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2022 Golf Events Schedule

 2022 Golf Events Schedule

Latrobe Elks Golf Club – 724-539-1582



Saturday 2                             Ping Demo Day – 12-4:00PM

Sunday 24                             Opening Day Tournament                                                               9AM Shotgun



Saturday 7                            Tour Edge Demo Day                                                                     11 AM to 3 PM

Saturday 21                           8:30AM Shotgun for Member and Guest Play                                   8:30AM Shotgun

Saturday 21                           Derry Foundation Outing                                                                1:30PM Shotgun

Monday 31                            Memorial Day – Member/Member                                                    8:30AM Shotgun



Thursday 2                            WPGA Amateur Qualifier - Course Closed until 1PM                          8AM Tee Times

Friday 3                                  St. Vincent Alumni Outing – Course closed 11AM-4PM                   11AM Shotgun

Tuesday 7                              WPGA Jr Championship – Course closed until 12PM                        8AM Tee Times

Monday 13                           Tom Mailey Memorial – Junior Tournament                                         9AM Tee Times

Friday 17                               Terry Ranieri Memorial                                                                    11AM Shotgun

Sunday 19                             Father’s Day Event – 2BBB                                                               Tee times

Saturday 25                           Autism Speaks Outing                                                                    1PM Shotgun

Saturday 25                           8:30AM Shotgun for Members and Guests                                        8:30AM Shotgun



Monday 4                              Flag Tournament                                                                              8:30AM Shotgun

Saturday 9                             Derry Golf Team                                                                              8:30AM Shotgun

Saturday 9                             1PM Shotgun for Member and Guest Play                                         1PM Shotgun

Tuesday 12                            Isaly’s Junior Golf Tournament –

                                                                Course closed until 12:30PM                        8AM Tee Times (#1/#10)       

Friday 15                               Men’s Invitational – Course Closed All Day                                         9AM Shotgun

Saturday 16                           Men’s Invitational – Course Closed All Day                                         9AM Shotgun

Sunday 17                             8:30AM Shotgun for Members and Guest Play                                    8:30AM Shotgun

Sunday 17                             Owen Boring Outing                                                                          1 PM Shotgun

Saturday 23                           Latrobe/Derry Community Golf Outing                                                8:30 AM Shotgun

Saturday 23                           1 PM Shotgun for Member and Guest Play                                           1 PM Shotgun

Sunday 24                             Cooperstown Outing                                                                        8:30 AM Shotgun

Saturday 24                           1 PM Shotgun for Member and Guest Play                                         1 PM Shotgun                                


Monday 1                              Latrobe Rotary – Course Closed 12PM-5PM                                       12PM Shotgun

Friday 5                                 Pat Kennedy Memorial Outing - Course closed until 1:30                       9 AM Shotgun

Saturday 6                             Derry Rod & Gun Club Outing                                                          8:30 AM Shotgun

Saturday 6                             Shotgun for Members and Guests                                                     1 PM Shotgun

Sunday 7                                Home Services Outing (Elk Fund Raiser)                                         Tee Times           

Saturday 13                           Club Championship – Tee Times Starting at 8:30AM

Sunday 14                             Club Championship – Tee Times starting at 8:30AM

Friday 19                               Night Golf – RSVP Required by 8/12                                                  9PM Shotgun

Sunday 28                             Senior Club Championship – Tee Times Starting at 9:00                       Tee Times




Friday 2                                  WCA High School Tournament - Course closed until 1PM                   9AM Shotgun

Monday 6                              Labor Day – 2-Man Best Ball (Blind Draw)                                           8:30AM Shotgun

Saturday 10                           8:30AM Shotgun for Members and Guest Play                                    8:30AM Shotgun

Saturday 10                           Southwestern Veterans Center Golf Outing                                         1PM Shotgun

Tuesday 12                            Green Aerification – Front Nine

Wednesday 13                      Green Aerification – Back Nine

Friday 16                              Greensburg Rotary Outing (Course re-opens @ 4PM)                           11AM Shotgun

Monday 19                            WPIAL Individual HS Boy's Qualifier      Tee Times 9:30 AM - 11 AM                        

Saturday 24                           8:30AM Shotgun for Member and Guest Play                                       8:30AM Shotgun

Saturday 24                           St. Vincent Alumni Baseball Outing                                                     1PM Shotgun

Sept 26 - 30                          Fairway Aerification



October 15, 16                     Ryder Cup                                                                                         9AM Shotgun