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Veterans Corner #2

I’d like to begin my story with the year I was drafted into the Army which was 1953 during the Korean War.  I was soon sent to Camp Chaffee, Arkansas for Boot Camp.  After the completion of Boot Camp, I was shipped off to Korea and served fourteen months on the 38th parallel.  During my time in the Army, I reached the rank of Staff Sargent.  I served a total of 2 years before being honorably discharged and sent home.  My time away in the service was many years ago to say the least.  Most of the memories have faded, but I was proud to serve our country.  After being home for a few years, Elk member F. Alex Ciani, PER sponsored me into joining our Fraternal Order of Elks at the original Port Huron Elks Lodge 343 located on Military & Pine in downtown Port Huron.  I’ve been an Elk member in good standing for over 50 years.  During my Membership I became a Lodge Officer sitting in all of the Chairs, before becoming Exalted Ruler in 1990-1991 and am a very active Past Exalted Ruler.  I’ve been fortunate to earn our Lodge Lifetime Membership, I was also awarded the Elk of the Year in 1996, and the Jim Goodrich Lifetime Achievement award in 2014. My lovely wife Kay and I enjoy our time at the Lodge, dining with our fellow membership and staying very active in many Lodge events and our PER Association. Joseph Barbe, PER – Elk Membership #6311