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Elks Lodge #2134 Chilli Cookoff & Membership Drive at the 29 Palms 19th Annual Car Show & Street Fair

To get the Registration form you can copy and paste this Web address: or you can go to the Link tab on this Website which will give you an option to go to the Chamber Event Page. Scroll down and click Registration Form. Your Registration Form and $10 will be turned into our Elks Lodge Bartender or the 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce. Last day to turn in Registration is March 29th. If needed Contact Jacob Smith (909)327-6325 or Gary Link (760)368-8294. If you are not able to print the Registration form you can pick it up at our Elks Lodge or Chamber of Commerce

Elks Chili Cook Off Rules

1. Contestants will turn in their Chilli in a crock pot with serving utensil as no propane cook tops are allowed allowed. This is an outdoor event.

2. 29 Palms Elks Lodge will provide spoons, cups, utensils, and napkins for serving to the general public.

3. Ingredients: Use your favorite recipe, with or without meat, with or without beans. Meat may be beef, pork, lamb, chicken or turkey (no wild meats). Veggie (meatless chili) is okay. Beans are encouraged but not mandatory. Ingredients may be cut, shredded or ground to any size. Please have a list of the meats used for allergy purposes. If peanuts or peanut oil is used, please display a warning sign. You may NOT use can, store bought chili or mixes. Pre-cooked beans are okay. All ingredients must be pre-cooked & treated prior to the event, chili is to be brought "ready to eat". Hotness to your chili will need to be indicated on a scale of 1 being mild to 5 being hot. A card indicating the hotness will be provided at the time of registration. The Elks Lodge will provide Cornbread. If you have a special Cornbread that goes with your Chilli bring it.

4. Entry: The entry fee will be $10.00 per chili entered. Register by March 29th, 2019 at 4pm.

5. Each contestant must cook a minimum of 4 quarts of chili. Each contestant or team will be given a "contestants number". Your number will be visible to the public. The more people you bring or know the better chance you have of winning.

6. 4 Categories: (1)Beef. (2)Meat (not Beef). (3)Vegetarian. (4)Hot (must be edible). One Trophy awarded per Category and a Peoples Choice Trophy.

7. Judging: Each Judge will judge Chilis in their Category ONLY! They will use the scorecards provided. There will be 3 Judges per Category. The Chilli Category with the highest tally sheet wins. If there is a tie Judges from the public will decide the Winner. Whichever Chilli has the most votes by tickets bu the public will be the peoples Choice.

8. Contestants are not allowed to sale any items during the event. Beverages will be available for sale at the Elks Booth or Car Show & Street Fair.

9. Admission to Taste: Each person pays $5 and will receive unlimited tasting. Each Taster will mark their favorite chilli by writing the number displayed on the back of the ticket. Tickets will be placed into the Ballet Box (It will be clearly labeled).

10. Chili Cook off schedule: Set-up: 10:00am - bring your chili and give to one of the Elks Members at the booth. You may decorate your area were your Chilli will be placed, however keeping in mind this is a family event. Feel free to promote your Chilli!
Judging Tasting: 11:00am-12:00pm
Public Tasting: 12:00pm-2:00pm- people may taste and vote for the 2 hours. Please bring plenty of chili! Award ceremony: 3:00pm.

11. This is a fun event. We are also doing our Membership Drive for April at this Event. $1 application fee instead of a $50 application fee. We can't wait to see you March 30th. The Car Show & Street Fair is 10am to 4:30pm. Downtown 29 Palms, Hwy 62.

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