Bud) Green – United States Marine Corps - Elk Membership #6632.